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  1. Correct, we were not married when I won them years back.
  2. No, my wife won the 4 tickets. I did win some a few years back, but we were unable to attend.
  3. I really like Jordan Speith. He seems to really have it all together for a young buck. I would love to see him pushing Rory. I'm very much looking forward to taking my father and FIL to Tuesday's practice round. This will be our first time seeing the course. For those that have been in prior years are there any particular holes that you would recommend stationing at? Thanks.
  4. I hope he does play as my wife and I won Tuesday practice round tickets and we're taking our fathers. Personally, I think that Tiger was taking HGH for many years and now that they are testing for it his body is braking down just like Mark McGwire's did after years of use. From what I have read getting off of it completely messes you up mentally and you lose focus. I believe that years down the road this will become public. This is just my opinion...
  5. Thanks boys. I'm going to Golfsmith this weekend to spend a couple hours. Hopefully this is the last week in the 20's here in Michigan. I'm so over this winter.
  6. Thanks Tiger. The distance between my PW and the 52* is about 15 yards. I'm going to head to Goldsmith this weekend and hit some different lofts. Just partials around the green to answer your question.
  7. My question was about adding another Vokey to the mix. I have a 45 degree sand wedge and a 52 degree Vokey. Would a 58 degree be better than a 56 or 60 degree? I hit my 52 about 95 yards. Thanks.
  8. This question pertains to not going to get fitted, so please keep this in mind. First off, I'm a 17 handicap (14.5 index). My pitching wedge is 45 degrees. I was gifted a Titleist Vokey SM5 52 degree for Xmas and have hit it many times so returning it is not an option. My question is if I were to buy one more of these would a 58 degree be the best to fit into the gap? I feel a 56 might be to close to the 52 and a 60 might be too much. Thanks for the replies.
  9. I was having back issues a while back and did some research myself. After going to the chiropractor for about 6 months it wasn't getting any better. I read an article on foam rolling. I then Googled foam rolling + back pain and found these two Youtube videos. I started doing the first of these two and realized that it had nothing to do with my lower back and everything to do with my glutes. If you have had a massage you know that there are stress toxins (knots) that they will work out of your back. Well, I had the same knots but larger in my butt. It hurt like all hell rolling them out, but once I got over the pain it completely relieved me of my back pain. I still use the foam roller once a day most of the time just because I like the stretch that it provides. Anyway, take a look at these videos as it could save you a lot of $$ in the end.
  10. Well, you win the diehard trophy. 30's is not on my radar, but good for you. Let us know what you think once you get out.
  11. Me too, I'm in Michigan. It looks great sitting on my desk, but I won't get to use it until Aprilish.
  12. Mine arrives today and I just read through this entire thread. :) Is there a way to search people by your country club? Or players that have played the course and look at the stats? I like what Dave2512 said about: I found a guy that posted a few rounds at my parents club that averaged 304 driving and was shooting under par and it is a very challenging course. Seeing where he put tbe ball compared to my usual shots was eye opening.
  13. I have been thinking about trying one of these. Has anyone used both devices and what are your thoughts? Thanks.
  14. I have a California De Mar and it has a few nicks in it. My question is, can the nicks be fixed and how long does the Custom Shop usually take to get you your putter back? I've heard they take a long time. I'm in no real hurry, but I don't want it taking 2 months. I was also thinking about getting my name engraved. Thanks in advance.
  15. I wasn't really sure where to post this, so feel free to move it. Has it been discussed to have a buy, sell, swap forum on this site? Or is there and I haven't looked hard enough? Thanks!
  16. Driver - Titleist 913d3 3 Wood - Titleist 913d3 17* hybrid - Titleist 913d3 21* hybrid - Titleist 585h 5i-lw - Ping G15 black dot Putter - Scotty Cameron (California Del Mar) Super Stroke 2.0 Slim grip Ball - Titleist ProV1 (from lostgolfballs.com) Bag - Titleist Shoes - ECCO Glove - Titleist Rangefinder - Bushnell Tour v3 w/slope Wishlist: Vokey SM5 Tour Chrome 52*, 56* and 60* 21* hybrid Titleist 913d3 Big Moss putting green
  17. Thanks for all the replies fellas. I really like my G15's and hit them fairly well. If and when I do upgrade or break 80, I would most likely stick with Ping.
  18. I just bought these and they are great. I still like my ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid Golf Shoes (Black/Brick) better though.
  19. ECCO for me. I have a few pair. My only issue with the black leather ones are they don't shine up nice. They are incredibly comfortable, but the leather doesn't shine all that great.
  20. Thanks for the replies. I play Ping G15's and they are very forgiving. I just wondered what other irons may be comparable, if I decide to upgrade my irons. I think I will go hit the AP1's.
  21. What would you pros or near scratch golfers say are some of the most forgiving irons for a higher handicapper? Thanks in advance.
  22. I use this one by Ace and it works quite well for tennis elbow (outside) but not so good for golfer's elbow (inside). It has a tightening dial that allows you to dial up or dial down more/less pressure. http://www.acebrand.com/wps/portal/3M/en_US/AceBrand/Home/Products/Product-Catalog/~/Elbow-Strap-with-Custom-Dial-System?N=3294529207+4304+3294605570&rt;=rud I also have one of these around the office and at home by my couch. When I use it, it really helps. http://www.bodybuilding.com/store/gofit/hand-grips.html?MCID=CG-PLA-US&CAWELAID;=120147270000060437&CAGPSPN;=pla&catargetid;=120147270000096059&cadevice;=c
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