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  1. I think It's better to record your worst score this year than worst score overall. My worst score this year was 115 and I had a nice day at the course. Hope my worst score next year will be a low 100 Don't know how the handicap system in US works exactly, but in the Netherlands someone who has 4.4 or less can only play for his handicap in official tournaments (may also be the club championship).
  2. I find it hard to believe that you don't know what your weak point are. They are the key to lower scores... I also have a best score of 81 and a bunch 83-85, so maybe you can learn from my weak spots. There are two major issues: - making more putts from 3-6 yards; - shooting more GIR's when pitching from 90-150 yards Next year I will break 80 for sure.
  3. To be nervous and hit your balls poor happend to me a lot when having lessons. Your expectations are a bit high. I chopped my goals into pieces of one year. If you break 100 the first year, that would be a nice goal. Important will be if you will find a pro who will be able to teach you the way that suits you best. I state this because I had a couple who could not. Every person has a learningstyle. The pro should recognise yours and be able to adjust his lessons. I for instance get lost when they start talking technical. I have to feel and get a mental picture of the right movement.
  4. At my home course there is a summertime clubcompetition divided in two groups. HCP 15 and lower play backtee's (6.750 yards). May this year I had to move to backtee's and it was a nightmare. Now, 4 months later no problem at all anymore. Two things helped: consistently more lenght from the tee and course management. When you are able to play consistant bogey-golf, it is in my opinion better not to move back or forward, but to play different tee's. It will bring you in different situations at the same golfcourse, which is a good thing.
  5. Ok, if you want to compare your distances, maybe this is of any help. On average is a difficult thing on the internet, so lets say a good straight shot, no wind, temp somewhere in the seventies and at sealevel for a once a week player in his fifties would be: Driver 230 Wood 3 200 I3 185 I4 175 I5 165 I6 155 I7 145 I8 133 I9 120 PW 110
  6. May this year I started playing backtee's because I had to in clubcompetition. It was horrible, went from shooting high and mid-eighties to +100. Lost the extra 3 shots when playing from backtee's the first 3 holes. Now, 4 months later I am used to it. Shooting mid and high eighties again. And dropped the handicap a bit (from 15 to 13.4). I am confident to end this season at 12. Sometimes I play from the red tee's, which in my country are the normal womens tee's. They don't help me shooting lower scores. I think the reason is that I am (compared to others in my HCP-range) good at long d
  7. Hi All, Pleased to meet you in the sandtrap. I am living in the Netherlands and visit Florida twice a year to live my addiction to the max. Hope to learn a lot here and maybe play some rounds together sometime. All the best, Frank.
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