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  1. If Phil was doing this for the greater good then why is he against the players policing themselves? This is about Phil and his vendetta against the USGA. The fact that he stopped using the wedge because of the respect for the players is laughable.
  2. Here are some recent quotes from Phil: So Phil will start using the wedge if the players start policing themselves, just to force the issue. WOW While I can understand the complaint that supposedly only one person, namely the USGA Senior Technical Director makes all the ruling, is not very transparent and could be unfair, but would anybody confirm that this is true? Even so, Phil is just looking worse and is loosing a lot of my respect.
  3. So he shouldn't have had his family with him at that Stanford game? Tell his family that the shouldn't be with him at an event they are honoring him at. See you're assuming that he did cheat. Which there has not been a shred of empirical evidence at all. Also, the woman already claimed she never had an affair. I'm sorry, but until you have photographs of them together or he admits it, I don't believe tabloid magazines.
  4. Thats a good point, but as to the speculation of a domestic disturbance, he did say "My wife, Elin, acted courageously when she saw I was hurt and in trouble. She was the first person to help me. Any other assertion is absolutely false". That's pretty much denying domestic disturbance to me. BTW, are you going to defend your assinine statement that he deserved this when he's never claimed to be a perfect person.
  5. So Fat Slice cites an evesdropping tool that roams, which I doubt tmz has this. Given that they have to be close to the property, which is highly unlikely they can even get into the gated community. I think Shank is quite correct when he says he doubts tmz corroborating sources. However, you cite his admission of guilt by his statements of "I'm not perfect/this will never happen again", however wouldn't this be contradicted later in his statement about the reporting of malicious lies, rumors, ect.? Personally, if some domestic dispute did happen. He should have told the cops, and decided not to press charges rather than not talking at all. Who knows, maybe he will reveal all after the Police gets through with their investigation and is only shutting up because of his lawyer's advice. "Some of us happen to be interested in this story and the subtext beneath. Not so much for the tawdryness of the gossip but maybe the schadenfreude of watching another hypocrite get what he deserves. I like Tiger, but he (or the media, at least) has held himself out to be something that he is not. He deserves the backlash now." I don't think he's ever said that he's the perfect person, incapable of any mistakes. In fact he has said that he's been battling his foul language problem his entire life. Now if you want to bash the media, particularly the sports media for rarely criticizing him, then thats fine but the statement that he deserves having his personal life intruded into in public is egregious and lacks in any empathy.
  6. "TMZ is not as unreliable as you might think. With people suing for anything these days, they can't just write anything they want about someone." This doesn't answer my question though. They cite an anonymous source that what happened was a domestic incident, yet it would seem that Tiger would only disclose what happened to someone he really trusts, in a tight-gripped circle, most likely family and the closest friends and for them to suddenly turn against him so soon is very suspicious.
  7. How reliable is tmz.com? For example, they reported that Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, confronted the golfer about rumors he'd been seeing another woman. According to the report, Nordegren scratched Woods' face in the dispute and then smashed his car window as he attempted to drive away following the fight. Woods' SUV hit a fire hydrant and then a tree after he was distracted trying to see what happened to his car. Yet, what is their source. Its hard to believe that anybody so close to Tiger that he would confide with them about this would then so soon betray his trust for money?
  8. frobenius

    Lee Westwood

    "McIlroy's frustration boiled over at the seventh, when he smashed a club through a wooden advertising billboard after mishitting an approach out of wood chippings lining the fairway." http://sports.espn.go.com/golf/news/story?id=4679331 I wonder if people are going to get on Rory's case about this, doubt it though.
  9. I'm not defending Tiger, he should know better and has had anger issues in the past, but its not like he's the only one to ever do it. Case in point Ernie Els:
  10. Tiger's wedge play during the 3rd round was pretty bad.
  11. I holed a putt of about 25 ft.
  12. I played the local university course for the first time. I shot an 92. Putted the ball extremely well, but my driving and chipping was terrible.
  13. I'm a research statistician for the University of Central Missouri.
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