Dean Thompson, Inventor of Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine

Dean Thompson, inventor of the Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine and Fore Inventors Only alumni gives us the lowdown on how he came up his idea for the perfect putting stroke, being on a reality show, and being close to Stina Sternberg.

Throwing DartsToday’s interview is with Dean Thompson, inventor of the Z Factor Perfect Putting Machine, which made it to the final five on The Golf Channel: For Inventors Only show.

Dean graciously gave us a few minutes of his time to share his thoughts on Fore Inventors Only, developing the “perfect putting stroke,” and what product he thinks should have won. We hope you enjoy the interview.

Pace of Play – The Courses Reply

Golf course operators have to put up with this slow play nonsense as well.

Throwing Darts We have spent the last week addressing what may be the number one issue in golf today – the insane amount of time required to play a round of golf. It is all too common to spend five or six hours on a course. That’s just way too long. Is it feasible however to have a four-hour round (or even less)? Do pace-of-play policies work and if so, how are they enforced? To answer these questions we thought we would ask the people who have to deal with this on a daily basis.

Today’s quick interview features two guests: Robert Clark, Director of Golf Operations for The Architects Golf Club located in Lopatcong, NJ and Tim Kuebelbeck, Director of Golf for the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board who oversees seven courses located throughout the city of Minneapolis, MN.

Andy Thompson – Totally Driven Golf

Andy Thompson of Totally Driven Golf gives us his opinion on square drivers, golf fitness, and the myth of cast versus forged clubs.

Throwing DartsAndy Thompson is the owner of Totally Driven Golf based in Oakdale, MN. Totally Driven is an all-in-one golf facility that incorporates a complete analysis of your golf game, including club fitting and repair, instruction, and a fitness assessment conducted by a Titleist Performance Institute certified trainer.

Totally Driven uses the latest in golf fitting technology to ensure your equipment is tailored specifically to you. Putter fittings include technology from Science and Motion Golf and the Edel Putting Fitting System while full-swing analysis uses launch monitors and the K-Vest.

Matt Griesser, Actor and Comedian

“Sign Boy” dispenses his wisdom on keeping PGA Tour golfers “on their toes,” golfing in Iceland, and who he thinks is “two scoops of crazy.”

Throwing Darts Title Today’s inteview is with actor and comedian Matt Griesser. Matt has appeared in featured films such as Almost Famous and sitcoms such as Coach, Grace Under Fire, and Murphy Brown. But you probably know him best as the character “Sign Boy” in the now famous Footjoy ads.

Matt Griesser sat down with us recently and shared his thoughts on keeping PGA Tour golfers “on their toes,” golfing in Iceland, and who he thinks is “two scoops of crazy,” among other topics. We hope you enjoy reading the interview as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Dr. Gio Valiante, Sports Psychologist and Author

Dr. Gio Valiante offers up his opinions on making fearless swings, the “other” golf psychology books, and who he thinks has the strongest mind on the PGA Tour.

Throwing Darts TitleToday’s interview is with sports psychologist Dr. Gio Valiante, who has worked with PGA Tour players such as Chris DiMarco, Justin Leonard, Camilo Villegas, and Chad Campbell. Valiante has also authored a book entitled “Fearless Golf.” Dr. Valiante is a professor at Rollins College and is also the mental game consultant to Golf Digest.

We hope you enjoy the interview.

Ian Andrew, Golf Course Architect

Ian Andrew of Ian Andrew Golf Course Design offers up his opinions on how modern golf equipment technology is overwhelming architecture, doctor’s notes only to use a golf cart and the Masters ball.

Throwing Darts TitleThrowing Darts returns with golf course architect Ian Andrew, owner of Ian Andrew Golf Course Design. Ian worked with Doug Carrick of Carrick Design for 17 years before leaving in 2006 to open his own firm.

Ian is best known for his restoration and renovation work of golf courses in Canada. Ian started a blog called The Caddy Shack to detail his thoughts on golf course architecture as well as to give us an insight in the day-to-day operations of running his own design company. It has been interesting to read the daily posts on the current state of the game as well as the projects he has been working on. Ian also shows considerable passion for promoting the great history of golf course architecture which includes Stanley Thompson, Alister Mackenzie H.S. Colt and Charles Alison just to name a few.

We hope you enjoy this interview.

Matt Killen, Swing Coach For Kenny Perry

Matt Killen is young enough to be PGA Tour winner Kenny Perry’s son. In fact, his best friend IS Kenny Perry’s son. Yet he coaches a winner. Find out more about the rising young teaching star in this interview.

Throwing Darts TitleToday’s interview is with Matt Killen, Swing Coach for PGA Tour standout Kenny Perry. Matt has known Kenny nearly his entire life and grew up playing golf with Kenny and his son, Justin. He and Justin are best friends and were roommates in college at Western Kentucky University.

Kenny introduced Killen to Ron Gring when he was a freshman in high school. Ron helped him with his game but eventually helped him branch over in to teaching. Over time he became extremely interested in how the golf swing worked and began teaching as a sophomore in high school. He took him under his wing, and studied with him and tried to learn as much as possible about the mechanics of the golf swing.

Read on to find out more about Matt.

Warren Pitman, Owner and Operator of Bougainvillea Golf Club

I am constantly working on ways to increase the amount of rounds played here and believe that expenses are easier to cut than revenue is to produce

Throwing Darts TitleToday’s interview is with Warren Pitman, General Manager of Bougainvillea Golf Club in Laveen, Arizona. Bougainvillea is my home course and I love to play there so much that I also work there part time. In my time spent there I have enjoyed working for and getting to know Warren, a down-to-earth guy, a great player and has done a great job improving Bougainvillea Golf Club. Warren and his wife recently had another baby and he has been very busy running the couse and chasing two little ones but I was able to pin him down long enough to get this interview. Read on…

Linda Warnshuis, Tournament Director for Lake Erie Charity Classic

Linda Warnshuis is the Tournament Director for the Nationwide Tour’s Lake Erie Charity Classic. Hear her thoughts on Jason Gore, Kip Henley, and running a small-market Nationwide Tour event.

Throwing Darts TitleToday’s interview is with Linda J. Warnshuis, Tournament Director for the Lake Erie Charity Classic. Her responsibilities included day-to-day operations of the tournament, from sponsorship, organization, operations, volunteers and liaison with the PGA Tour and The Golf Channel. The Lake Erie Charity Classic is held at the Peek’n Peak Resort in western New York which gives guests the opportunity to watch professional golf while still enjoying the amenities of the resort has to offer.