How to … Add Achievements and Site Awards

There is an area at the bottom of each post called "Awards, Achievements, and Accolades." This is your chance to reflect various golf achievements to give a sense of your golf skill level, and to display any awards you have won at The Sand Trap.

Step 1


Step 2

Get familiar with the types of awards and achievements available. Drill down to Golf Achievements and Site Awards, as those are the two areas where you will likely be requesting recognition. Other areas are automatically rewarded based on more formal announcements of monthly and yearly awards.

Step 3

Make a note of which awards and achievements that you feel you have earned. There is some judgment involved. As a crazy example,  we might prefer that someone who is 95 years old not request that they broke par once when they were 18, if they are shooting 90s now. We simply ask that the achievement somewhat reflect where you are as a golfer today, or some relatively recent period in your life.

Step 4

Visit the "Claim Your Achievement" thread here to make your case:

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