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  1. As brilliant as you must be, it looks like you should start using a new translator...
  2. I have gamed both Mizuno and Titleist, and both make great clubs. Bought a used set of MP-33s for $120 a few years ago. I played them for about a year and really worked on my swing, which you pretty much have to do to hit blades. Great clubs when I hit the sweet spot, and helped fix my swing. The following year I bought brand new MP-52s, and I love them. The feel is great, the offset is minimal, and the muscle/cavity back provide a little more forgiveness than the blades, but still the workability. I guess I just wanted to throw my two cents in there as far as maybe there are
  3. Something I should note, especially after reading Tin Man's post... I do not wear a glove. Glove vs. no glove may obviously have an affect on the tackiness of the grip. Maybe the non-wrap grip is ok in wet weather with a glove. That being said, maybe the answer to my dilema with the DriTac grips is play with a glove in drizzly conditions. I'm going to try that out next time and see how it works.
  4. Recently on the Haney Project, Mr. Haney has been using an iPad to record peoples swings. Then he's able to draw lines and show how someone is off plane, etc. I'm curious, does anyone know if this is a standard program he uses? Does he have a special program? Do iPads come with an appropriate camera to capture a swing, or does one need to buy a suped up iPad? I'd like to be able to record our (family) swings and see what we're doing. Any help or thoughs would be much appreciated!
  5. Good evening LRM - I know you said $200 dollars, but I am aware of an awesome set for under $300 if that helps. Adams A7 (not A7OS). Both my brothers have them and I have gamed them before. They are really great clubs for the price. If I wasn't concerned about having more workability with a club, I would have bought a set too (I play Mizuno MP-52s because I like to be able to shape shots a little). The Adams A7 are a progressive set, which the pitching wedge through the 8 iron seem to give one more workability with scoring irons, and the 7 through 5 iron provide a bit more f
  6. I work in tax for a big 4 accounting firm. Mainly domestic tax compliance and GAAP accounting for income taxes. I have been doing it 12 or so years now. My true passions are my family and golf!
  7. BiggDave - I just learned to regrip clubs this past year myself. How many wraps of tape you use can definitely make a difference. You might want to try just one club first, and see how it works for you with only one wrap of tape. As for your second question, the length of the tape strips in the regrip kits are usually sufficient. I've not had a problem with them not being long enough. Here is a link to a "how to" video that I thought was a great help when I learned. I followed the video instructions and ran it by my friend's father (who has done golf club repairs for 50+ years) and
  8. I've been looking to re-grip my irons and was searching for reviews on the new Winn DriTac grips. Since they're so new, I haven't seen any. So I decided to write my own review... I bought one of each of the Winn DriTac and Winn DriTac Wrap Lite. I re-gripped my 6 and 7 irons and have taken them out to the range to try them out. This is what I found... DriTac - The first time out was a dry day and I really liked these grips. After the first day, I was pretty much set on them. However, a week later on a drizzly day, I changed my mind pretty quickly. I really fel
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