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  1. Yeah... I know what you're saying, but... I'm not asking to back up a 7 iron. My post said that I can STOP my 7 - SW... I want to be able to spin my wedges... but not back 10 feet or anything. Just enough so I am able to control the distances better. Right now, anything inside of 100 yards I can get to stop... but there are still instances that I'd like to be able to put it beyond the hole and bring it back a yard or so. And, to be honest... my 26 handicap is because of how infrequently I've played in recent years. When I play well... I'm closer to an 18-20... still not good enough to wor
  2. I had a similar situation when I bought my 'new clubs' about 5 years ago. I had been playing with a cheap set (Wal*Mart something or other) for a few years and told my wife I'd like to buy a set that I could have fitted. Went to a local golf place and tried out a few different sets... Callaway X-18's (I think)... Mizuno something... and then the Nike Slingshot. Of all the clubs, I liked the look and feel of the X-18's the most. They kept talking me out of it though. They were REALLY pushing the Mizuno's... which I just didn't like. Then, they said the same thing about buying a forgivin
  3. So, today was the qualifier for the Club Championships. It's divided into 4 flights: Championship = 0 - 5.9 A Flight = 6.0 - 9.9 B Flight = 10.0 - 15.9 C Flight = 16.0 and Above My handicap, as seen to the left, is 26.2 so that would place me in the C Flight. I'm over 10 handicap strokes above the 16.0 lower limit for the flight... so I was worried that I may not do very well, but... that's besides the point. Upon arriving at the course, I find out there are only 12 entries in our flight. That means that they'll have 4 bye's and then it'll be 8, 8, 4, 2 for the next few rounds. So
  4. I hate how one week I can feel so good holding a club... and the next week, it feels like an alien object. Perfect example is my 3 wood. I NEVER know if I'm going to hit it 240 or 180 off the tee from week to week. Gotta find a happy-medium. CY
  5. My last round (Sunday), I had a few different shots that were my 'makes me wanna come back' shots: 1. Playing my absolute favorite hole (a short par 3 overlooking a distant reservoir with colorful sailboats dotting the water) I hit a smooth 8 iron but pulled it just a bit. It ended up about 50 feet left of the hole... but I lined it up perfectly and had the speed necessary... and I dropped it for birdie. 2. Later in the round, another par 3... this one with a 175+ carry over a mess... I put my 6 iron approach JUST left of the green, but pin-high. The end result was a par... but the tee s
  6. I haven't played much since 2005... maybe 5 or 6 rounds a season. This year, I'm hoping to double that... and so far I've got a good start on that. But my goals for the season are: 1. Have at least ONE round where no score is higher than a 7. WAY too many 8's and 9's on my cards... and even the odd 10. 2. Have at least ONE round where I break 30 total putts. So far, my CAREER best has been 31 putts... I'd like to get a 29 in there. 3. My handicap has been 26+ for the last 4 years. I'd like to get to a 22 by the end of the season... but I've only got maybe 6 rounds left in m
  7. Cool... thanks for the information. I didn't know 13 was a legal round, thanks for pointing that out to me. Hmmm... score I most likely would have made. I've been 50 yards from a green for my approach on a par 4 and made 9... guess I'll have to give myself the 'benefit of the doubt'. Thanks again... very helpful. CY
  8. So... I've never played in a match play tournament before. This coming Saturday is the qualifying (stroke play) round... and assuming I make it through there into the top 16 (or 8 depending on flight entries) I will play my first ever match play round the following Saturday. My question is... how do I post it to GHIN? Suppose the match is over by hole 12... I know a 'legal' round is at least 14 holes. Do I just report it as a 9 hole round then? And... if it goes 15... I just take par plus handicap strokes... right? But... how do I handle conceded putts? I've ALWAYS putted everything
  9. I did the same thing last Wednesday. It started out as an overcast day in Northern Jersey, so I figured I'd walk... by the 7th hole, I was exhausted. I grabbed a drink at the turn and that cooled me off a bit... then I played okay until the 13th hole when I started to fry again. In the end, I was basically swinging my arms and not using my body... despite a birdie on the 17th... the last 4 holes were a mess. Heat isn't something to mess around with. I've been to the point of almost passing out while doing landscape work and it takes a few days to recover. Be careful out there when it'
  10. I don't think there is a worse phrase for me to hear when I'm playing as a single and I get paired up with a group of 'people who golf'. I'm very strict with myself... I count everything. I was playing at a course 3 weeks ago and I got paired up with 3 really nice (but much older) guys. They were just swinging and going after it... and in between, giving each other crap. It was fun to be around, but on the 14th hole, I nearly whiffed on a tee shot... topping it to the end of the tee box just into the rough. One of the old guys walked over, picked it up and tossed it back at me, telling m
  11. I get to play once every two weeks or so (if I'm lucky) during the season (April - October) here in Jersey. The days I know I'm going to play, I try to hit the range the night before... just to get my swing back, etc. I HATE... HATE when I kill the ball on the range that night... and I dream of a great round, and then I end up going off with 8, 6, 8 to open my round. I don't like to go to the course not having an idea of what my ball will do... but sometimes I feel like it may be best just to putt that morning and then let my ball go where it will off the tee. Frustrating... CY
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