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  1. Jesus. When Day is locked in, he and Rory are the most intimidating players on tour.
  2. Nice. Yeah I might be making some legit money on Draft Kings and in a private pool. I had Day, Grace, Sergio, Furyk, and Scott.
  3. Scary that if Day would have just shot even on Thursday, he would be leading by 1 right now.
  4. My lord Westwood and Landry choked today. Eesh
  5. Pretty impressive for Furyk to finish high up on the leaderboard after the surgery and few reps coming in this year. Good stuff.
  6. Hell yes DJ. Approach and putt gotta be major confidence boost for him.
  7. Maybe, but front 9 definitely harder than back 9.
  8. Probably a little to late for Jim, but impressive round and finish.
  9. Yeah perhaps. To me he is a lot like Bubba. Once his attitude goes south towards a course, he plays himself out of it. His putter got the best of him this week along with misjudged approaches. Phil's fate on the other hand was already decided before Thursday IMO. His disdain for this course ruined him before he even hit a shot. That and the fact that he strolled in late this week and didn't get many reps in on it. Too little time to adjust to the course and greens, along with a complete 180 post weather. And Rory, I question if he can win on hard courses. His 4 majors were on soft tracks and easier setups relative to the norm.
  10. Fair. I'm just glad Jordan isn't winning this again. I think he is all a facade.
  11. According to this http://www.pgatour.com/equipmentreport/2015/08/09/shane-lowry-winners-bag.html last year he used TM Burner Superfast driver, Srixon 3 wood, Nike hybrid, Srixon irons, Cleveland wedges and Srixon ball. Curious how much of a difference this year.
  12. I got my Thursday round tickets on Stub Hub for $80.
  13. whew DJ you made me sweat there for a second. Always gotta make things interesting don't ya?
  14. If Landry keeps struggling that could definitely be some bad vibes for Lowry.
  15. Agreed. Azinger drives me nuts because all he does is talk about when he played and acts like buddy buddy with all of them. We get it, you know all of them and were pretty good back in the day. Johnny Miller also knows all of them and was better than you back in the day, but doesn't constantly talk about it.
  16. Eww lol this cutaway scene with some of the guys and the trophy is so creepy and awkward.
  17. Jason Day looks confused on the course right now. Wonder if he kinda took it for granted? Sand trouble, chunking chips, errant approach shots... Very possible, but I hope not. Would like to see him win one of these. Rory played far too conservative this 1st round and it bit him hard in the ass.
  18. DJ is locked in right now. Probably should be -4 or -5, but damn he his playing well.
  19. Just some of my take: I was there Wednesday and yesterday, stood right next to Colin Montgomery for a little while by 9 green and he is A LOT less heavy in person than he appears on tv. It was odd. He also seemed like a real nice guy. Had some lengthy conversations with a few spectators. Michael Breed walked by me as well, seemed pretty cool. Todd Lewis and Rex Hoggard were all over the place, as was that Golf Digest reporter I can't remember his name. James Hahn signed some stuff for me, super nice and personable with everyone. Charley Hoffman signed some stuff as well but was on his cell phone the whole time and didn't look anyone in the eye; seemed deep in convo with I would assume his wife. Kevin Foley walked by and signed some stuff, very down to earth and acted like he didn't forget where he came from and was in our shoes not too long ago. Really down to earth and nice. Jamie Donaldson is absolutely hilarious messing around with Westwood on the putting green and ZJ was pretty cool to the fans. Being there in person, I really get the feeling Jordan is putting on somewhat of an act. Also Matthew Fitzpatrick is with Under Armour now and was signing stuff for some fans, smiling and very cool to people, but 2 guys were right by him and barking "good luck Jordan, kick ass this week". He laughed and was like "I am Matthew..." Andrew "Beef" Johnston seemed pretty laid back and you could tell he was just in awe to be there. Emiliano Grillo refused to sign autographs and ignored all fans on the holes I saw him on. On Wednesday he was with Matteo Manassero and Matteo signed so many autographs and Grillo just ignored everyone. Danny Lee giggles all day it seems. Even yesterday morning was he was all over the place off the tee, he just chuckled and scrambled so well early. Lots of people were laughing with him. Oakmont is beautiful and they really have done an incredible job despite the terrible weather yesterday, but the one thing I will say is without all the trees, there are so many distractions visibly and audibly for the players. Holes 1 and 2 are so noisy with the road along the right side and turnpike down in below and in between. Can't believe they don't have a sound barrier along the right; the trees that remain on the right are not enough. Really can't blame the players when they bitch about fan noise or even back off a shot sometimes. Standing right behind Rory and DJ on some of their drives was incredible. The sound and flight in person of their drives is insane and noticeably different than any other player. Dufner's iron shot off the tee on 13 was a thing of beauty; such a pretty and smooth swing. Gmac was also really cool with the fans. He pull hooked a drive on 17 (on Wed) completely in the terrible trampled mess where we were standing and he was just cackling with fans laughing at how tough this course can be. Anyway, tons of takeaways, weather sucked yesterday, but all in all pretty cool experience.
  20. Completely agree. I will say though Fox is horrendous overall. Holly is awful, Buck tries too hard, Brooks and Azinger are annoying and Strange acts like he hates everything. Gimme NBC please.
  21. GC doing "Live from The Players"...except they are in studio. Budget cuts GC? Anyway, great field this week. Gimme Justin Rose.
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