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  1. Hi Tom. I can relate to your question as I also have for many many years fought the same right miss/tendency just like you. I can share what I’ve done the last few years to help with this. First and foremost, never quit trying to improve your swing and improve your club face & club path relationship. I’m 67 yrs old and will always fight over the top tendencies with my swing but improvement is possible. But, back to your question. Personally, I’ve seen improvement and gotten good results Using the Rogue Draw Bias driver. Secondly, I suggest to get the lower degree lofted driver and then ADD
  2. I'm gonna chime in here because I've always been interested in Petes situation. IMHO, there is no question Pete Rose deserves to be, and should be, in the HOF. I don't care if baseball chooses to put a plaque by his name that states Pete Rose has stained his reputation by betting on baseball and that Pete broke the #1 rule in professional sports by gambling on his own sport. Acknowledge it, condemn him, criticize his actions? Hell, put it in flashing lights. I would understand. All this being said, I believe, and wouldn't have a problem with, their never letting him work "inside baseball"
  3. DennyJones, I hear what you said and at one time in my life I believed the same way. However, all I can report on is what I've experienced. I have never hit a bad shot "due to my shoe" slipping. I too play 80% of my golf at the crack of dawn. Ground is covered in morning dew. Being in Texas I'm blessed in that I play golf year round but winters on the coast of Texas are always cold and wet but still playable. I'm telling you, I just don't slip. It's never a problem for me. I'll admit I'm not a monster hitter. I hit my 5 hybrid 155. My swing speed mid to upper 80's. The coast of Texas isn't exa
  4. Hello all, my first posting but had to jump in. I'm 65 yrs old and since my retirement I golf an average 3-5 times a week. I went from soft spikes to spikeless shoes about 7 years ago and I will NEVER go back to soft spike. Go spikeless, you'll be glad you did. Simply go online to Amazon or the like and you have your pick of dozens of shoes under $100. I've had great results with FJ, Sketchers and Puma
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