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  1. rckwd

    Damn a Hook

    I am a little scared to weaken my grip any further (I have a neutral grip now)....when I was working with my coach to get rid of my slice I had a very strong grip. We worked together until he got my swing put together with a "Hogan-ess" swing plane and grip and it has been working wonderful for me except my fear of changing anything to accomplish a different ball path.
  2. rckwd

    Damn a Hook

    Thanks Everyone for those suggestions....once it stops all this raining I will give it a try!!
  3. rckwd

    Damn a Hook

    I know i have a problem a many of golfers would love to have but... I have been working my but off for many a years to get rid of my slice....so a couple of years ago I cured my problem. Now I have nothing but a persistent hook; not a bad one...maybe 10 yards on a 230 yard drive. Now I am so used to swinging inside out that I can't get a fade. I am so scared to adjust my swing in that my slice will come back and it would no longer leave me. I can adjust my driver and straighten my ball path up and get a little fade but that doesnt help my swing; plus I cant do this in the middle of the
  4. Yep...and you dont hear those kind of things in the public. Nice post Dr.
  5. Stewart has always been my favorite golfer for many reasons; he played at Georgia Tech where my grades wasn't good enough to get into and I had to go into another engineering school, he is a fellow Georgian, he shares the same faith that I do and I believe him to be an all-around good family man, citizen, and supports his community etc....without no need for recognition. Anyway last week after hearing about something he did in the community I thought I would write him a letter and tell him how much I, and I thought maybe the public, felt about his contributions and forgot all about the
  6. Love seeing all those old clubs
  7. I thought this was hilarious: http://www.wabi.tv/news/21939/thief-targets-golfers-while-they-are-on-the-course
  8. For Sale: 3-PW RH Stiff TaylorMade RAC OS Irons with 2 seasons of use. Grips(original) and face in great condition (see photo). Mint TaylorMade bag only seen 2 trips to the course (see photo). TaylorMade Burner Driver in great condition used only a few times...no ball marks on face or top (see photo)
  9. I am wanting to sell a set off clubs but dont know how much to allow for shipping in US. Does anyone know how much it cost to ship with USPS, UPS or Fedex. I will be shipping a full set of irons as well as a bag. Thanks Tim
  10. Thanks for the input guys...will have to try those out
  11. You would think with all the new technology my handicap would have dropped 12 points not INCREASED in 26 years of playing golf..LOL This is a photo I just seen on Taylormades Twitter page of the drivers of different eras. Taking into consideration I dont play everyday and dont have the body I once did in school, 0ne would think I would have at least stayed close to the same index with the new equipment...LOL
  12. I have a couple industrial driving range 5x5 mats but they are brutal on iron shafts and heads hitting off those hard mats; plus they dont give an accurate feed back on how well you are hitting the ball. Does anyone know of or more importantly, has tried or own a mat that can give a realistic fairway(and a possible rough) feeling shot. I have googled the internet and have found a bunch of companies that "promise" this but we all know about truth in advertisement. So I thought I would come to the board and ask if anyone has had any good ideas, encounters, or experience with this. Thanks
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