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  1. I don't know what it is, I might be self conscience of sucking so bad , but I can't seem to slow down. Also, what exactly are you thinking when you are on your backswing?
  2. yeh, this happens to me quite often. i try to mix it up when i go to the range, and I do pretty good. On the course it's a different story. I've been trying to keep the same swing the same for everything. I must be doing something wrong because, i'm very inconsistent right now.
  3. Just started again. Had to wait until all my kids were out of diapers. Hope to play more often. Practice for me has just been the golf range, no formal lessons, unless you count youtube. Hopefully I can get my swing on video, and you guys can chime in, on what i'm doing wrong.
  4. It's the typical "I hit it great at the range", then you go out on a real course and you think you are doing exactly what you were doing at the range and you totally mess up. Then you start talking to yourself....muttering bad things...etc...etc....
  5. I shot really bad yesterday, I think I had a 10, 9, and a 8 over nine holes of golf. Why is this game so hard?
  6. I just started playing golf and joined my company's golf league. I'm a classic scooper or sweeper of the ball. I actually can hit the ball pretty good this way most of the time if it's in a good lie, or off the tee. But as I played with other advanced golfers I noticed I hit the ball with a very high trajectory (even with long irons) and never took a divot. If i took a divot, it was a fat shot indeed. So, I started researching on what I was doing wrong, and I came to the conclusion that i'm not "hitting down on the ball". I've seen many vids on youtube trying to address this pro
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