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  1. My upper body is indeed bent over quite strongly. Don't know if its really parallel to the ground though.
  2. Another round of 9 holes today, finished in 45, not bad for me. Had quite some bad luck with the putting today: 5 very close misses and constantly hit the green way too far from the pin. I'm rather pleased with my drives, the're getting much more consistent. It's all in my foot positioning. If I don't mess up there, my drives are quite straight and decently long (up to 270 yards). I developed a trick to see and feel if my foot-positioning is ok or not, and I'm finally starting to get the hang of it. Sw-play (short approach) was bad today, but I figured out why: moving
  3. Another 2 examples of strangely missed putts. I played 9 holes today, finishing in 45, not bad for me. Just a pity of those very close misses I had today (5) from which I'd like to hear your comments on what could be the cause. 1st was from 18 feet, straight line. I hit the ball quite well, it reaches the hole just left of the center line, and just in front of the hole it makes a strange bounce and jumps over! Any ideas? 2nd from 21 feet, straight line again. the ball goes in, hits the back of the hole and bounces out again, staying still
  4. Back to the range practice. I usually hit 80 to 120 balls (3 trays) with my irons and driver on 1 practice session, usually working 9-iron, 7-iron and driver (sometimes Sw and Pw full swing) For every ball, I completely re-do my set-up. Living in a hot climate (Thailand), I've learned that I need to drink a lot and stop for a few minutes after each tray (40 balls). If I don't, I get tired, start to loose focus and mishit every other ball. After the range practice and a little break, I often practice chipping (20 yards, 50 to 100 balls), set-up for every ball. A
  5. Sorry, English isn't my native language. Thanks for any corrections, it'll only make things better!
  6. Played 9 holes yesterday and finished in 46, which is ok for me. Had a horrible first hole, par 4, 380 yards, 9 strokes! Started by missing my drive way left and the ball bounced back on a side tree, ending up 50 yards from the tee. Got 50 yards in front of the green in 3 (playing 7 iron), but then shanked my Sw in the approach, which ended up on a strong downhill lie at the Tee-box from another hole (30 yards right from the green). Got it up and down at the 2nd attempt but overshot the green, in the bunker. Finally got on the green in 7, at about 30 feet from the
  7. I get the picture. Thanks a lot for your information guys!
  8. Mmmm, maybe you're right and I'm just not seeing it. I do seem to have a little problem with my eyes. I feel it mostly when I have to estimate distances, sometimes I'm way of. Also when I drive the ball, whenever it passes 200, I have a serious problem just seeing the ball, both in the air as at touch down.
  9. Thanks for the explanation. I also try to let the ball die into the hole, but it still happens! So many times I see other golfers doing it and the ball drops. But with me, even when the ball goes slow, if it doesn't hit the hole 100% pure, it lips out! I'ts come so far that I'm really surprised whenever a lip goes in! Could this be caused by the kind of spin my stroke generates?
  10. What exactly do you mean with "arc of the putting stroke"? I (try to) swing the putter like a pendulum always, straight back, straight forward, on line to the target.
  11. Thanks! But it often happens when I need to hit it right or left because of a break on the green. The ball will then make the break, hit the edge of the hole, but instead of going in, lips out. It even happened several times that the ball went straight over the hole without dropping, while the speed of the ball was, in my opinion, not extremely high (never see that happening with other golfers!) This is why I started putting at such a speed that the ball can't go much behind the hole.
  12. Sorry, didn't read the last part, off center from the hole, got it!
  13. Hitting the ball off center, or off center from the hole? Hitting firm means the ball goes too fast, yes? It often happens when the ball only just reaches the hole. If it wouldn't lip, it would probably stop less than 1 foot behind the hole.
  14. When putting, I usually try to calculate the speed of the ball such that, if I miss the hole, it will not pass it by more than 2 feet, often resulting in the fact that my ball comes up just a little short. This is not my biggest problem however. Quite often, I see my ball going in (half) and coming out again (lipping out?). Is this caused by a specific flaw in the way I put, or is it rather bad luck and will it get better as I practice more? Thanks for the answers.
  15. What I really wonder is how important customized equipment is for a beginner, how much difference in results it can make and at what level one should really start looking at all that technical stuff like customized lie of the irons, customized shaft length (+ or - 0.25 inch, does that really change that much?), and many more things I read about but can't even remember. Can anyone answer this question? Thanks!
  16. I'm a beginner, so I don't know much about these things. However, I often hear people talk about the "feel of the ball at impact". I must say, the only time I feel anything at all at impact, is when I mishit the ball! When I hit it right, especially irons and wedges, I don't even feel the impact. Only with the driver I can feel something (not much). The only situation, I think, the kind of ball can have a real, noticeable influence, is at bunker shots, chipping and pitching, regarding the spin of the ball. What I really wonder however, is how important customiz
  17. Looks like you're doing very well indeed! Having a time-problem sucks, I know. But don't giver up: frequency of practice is more important than duration/session Try to design a specific practice program, focusing on your weakest points, in order to maximize the efficiency of your time-use. Good luck!
  18. Congratulations with your progress over the last year. Reading your journey, I recognize many of the difficulties you encountered. Though there are quite some similarities, there are also some important differences with my own journey. I really started learning the game at the end of may 2012 (no lessons either). You seem to have had a lot of time to practice and play from the beginning. Due to my job (tour guide, living and working in Thailand), I was often unable to practice for several months, during which time I would loose everything I had build up before. Only
  19. Next update. Having stopped the "cheating", my scores have logically gone up a little, but not too much. Having some strained muscles and a wrist injury, I had a very bad round on Monday morning (56), but played a 47 in the afternoon. Having problems again with shanking and topping, working it out on the range now. Tuesday I played 50 and today (wednesday) 45. Really have to work on the 5-iron. Never really played it before, but starting to use it now and I'm topping it most of the time. I'll be playing the monthly club competition on Sunday. Hopefull
  20. JRASCH: Thailand is in South East Asia, it's where I live now, but I'm from Belgium. IACAS: I never spoke about "being a scratch player" , but about "being able to play par" on a course that's not long and not really difficult (say max. 6.500 yards). These are 2 completely different things. BPLEWIS24: My first round without cheating was indeed 56, but I also mentioned I had an unusually bad round. after this first round, others followed with 47, 50 and today 45 (no cheating anymore!) I'm always stressed when I play on the course, that's my pr
  21. we have a small practice green where I practice sometimes, but the greens on the course are different. They're usually faster than the practice green, break when they shouldn't and don't when they should, drives me crazy sometimes.
  22. Good idea, I'll copy that next time I play a round, thanks!
  23. My best score was similar, missing several drives, but putting a round of 14, including 2 from about 30 foot, on a down slope, breaking left to right
  24. Lining up 15-footers on a flat green or mat will allow me to do the same, maybe even more than 1/3. But the greens on the course are not like that. I'm sure they're nothing like the pro-level courses, but they do have quite some slopes and breaks.
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