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  1. That's exactly how I feel. Sometimes I feel that because I know thin top line irons are harder to hit, I just relax and make an easy swing totally devoid of tension which results in a good shot. But when with my SGI irons, I always feel I want to pump the hell out of it and this results in fat shots and shanks. And specially shanks, GOD I HATE SHANKS!!!!
  2. Don't know about the FT-iz, but I can tell you one thing: I hate the FT-i and the FT-iQ. Worst drivers in the market imo. They sound bad, they look bad, and they just don't work for me a bit. I am not a big fan of Callaway drivers generally speaking.
  3. I used to think thick soles and top lines would make an iron easier to hit and give me more confidence. So I got the Mizuno MX950s. But after some time I realized that when I am hitting the ball good it doesn't matter what irons I am playing, and when I am hitting it bad, again it doesn't matter, I will still hit the ball bad even with SGIs. I learned my lesson. My next irons would be Mizuno MPs. I tried several thin CBs like Titleist and Mizuno MP52 and I found that not only does the thin top line inspire confidence at address, but the iron looks and feels much better and as a result my ball
  4. So I have decided not to part with my PING putter. I wanted to sell it earlier and grab a Mizuno Bettinardi BC2, but I wasn't able to get a good price for it and as I am putting good with my PING, I don't want to lose my feel with it. To spice things up a bit, I ordered a blue IOMIC mid-size grip. Anybody tried that before? I have heard nothing but praise when it comes to IOMIC but haven't heard anything about their putter grips. How good are they? And how thick/thin are they compared to the stock PING Winn AVS grips?
  5. I haven't hit anything myself but I saw a small bird getting hit. There was a group of birds on the fairway and they started taking off, just as they started to fly one of them took a direct hit by my partner's ball. He hit a 3 wood that starts low and ascends, and just as the ball left the club face still low it hit the poor thing in the wings. It did not die but her wing got twisted at a severe angle and she couldn't fly no more. We left it there but I'm pretty sure she died some time later as she was unable to fly or do anything. I felt like **** for her.
  6. Why did you spend $450 on clone clubs when you could have spend the same or a little bit more on real brand names?? There are a lot of used or even new discounted clubs out there on the internet that could have cost you the same.
  7. OK, to put a long story short, last summer when I was making my big golf purchase, I was drooling all over this putter. But at $250, it was too damn expensive for what I was willing to pay back then. So I ended up getting a PING G5i putter, which has been treating me pretty nicely since then. Now I was checking Golfsmith.com, and the bastards have reduced the price on the Bettinardi from $250 to just $99!!! Now I am thinking, I can sell my PING here for well over $100, and pull the trigger on my beloved BC02. Should I do that?? Or should I stick to the PING I got used to and which I am putti
  8. I know what you're talking about man. I sometimes have these beautiful drives that penetrate through the air and travel a mile. I just had one a couple of days ago, followed by a 70 yards SW shot that landed a few inches next to the pin. It was an easy putt for birdie. Loved it.
  9. I have sent an email inquiring about this problem to the Callaway customer service. Still no reply though. It would be understandable if their ferrule'd irons have this problem, since they usually use these small rind ferrules on most of their irons.
  10. One of my friends has a set of Callaway Diablo forged irons that he's been using since last August. Strangely, the ferrules on most of the irons started getting pulled from the hosel by a few millimeters. They're not loose in the way that you can move them, but they've got out of the hosel and they won't move up or down anymore. It's happening with varying degrees on most of the irons. It's not affecting playability, but this certainly shouldn't happen. Does anybody have experience with this?
  11. I think I'm in the same boat with the topic creator. I tend to hit "pros irons" better than my GI Mizunos. I loved playing a round with MP32s.
  12. I carry only 13 clubs, with two 56* sand wedges; one a blade style for bunker shots, chipping and flopping, the other a caivty back large head one for full shots. I played one time with a guy who had so many clubs it wasn't funny anymore. I counted 17 and then lost count. He had a driver, 3 fairway woods, 3 hybrids, 4 wedges, a putter, a chipper, and the rest of his irons. His bag was too crowded it was really stupid. I don't care though, none of my business.
  13. I found a good friend in the US who will be visiting Egypt next month, he agreed to bring it with him. I want the bag, not the money. It feels awesome to win something.
  14. Isn't this awesome? They had a contest on Facebook where people get to post photos of their old bags and they'd chose the best photo to win a brand new TM Stratus stand bag. My old Sun Mountain bag did the job perfectly, and while I did not win the first prize (that was another guy who got to choose between a new Sun Mountain bag and the TM one and he chose the Sun Mountain) I won the 2nd prize!! Now I am faced with the eternal problem: how do I get it here to Egypt without having to pay double it's price in taxes and customs. Here is the photo that won me the contest:
  15. I have a 56* and it's OK. Pretty good for what it costs actually.
  16. X-ray shows no bone fractures.
  17. It's not a fracture, I can move my foot easily albeit with some pain. I've tried fractures before and know how they feel, this certainly (and thankfully) isn't one. I'm just worried I might never be able to play again!
  18. I will be seeing a doctor no question about that. I am just asking to see if something similar as happened to anyone around here. I am not asking for medical advice here, just for anecdotes.
  19. I've been feeling for a couple of days that the lateral aspect of my left foot is hurting a little bit, but I thought it was nothing great. Today was my first match in our annual singles match play tournament, I got ready, hit some balls on the range, everything good. Got on the first tee and smacked a hot drive straight down the fairway, the same instant I saw the ball heading bullet-like down the fairway I heard a "POP" sound coming from down, and the next instant a drastic gush of pain explodes in my left foot that I collapse on the ground. I regain my posture feeling great pain, but say
  20. We have a guy at our club who has probably played a little bit less than 400 rounds. He plays almost every single day. He's single, he seems to have a job that does not require his presence all the time, and he does nothing but wake up, go to the course, finish and go home. Literally speaking. He's a 7 handicapper.
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