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  1. Thought he blew up in the second round like usual? But shot a par 71? I thought it was going to be a 78, lets say 83? When I actually looked up his score on the leaderboard (I start at the bottom), I was suprised to see the 71 second round.
  2. I wish I had some Eye 2 wedges to sell..... Great point on the belly putters...should be illegal. I had no idea Scott M. was still on the tour? Rocco...child please. Keep living of your loss to Tiger.
  3. +1 I was a big Daly supporter on this forum. Quite frankly he has become "real serious" and REALLY BORING. Maybe he doesn't realize losing 110 pounds is going to affect things... I wish him well. PS. I love the "I wish Tiger would call me BS...now you quit???" Yeaterday he was backslapping with Finchem...now he's tapping out.....F'ing DRAMA QUEEN...sorry you got it so hard.
  4. What a "crisp" swing. Dude means business!!
  5. Great Question...one of the best I've seen on this forum. I think it all comes down to working smart (first) and working hard (second). I am in the construction industry and many guys without a college degree are living a good life and somewhat enjoying their work (mostly electricians and plumbers...beleive it or not) Talking about above average houses and cars that are for the most part paid for. These guys are owners though, and the ones I am talking about have no college degrees. I make a good life as a certified building contractor and gas contractor, I went to college and my true love was meterology, not a bad looking guy, with a little make up...who knows I might have been on TV?! Guess what I am trying to say is that passion is passion, the focus of your passion will change throughout your life....always have open ears and an open mind, the will to learn and work hard will always be rewarding and should put food on the table. Much luck to you in the future and always listen. Big mouths seem to cut good conversation short.
  6. unreal, hope he makes it through it.
  7. As long as it's original with the shaft they will...no doubt. I dented a Taylor Made R7 on the face, and I reshafted it before the dent. Gave me a little grief about the reshaft but they replaced it with a new SuperQuad. Even though I don't really like Taylor Made Drivers i have nothing but much respect for the customer service.
  8. Exactly His personal life is up to him...which is still undecided since he has said nothing. WHO CARES!!!! As Rodney King once said "Can't we all just get along?" He will play the Masters as his first tourney back.... and I will get a few extra rep points. PS. I'm a Phil fan
  9. It's the Indian not the arrow. Daly is probably busy thinking how he's got a superior wedge with more bite...than actually practicing. He missed the cut and will miss many more, yes ...he might make a splash or two this year in a tournament but it wont be because of his 20 year old wedge...it will be because of his talent and course management, he's still a long hitter that if he is hitting shots he can be very good, he will have a chance or two this year at making some headlines (in a good way) i think
  10. EASY !!!!! Don't go ripping my driver !! It's 5 sided, shallow face, and sets up dead square. Got it for $87 at TGW with free shipping during the holidays. I like it a hell of a lot more than the R7 SuperQuad TP I sold on ebay in March.
  11. It was a good view on the 1st and 2nd green...he's wearing shorts under some sort of see through "pants". Not trying to be a big easy hater, I just thought it looked funny....also the commentator sort of paused when he was talking about the putt he was going to hit....he obvioulsy was distracted by the pants as I was...only question is...where can i buy some!
  12. Wait till he is on the green in some sunlight. I'm not talking about the "hiking up".
  13. Like the OP, I like to test out drivers, then buy the "outdated" driver I like when it goes on sale.
  14. Just watching coverage, looks like he has a trojan magnum over his shorts? Funny!
  15. ditto that. He's a great player.
  16. Nickent fairway woods have a very shallow face (not tall) and a wide sole. I like them.
  17. Much Street Cred to "The Duck", I thought he only showed up in majors! Fun to watch!
  18. Agreed!!! I think they BOTH leave a little off the gas pedal of the tee, both are tall guys that use some super leverage on all their shots...I think Watney has an all around better game at this point. My boy Goosen is creeping towards the top..watch out.
  19. Played on New Years Day, a bit chilly, needed a windbreaker! The "Red Eye" Scramble, free Bloody Mary's !! Plus we won! Supposed to get in the 40's on saturday...I'll "man up" and play...might need to break out the Members Only jacket though....
  20. damn your fast on the "situaton" Happy New Year Iacas!!
  21. Jim Schemehorn Head PGA Professional PH: 727.847.2342 FX: 727.846.8890 In New Port Richey, only about 40 minutes from Tampa International Airport He's a great ballstriker and an excellent putter. Very laid back father, he will spend some time hitting irons on the short range (max 220 yards), then he will take you on the course to play situatuons on different holes. But like I said...great guy, course is below avrerage..but it's not a dump. He will take you to the good holes, some elevation holes. Course is a tight course, old course. reasonable with the rates.
  22. child please... rather you should be asking...why does he let the velcro strap hang out of his lid? damn it's distracting.
  23. For Christ's sake...this thread is done. It's done, no new news in a week. It's getting a little gay. Who f'ing cares. Oh my god! Tiger is losing sponsors!!! He's a f---ing BILLIONAIRE people, he stopped caring about money at 20 million!!! Time for a reality check. I'm done posting on this situation...I am going to sit on the couch and watch some Jersey Shore.
  24. I know nothing of Accenture, I had no idea they sponsored Tiger...that was a good use of marketing $$$$ !!!!!
  25. I tried the zero friction tees for a bit...I don't think it matters much. The zero friction claw tees seem to curll up at the claws after a few hits and make teeing the ball a real "production". I just buy a back of standard 2 3/4 at wally mart for like 4 buck for 250 of them. I think all the stinger and claw tees are BS unless you are Iron Byron and making perfect contact every time.
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