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  1. Does anyone know where I can buy a cheap Launch Monitor? (sub $1000) I just need to know the launch angle and club head speed.
  2. I just saw Royal Throphy Tournament on TV and this guy, Thonchai Jaidee reached the green in one shot from the tee on a 368 yards Par 4 hole. He did on Hole 17: http://www.jackychung.com/theroyaltrophy/site_2011/course_hole.html#hole17 Wow!!! that's even longer than Bubba Watson. What do you guys think?
  3. How important is for you to take Putter Fitting ? There is a Putting Fitting service in my area costs about $100/session, would you use this service?
  4. For me, 5 wood goes about 195 yards. 3 Hybrid goes 180 yards. I used to hit hybrids a lot but now I use 5 Wood because it's more dependable.
  5. BTW for hybrid owners, what is your ball position for hybrid shots?
  6. Wow you got a Pro caliber distance... Even YE Yang can only knock his 19 degree hybrid around 220 yards.
  7. Rescue is just a model name used by Taylormade. So maybe people started referring Hybrids as Rescues. Personally I like to call it hybrid because they are the hybrid of Iron and Fairway wood. And it's not always the Rescue club from a bad lie or rough.
  8. Good to hear that. How far do you hit your 2 hybrid?
  9. If all the clubs have the same loft 18 degree, which one will go the longest? Which club would you choose to backup your driver? Which one do you think the easiest to hit?
  10. Thanks for your reply. I have Hireko iron heads on my irons now. Wanna try different company.
  11. I think Nike has been making a great product since the release of Nike SQ Driver. I still think Nike SQ is still best driver in the market since 2006. Plus they gain popularity because of Tiger Woods. Everybody wants to use what the Golf Star has in his bag. So those those combination of great product plus using Golf stars as the middle man makes Nike Golf is a pretty damn good Golf Manufactures. Phil Mickelson said once that Nike was a Poor Golf Equipment back in 2003. But like I said, they really made a great product since Nike SQ lines. I myself has been using
  12. I'm looking for a driver shaft that has a low kickpoint and torque around 3.6. Weight around 65 g. Can anybody recommend me a shaft?
  13. How about Nike Sumo Square and Callaway FT Square? I've heard they are the straightest driver on the market. It's hard to work the ball with those drivers.
  14. How many here are wearing non golf shoes or running shoes to play Golf? Do you care to buy Golf Shoes in the future?
  15. I'm looking for extra size Iron heads with extra forgiveness. Also with thick sole. They must be conform to 2010 groove rule. I just need the heads without the shaft and grips. Anyone know where I can buy them?
  16. When you buy Taylormade driver, all you get is the stock shaft made by Taylormade even the TP version. You can re-shaft your Driver at Custom Fitting Pro Shop with a Stiff shaft. You will need a new Adaptor for your new shaft for an extra $20 (the red thing on the hosel). Note that stock shaft on R9 is Fujikura Motore F1 Taylormade version. You might wanna buy the Stiff flex for Fujikura Motore F1 shaft (the real thing).
  17. You mean when you throw them with your hands??? must be the ball the farthest.... PS. Thanks for your jokes.... I'm trying to laugh
  18. Which one goes farther, Blade or Cavity back irons? based on your experience....
  19. Does anyone have any experience with Nike VR Tour Driver? Can you give us a comment on this driver....
  20. If you have a modern 9.5 degree driver, do you hit it straight consistently ? I mean like 10/14 shots on the fairways.
  21. Are new drivers (since 2008) straighter than older drivers before that? I haven't tried many drivers so I don't know if this is true. Maybe golfers who switched drivers each 6 month will know the answer. PS It's hard to type without the cursor. This forum is new but is harder to type.
  22. I think shafts that are cost more than $200 is just way too much for a shaft. Matrix shafts can even cost more than $300 USD.... I've seen some one them even selling for $1000. Do they really improve a golfer swing? Do you gain anything from this shaft?
  23. Don't forget about Kareem Abdul Jabbar. He got skinny body like Olajuwon and deadly Sky Hooks. He can Sky hook you all night long without really now how to stop him.
  24. Anyone playing NBA 2K11 with Michael Jordan in it? What do you think? I just played for 2 days and the Main Menu is a bit strange. It's not automatically on the main screen when you just start the game. You have to click Exit to get the menu.
  25. Tiger has been using Diamana White Board since 2006.
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