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reputation_zeph.pngIn the past, when The Sand Trap was powered by vBulletin, we used to have both positive and negative reputation. Members who had achieved a certain standard (the Established Member ranking) could vote on reputation, deducting from or adding to another member's reputation point total. Once they reached a certain total, their points would count as two, at which point they were capped.


Huddler has now implemented a "reputation" feature, but no longer can members vote negatively. Reputation on Huddler is, for now, positive only.


To the left you'll see Zeph's "postbit." You'll notice the display of golf balls sitting on tees, and if you hover over this, you'll see we've called the reputation here "Skins." Zeph has earned enough "skins" (positive reputation points) that he's got three teed balls as his graphic. The more teed balls, the more positive someone's reputation. You can hover your mouse over his reputation graphic to see a semi-clever phrase about his standing within the community.


To hand out positive reputation, which I am encouraging all members to do when they encounter a post that makes a well-reasoned point or goes above and beyond to provide great content, you simply click this button at the bottom of their post: reputation_thumb.png. You'll be prompted to leave a comment - which I strongly encourage everyone to do - and your positive reputation will be added. After you post, your comment and "thumbs up" vote will be available for others to see and a count will be added to the right of the graphic.


You should not click the thumbs up button for posts simply because you agree with them unless they're also a high-quality post. In other words, please do not treat "thumbs up" like Facebook "Likes" or just "thumb up" posts with which you agree or which just make a joke but provide little in the way of content. We're not trying to identify people who think like others, we're trying to use reputation to identify those who post quality content.


reputation_profile.pngYour Reputation

Your reputation is shown in your profile. Current settings do not show your actual point total to others (mine is on the left - admins and moderators don't even see your reputation on your profile page). Clicking the "Skins" link in your profile will take you to a page that shows how many thumbs ups you've received, how many unique thumbs ups you've received, and how many thumbs ups you've given out. Each will be linked to and you'll be able to see what posts earned "thumbs ups" and the posts to which you gave a thumbs up yourself.


Negative Reputation

Now, not all reputation is positive. Administrators and moderators can deduct points from what we'll generally call an "offset" value. If someone has a reputation of 14 and posts something incredibly inappropriate, we may click the negative offset button twice to deduct two points from his reputation. We hope not to have to use this, just as we rarely used this on vBulletin.


Old Reputation

That offset works both ways, too. We can bump a user's reputation up if we feel that it should be higher. In fact, this is how our old reputation was imported - as an offset. Total reputation is thus calculated as "10 points + old reputation offset + any thumbs up since switching to Huddler."


Current Reputation Settings

Aside from the fact that the reputation graphics show medals, this image shows the entirety of our reputation system's settings. We've assigned these values as fairly as possible, but are not opposed to changing them if someone can present a rational argument for the change.


We strive to be free and open here with how the site is run, and so here are the settings:




2011-04-01: One change made - the "is now on the tee" setting is now "< 12" so that everyone who shows a teed ball in their profile is someone whose reputation/thumbs-up "counts" for points. If you have that grey medal/ribbon you're at 10 or 11. If you have a teed up ball you're at 12 or more.


2014-03-01: We've updated the way "bonus power" works for users with high reputations. Instead of getting another point every time you reach a multiple of 360, you now get a bump based on a logarithmic scale, with a minimum of 100 points needed. This smooths out the progression while awarding a few more points earlier (note 360 reputation points earners can give 3 points now instead of 2). The chart to the right demonstrates the differences in both scales.


Also, we added points levels above 180 and renamed the 180-level award. They are now:
180 - is a first-ballot hall-of-famer
360 - is one of the all-time greats
720 - is a legend of the game

Comments (7)

How many points do I get for receiving douche cards?
Now that I have gone negative in reputation, where do I stand on the leaderboard? Because going under par is good, right? ...Right?
2 for a douche card (it's French, right)?
Is it possible to add a 9th golf ball level of reputation? There seem to be a lot of members now at Legend status.
We could call it "takes ceremonial tee shots" or something. Just a suggestion.
@JetFan1983, we've implemented your suggestion. See the last few sentences for the new levels above 180.
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