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  1. To know what questions he was asked and his full answer. Well considering that I've read different versions by different people about their relationship without explicit detail, its hard to really know "what went down" and no I don't know where Sean was in his career two years ago, care to fill me in the details of his career and the evolution of his thought on the golf swing? The fact is he was influenced by Mike and Andy and probably subsequently by what influenced them, TGM and probably a lot of sources. The 5% comment was factious, especially when considering Sean O'Hair. I didn't imply Mike and Andy wanted him to thank them publicly, but even before he started teaching Tiger, some people were bashing him for teaching S&T; and not giving credit and the only way it would appease them would be to publicly thank them.
  2. Its not all about Sean Foley, to call out two players like that was tasteless even if he's friends with them. About Foley, I still don't know the entire context of that article. Its not a full transcript of an interview and I think you could interpret Sean as being sarcastic with that "watered down" quote and people bashing him leave out how Sean talked about his respect for them. Its not just what he stated in that article, its about S&T; aficionados feeling that he needs to publicly thank P&B; for his success, even before that article, people were bashing him for teaching what they perceive as S&T; (even though its fully not and S&T; principles show up in a lot of pro swings). As someone who is learning to use some S&T; principles, this is growing tired.
  3. http://www.pgatour.com/2010/tourname...wi-transcript/ Full transcript for context at first I thought that was kind of classless, I still do not believe it was in the best taste. This will just increase the fervor of bashing of Foley by S&T; aficionados .
  4. http://www.cbssports.com/golf/story/...s-tigers-world
  5. frobenius

    Tiger's Back

    LOL, do you know what speculation and insinuation means? How did I do so? Do you have any reasoning skills? I was asking for empirical evidence, which at the time there was none and later there was, e.g. that voicemail message.
  6. At the time it was baseless speculation without any empirical evidence. He had admitted to his affairs after it pretty much established with evidence that there was,i.e. when that voicemail message appeared and other forms of evidence. But dude, you said that Tom Watson tanked the British Open playoff and said that the reason that Tiger Woods needed to become more muscular was because his sponsors wanted him to and you have no proof that Tiger ever has done any steriods or HGH. He might have or is, but I have no evidence, we'll see what happens with the Dr. Galea case.
  7. frobenius

    Tiger's Back

    You have to remember Cornbread is the guy who said Tom Watson deliberately tanked it in the Open Championship playoff. He's about baseless speculation and insinuation, empirical evidence has no basis for him.
  8. He was asked what positives he could take from this round, not week. Here is the video to the interview. I don't think it was petulant at all. He was clearly disappointed, which he should be. http://nbcsports.msnbc.com/id/228251...16791#37816791
  9. frobenius

    Tiger's Back

    When exactly was he cursing and what did he say? I have the round on DVR. Yeah, his 2009 season was so lousy. Only won PGA tour Player of the Year by winning tournaments. I love how you put knee problems in quotes, as far as insinuating that he faked his injury. You are incapable at showing any form empirical evidence to back your insinuation. Sounds like to me that you just heavily dislike the guy and will say this stuff even though it makes you look foolish.
  10. frobenius

    Tiger's Back

    Pretty classless and against the spirit of the game to root against a golfer. I will never root for a golfer to miss or hit poor shots.
  11. frobenius

    Tiger's Back

    You were the guy who said that Woods didn't have a round in him to get into contention. Sure you we've all had 9 hole hotstreaks and going out to the next day to repeat is hard. But we're not playing in the US Open and are the best player in the world. Yes one round doesn't mean "he's back", but it does show us quite a bit.
  12. I think most of their pro commentators bring little to the table.
  13. According to golf.com, Tiger had a good practice round. Which of course, means very little but it will be interesting to see him play. http://blogs.golf.com/presstent/2010...ice-round.html
  14. I'm pretty sure he said that his knee felt 100% when asked about his knee.
  15. I rewatched, and I did not hear an f-bomb on an earlier hole.
  16. I was watching and I don't think he droped an F-bomb, but I'd have to watch a replay to be sure. Here are some quotes from golf writers: Charlie Hanger, executive editor, Sports Illustrated: I thought Notah Begay on Golf Channel was funny when asked about the outburst. He gave Tiger credit for subbing one fairly benign four-letter word for another, much dirtier word. A step in the right direction! Give the man some credit. Gary Van Sickle, senior writer, Sports Illustrated: As long as Tiger isn't dropping f-bombs or flinging clubs, he's headed in the right direction. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him build Rome in a day, you know? Give Tiger some time. Swearing is pretty far down his list of immediate concerns.
  17. I think we'll be seeing Phil wear his third green jacket tomorrow. I've read elsewere that people think what Tiger said constituted as a curse word and criticized his "vulgar" speach. Yeah, "suck" and "goddammit", those are just so terrible. I can think of some words he could have used that are indeed vulgar, but those aren't. Are golf fans this prude? Wow.
  18. My favorite golfer has been Ben Crenshaw. I grew up watching him and always loved the way he conducted himself, plus just a fantastic all around player. My favorite player on the PGA Tour is Zach Johnson. I love his character and his wedge play combined with putting skill is just amazing.
  19. That is fine, even if you disagree with it, people should bother studying the topic before automatically dismissing it is my point. Neurological studies are being conducted to see if the brains from sexual addicts are changing and prominent scholars such as Dr. Patrick Carnes of Pine Grove Rehabilitation and Dr. Martin Kafka from Harvard .The American Psychological Association is currently debating its merits; and consensus changes so just because its not published in one book is not very telling at all really.
  20. People discrediting sexual addiction sound very vacuous. They do not back up their statements with any scientific studies, nor do they have any credentials to make a substantive opinion on the matter.
  21. Did you not read that quote that Alex B posted? He has to return to rehab immediately afterward.
  22. Says the guy that Tiger is a role model. I think you're the one putting him up on a pedestal.
  23. Maybe those children should learn to respect peoples' private lives and give them a lesson how creepy our culture is.
  24. My friend commented to me that they need to redo the 14th hole because the green is way too unfair, thoughts?
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