How to … Rate a Topic

We encourage all members to rate topics.

Step 1

Click the stars at the top of the topic, if they're there. Rate threads you think are a waste of space with 1 star. Rate topics, blog posts, etc. that you think are great with 5 stars. Rate everything else accordingly.


Step 2

If there are no stars at the top of the topic, the topic or blog post (or gallery image, etc.) cannot be rated.

Step 3

There is no step 3. This is really very simple.

So instead, we'll tell you about the colors…

  • Grey stars means nobody's rated the topic. If you rate it, your rating will be yellow.
  • Yellow stars mean you're the only person to have rated the topic.
  • Red stars are the current rating. If you rated the topic, red means at least one other person has also rated the topic.

Note: You can re-rate an item at any point. Just hover your mouse over the stars (or tap the # you'd like to vote for on touch-screen devices) and your new rating will be applied.

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