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  1. Sponsored content by Mobitee Mobitee is your GPS assistant, scorecard keeper, distance calculator, rangefinder and virtual coach - all rolled into one amazing app developed by golfers, for golfers. Get all the tools you need to win big. The app’s satellite images and flyover videos provide an incredibly clear aerial view of each hole. The list of features doesn't stop here: it also has an automatic and interactive scorecard complete with handicap scoring, a Shot Tracking tool to follow your progress and track the details of your hits (it shows you your covered distances and calculates your average hitting distance with each club). Check out some screenshots below. Want to know the distance remaining to the hole? No problem, check in with Mobitee to find out how much farther it is to any of the greens, hazards, doglegs, whatever you want. In a flash, your virtual coach will advise you which club you need and how hard you have to hit the ball so that you can perform your best on the course. What more could you possibly need to have a complete advantage over your opponents? Mobitee boasts a global selection of 25,000 courses and counting. Go ahead and use one from the pre-existing list or add your own via the Mobitee website. The built-in course guide offers you the address, lets you know what’s nearby, and gives you route guidance and prices. You can even reserve a tee time in an instant. Good news, Sandtrappers! Mobitee has just launched a contest giving you the chance to win up to $250 in prizes, including GOLF GIFT CARDS along with the full version of their app absolutely FREE. All you have to do is register and download Mobitee Lite version from their site. Contest ends July 10th and the free Lite download is available for all smartphone platforms. Visit their website for the entry form and complimentary download . We'd love for you to try the product and share your thoughts (and winning scores) with us!
  2. Sponsored content by The Stock Playbook Most golfers would agree that positioning is essential to a successful drive. Investing your money effectively is no different. How should you position your portfolio to maximize returns? Many of us either don't know where to start or never have enough time to decipher the markets on a regular basis. Luckily, TheSandtrap.com has partnered with the perfect caddie to assist our members in navigating the financial markets. Meet Dave Dispennette – our very own community guru with over 20 years of stock trading expertise, and a track record for driving solid gains. His daily videos will show us exactly what, where, when, and why to trade. With just a few minutes a day you can learn enough to poise yourself for exceptional trading results. He will help us figure out our investments quickly in order to spare us more tee time on the course. We are excited about this alliance because Dave has agreed to provide TheSandtap.com members with his nightly view of the market for free, including a couple of investment/trading opportunities that are on his radar. In addition, all TheSandtrap.com members have access to a 14 day cost-free trial of The Stock Playbook’s Premium Product, which retails for $299 per month. If you find his condensed clips helpful then you will definitely get good use from the full versions. We hope you find this exclusive series informative, and we encourage you to interact with him in our upcoming series of investor videos. Feel free to ask questions; Dave (username: StockPlaybook ) will be around to help us get comfortable with taking the reigns of our individual investment strategies. Thanks again Dave - The Sand Trap welcomes you! Check out our very first free nightly recap video:
  3. Just in case you didn't see it in the latest newsletter, here's this week's exclusive deal: Groove Tube Putter RH With Upgraded Winn AVS Yellow Grip for just $57 - that's a savings of 79%. We dare you to find a better price! About 'The Groove Tube Putter RH: The Groove Tube is like a club and putting aid all in one. True 3-D overhead alignment uses an elevated sight-line window and a heads up centering line to verify correct setup position. Swing path ghost imaging allows golfer to visually simulate the stroke with practice swings. With its synergistic balance and feel, not to mention of course, our proven C-Groove technology, the Groove Tube imparts an instant sense of confidence and it pays off with greater accuracy.
  4. GolfConditioningNow.com sponsored content Do you exercise with the aim of improving your game, or are you just wasting time at the gym? Proper golf conditioning will make your workouts more efficient and effective, AND you'll directly see results on the golf course. Regardless of age or physical stature, your body needs to be finely tuned to shoot lower scores and play with optimal performance. You need to start exercising efficiently in order to see results on the golf course. TheSandtrap is partnering with Golf Conditioning expert, Grant Pettegrew of GolfConditioningNow.com , to share professional advice with us on how to take our games to the next level using just a few simple tricks. Grant graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in health and exercise science (where he gained experience training the CSU golf team), is an ACE certified Personal Trainer, and an NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist. His education has allowed him to understand the golf swing and the physical demands it brings. He is devoted to teaching golfers how to take control of their bodies and their game, and actively trains golfers weekly. Grant suggests that in order to conquer this (sometimes) frustrating yet incredibly rewarding sport, our bodies need to be ready to attack the golf course using a combination of attributes: * Strength for distance and control * Balance for accuracy and consistency * Flexibility for technique, distance, and accuracy His 6 week Total Golf Workout training program includes Strength training, Balance exercises, Flexibility routines, Core workouts, and more. Every day is planned out and you will know exactly what to do. Within two months, you'll be getting the most out of your game. Though Grant is based out of Denver, his training program can be carried out anywhere and you will regularly receive pictures, videos, and email support. Grant wants to transform two lucky Sandtrap members to show us how well GolfConditioningNow works! If you want to try his program out for FREE in exchange for regular reporting to Sandtrap members on your progress, see contest qualification details below. TO QUALIFY: Send a Private Message to 'ranjanis' on TheSandtrap with your Name, Location, Age, and a brief paragraph describing your current fitness level and goals. Entrants must be over 18, able to provide periodic pre-scheduled updates to the community over the course of six weeks, and willing to share before and after pictures. All entries must be received by midnight PST on July 1st, 2011. Winners will receive further instructions by PM within one week of contest close. In the meantime, check out Grant's intro video below and watch for training input/fitness advice from Grant (member name: GpGolfFitness) across our forums. If you want to get started on training with Grant ASAP, he has some great deals going on at http://golfconditioningnow.com/programs
  5. Sponsored content by Shotly.com The Sand Trap is extremely excited to introduce our newest partners, Matt and Ted, of Shotly.com. The dynamic duo has launched a weekly golf deal platform committed to bringing our members the best golf deals, tee times, clubs, merchandise and more with the power of group buying at discounts of up to 90%. To reap the benefits of this beautiful partnership, all you have to do is sign up on their website http://shotly.com - you might as well save some green while on the green. Don't forget to check in on this thread for more information on the latest deals and exclusive TheSandtrap.com offers.
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