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  1. I've now done some more reading on yips and found this discussion (amongst many others) Full Swing Yips. Help!! - Instruction & Academy - GolfWRX I am now struggling to break 90. I warm up fine. Everything is OK. Then, get over the ball during a rouond and feel like I am wound tight like a rubber band. I get to the top of my back swing and just jerk causing all... and can identify 100% with what's said here - so pretty sure I've found my problem, along with suggestions for working on it that I'm keen to try. Don't you just love the internet. Thanks all
  2. Many thanks to all of you who have responded - with a special mention to nevets88. When you say 'Don't just blindly hit balls. You should know what you're trying to do before you hit a ball. For example, I know that for me, I like to do the following/have these feelings on approach shots: good setup, preset forward lean, face pointed at 0*, move off the ball some with my left shoulder, feel the club head hinge up vertically, and then on the downswing make the head "whoosh" and hit the ground after the ball at the same time.' I would say that's pretty much exactly what I do in both pr
  3. Sueisablade


  4. I appreciate this original post is very old - but my feeling is there are a lot of us still out there who have this exact same issue and still haven't found a solution. So I'd just like to ask, again - has anyone actually found something to fix this??? I''m not looking for ideas from people who've never really had this issue - there are countless items on the net from pros etc - but from genuine sufferers who have resolved their issue. I don't personally use the range much - I'm lucky enough to have recently got a small golf studio at home, which has been a godsend during lockdown when my dai
  5. Thanks guys - all good info. At this stage distances are all a bit academic as mine are so inconsistent - but It's mainly cos I was thinking of upgrading the trolley that I started to think about paying the extra for one with gps, and what the alternatives might be - for when it might actually be useful .
  6. I'm new to golf and definitely going to be one of those 'all the gear, no idea' types lol. Seriously though, while looking for something to help keep track of my scoring I've found some feature-rich phone apps that record shot distances, show hole layout and distance to green etc - but am aware you can also get this in a watch, and also in a trolley. I'm already tiring of my push-along trolley and thinking of a motorised one - so my question is, where's best for the gps app? Which is most convenient to use, easiest to update as technology evolves etc ?
  7. Thankyou all for being kind enough to offer advice. I should clarify a few points (didn't want to write an essay). He is having lessons - and when he's in the swing of it (pun intended ) he can hit it really well (unlike me - I'm so jealous!). And we have been out and done 9 holes together a few times - sometimes this has gone well, but the last time he couldn't strike the ball to save his life, and we gave up after 5 holes. And sometimes he comes back from the driving range very depressed cos he just couldn't hit it cleanly - other times it's fine. I know golf is a game of inconsistenc
  8. Hi - my husband and I are both recently retired and both trying to get to grips with golf. There are several clubs nearby that do ladies group lessons for beginners, so I'm ok in that regard. However there's nothing similar for men - despite lots of people you talk to saying what a good idea it would be. My husband is not especially outgoing or confident and so is really struggling to find other beginners to play and practise with. He knows other men who have played for decades and who are willing to give him the odd game - but that's not what he wants or needs. Anyone got any tips one how w
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