PING Scottsdale, Sydney, and Anser Milled Putters

PING’s released a lot of putters – and we have lots of pictures of them.

Bag DropFrom the company that defined an entire style of putter comes the latest in that style’s namesake – the PING Anser Milled Series putters. As if that wasn’t enough, PING has also announced additional putters, the first being new additions to the Scottsdale family, and the second, the new high-MOI, wide body Sydney putter.

This week, we’re pretty short on words and instead decided to let the images speak for themselves, so let’s dig into these new putters from PING.

PING Unveils New G20 Series and Anser Forged Wedges

PING new lineup includes a little bit for everyone, regardless of skill level. Whether it’s a new, more forgiving driver you’re looking for, or a shiny new forged wedge, they’ve got you covered.

Bag DropPING has had quite a bit of success in past years with their G-series of game improvement clubs as well as the Anser irons, which was their first forged iron in quite a long time.

This year, both lines are extended – the G-series now contains the G20 drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons, while the Anser family welcomes new wedges to the fold. We’ve obviously got a lot to get to this week, so lets check them all out!

Bridgestone e5, e6, and e7 Ball Review

Bridgestone’s e-Series balls are new and improved this year, but how well do they perform?

Bridgestone e-Series Ball ReviewFirst released back in 2005, the e-Series balls from Bridgestone set out to help the amateur that was looking for the boost in distance that the softer balls couldn’t provide. Throughout the last few years, the e-Series balls have been tweaked and polished

While some golfers remained unquestionably (and almost illogically) loyal to the offerings of competitors, little by little, more and more amateur players have gravitated to the e-Series (as well as other Bridgestone products) and now sing the praises, wishing they had switched sooner. Bridgestone only added fuel to the fire, offering public ball fittings available to anyone and everyone looking to find the ball to fit their game to the greatest degree possible.

Three New Gloves From HIRZL and The Players Towel

Keep your hands clean and dry with any of HIRZL’s new gloves and the Players Towel.

Bag DropEven with the majority of the country being in the middle of a big heat wave, that doesn’t stop a lot of us from grueling through some rounds that probably borderline on cruel and unusual punishment due to the extreme conditions. The problem is that intense heat leads to sweat, which leads to moist hands, which in turn can lead to a big problem in trying to keep the club in your hands.

Luckily this week we’ve got a couple of products for you that help combat that problem. The first that we’ll cover is a new line of gloves from Swiss company HIRZL that are guaranteed to keep your hands firmly on the club handle. We’ll follow that up with the highly customizable Player’s Towel from a company of the same name. Let’s jump right in and take a look.

Eidolon Golf Introduces New SCOR Golf Brand and SCOR4161 Scoring Clubs

SCOR Golf challenges the common, traditional sets short irons and wedges with the new SCOR4161 scoring clubs.

Bag DropEidolon, whose V-SOLE wedges have been covered here at Bag Drop, just introduced an entirely new brand (named SCOR) along with that brand’s initial product offering in the form of the SCOR4161.

SCOR started over, ditching previous designs and models, and taking a pretty radical approach to the design of these scoring irons and wedges. The question they posed made sense, too – “Why is it that the 9-iron and pitching wedge in your set match the long and mid-irons, and not your wedges?” It’s certainly an interesting question to raise, so let’s take a look at the SCOR4161 set and what they do to give an answer to that very question.

Sunice, Zero Restriction, and Tifosi Introduce New Apparel Just In Time For Summer Months

Protect yourself from the harsh summer weather with these new products from Sunice, Zero Restriction, and Tifosi.

Bag DropSummer is in full swing, and this week at Bag Drop, we have a few various items that really fit the season well, whether it’s blazing hot with the sun shining in your eyes, or whether a few storm clouds have rolled in.

It’s just as important (if not more important) to protect your eyes as it is to protect your body from the elements in the extreme conditions the summer heat brings. So with that in mind, this week’s Bag Drop features some new rain gear from Sunice, new polos from Zero Restriction, and new models of sunglasses from Tifosi Optics. Lets get started!

TRUE Linkswear Adds Next Generation Stealth to Lineup

Building on the success of their initial golf shoes, TRUE linkswear releases their newest shoe, called Stealth.

Earlier this year, the guys at TRUE linkswear unveiled their latest creation at the PGA Tour Merchandise show back in January, though up until now they haven’t been available for purchase. Last year, TRUE Tours were featured both here at Bag Drop, as well as a full-blown review.

TRUE’s unique approach to footwear follows a barefoot trend in running, in that the shoe should utilize the anatomical qualities of the foot as opposed to arch supports and heavily cushioned heels. This minimalist approach says that the work done by nature is better than anything man can do, and a minimalist shoe combined with an ergonomic traction system allows the body to conform and grip the course naturally.

So what’s new in the stealth? You’ll have to read on to find out.

Sun Mountain Introduces New Speed Cart SV1

Sun Mountain takes their Speed Cart line to the next level with the new Speed Cart SV1, which features a number of performance and ergonomic improvements.

Bag DropThere’s been a lot of talk in the last few months about how fitness can improve your game, and one way everyone can get in better shape is ditching the battery powered golf cart in favor of walking. What a better way to get into that habit than with a new push cart.

It just so happens that Sun Mountain just announced a great option if you are in fact in the market for a new push cart. So lets dive right in and take a look at their latest, the Speed Cart SV1.

When is it Time to Make an Equipment Change?

Stay with what’s in the bag now, or shell out the money for that shiny new set? Maybe I can help you make that decision.

Bag DropThis past week, while trolling the forums, I happened to notice this thread about new equipment versus using what you’ve got, and thought I could offer some assistance to those pondering the decision of whether or not to spend your hard-earned money on new clubs.

If you’re dead set on always having the latest and greatest, this week’s column might not be for you, as you’ve already justified your frequent purchases. I can’t really blame you, if I had the means, there’s a chance I might fall into that habit too. If you’re perfectly happy with the state of your bag at the moment, bookmark this page, as it may be useful to you in the future. Finally, if you fall into the group of those on the fence about whether to stick with what you’ve got a little longer or buy something new, by all means, read on!