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  1. There must be something wrong with Cobra Golf....
  2. Hes gonna wear White outfit to match his Taylormade Burner 2..... BTW whos the main spokesperson for Cobra now?
  3. I saw on Golf magazine, Camilio Villegas is holding Taylormade driver. And then, I saw he tried the Taylormade Burner Superfast 2 on youtube. Did he switch sponsor from Cobra?
  4. I have Acer XK irons. The heads kinda small for my taste. Previously I used Snake eyes irons which have bigger heads. The sole is narrower than most irons I know. So they are kinda like Cavity Back but with players iron sole. They perform pretty good on the course. I improved my accuracy with these irons. Distance wise, they are about the same with my previous irons. I don't get any extra distance with Acer XK. I bought them because they were listed in Golf Digest Hot list 2009. And for the price, they are really affordable. I hope it helps.
  5. The shaft on your Big Dog.... Brand? Do you like it or not?
  6. Free Fitting if you buy the clubs from them. Otherwise I would pay for them. How could club fitters earn their living if it was free? Not to mention they spent a fortune to buy the launch monitor.
  7. Somebody posted About R9 here he spent more time adjusting the head than playing the driver.... sounds ironic..... And why the white theme this year? It's supposed to look better during daylight?
  8. Shaft Flex is different from one manufacture to the others. So I think you should follow the recommendation on the website. Otherwise you should try both Flex on Launch monitor, see which one is better suit for you.
  9. If you don't like super size iron but you are mid handicapper, I think you wanna check out Titleist AP1. Try them, see if you like them. Also it's important to have custom fitting for your irons. Get your Shaft models and Lie Angle checked.
  10. I got a new Question for this Poll? Which brand of FORGED irons feels the softest??? Anyone has experience with different brands?
  11. Is it possible to reshaft your driver with Nike's Str8 Fit hosel?? Can the shaft be pulled out from this "dynamic" hosel? Anyone has experience reshafting this kinda driver?
  12. IKEA furnitures are usually assembled by the buyers..... WHERE did you get your IKEA??
  13. How about longer hybrid like Taylormade Raylor? It's measured 41.5". Do you still hit it like an iron?
  14. somehow Nike and Taylormade that really came to mind when I made this poll. Both manufactures sponsor a lot of PGA Tour Players. When I Think Phil, Callaway came to mind. Think Martin Kaymer, Taylormade popped up. Anthony Kim is a Nike Player. And a lot of Titleist players. I wonder if any PGA Tour player uses MacGregror anymore.
  15. Thanks! Good to hear that. Forged in Japan means a big difference.... as Japan is known really good in forging metals. Just like their Samurai Blades.....
  16. Sean, This thread is like asking "What Ice Cream Flavor do you like?". It's just as simple as that. I don't buy Chocolate Ice Cream just because The majority of Human like Chocolate Ice Cream. It would be INTERESTING to know if the majority of Human Being likes Chocolate ice cream though. I have no idea why some Dudes told everyone this POLL is pointless. I just don't get it. BTW Sean, I never started these threads "How far do you hit your driver", "How much do you bench", etc.
  17. I have a 23 degree hybrid with about the same length as my 4 iron (38.75"). If I placed the ball like a fairway wood, it seems like a closed face. What is the best ball position to hit a 4 hybrid? Best means it does not launch too high and achieves maximum distance.
  18. hahaha LOL.... I'm not looking for new irons. blablabla..... thanks!!!
  19. Submit your vote. Also you can share why you like that brand so much.
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