Vijay Says “Listen Up, Tiger” at Buick Open

Tiger Woods twice made a weekend charge, but it was after going +4 on the first eight holes. Vijay Singh wins easily. Is another tear in store?

Tiger WoodsVijay Singh simply had too big a lead and Tiger Woods simply played the first eight holes horribly on Saturday and Sunday. End result? A comfortable four-stroke victory by world #2 Vijay Singh, his fourth of the year (and his second consecutive Buick Open). Singh is now the only player to win the Buick Open three times.

Tiger could only listen (screen capture credit to Tony @ HOG) as Vijay withstood a back-nine 30 by the world’s highest-ranked player. That 30 included a bogey at the last when he nearly missed the fairway to the right – that is, the adjacent fairway – and couldn’t get up and down from a greenside bunker.

Jeong Jang Claims Wire-to-Wire Win at Women’s British Open

Jeong Jang wins the Weetabix Women’s British Open at Birkdale.

jeong_jang_british_open.jpgPlaying alongside of the number-one female golfer in the world would intimidate most professional tour players but not 25-year old Jeong Jang. Looking cool as a cucumber Jang charged to a four-stroke lead to defeat Annika Sorenstam and all contenders for the crystal trophy posting a 16-under 272.

Jang is not only a first-time winner on the LPGA Tour after a six-year winless streak but like fellow South Korean Birdie Kim (U.S. Women’s Open) has made her first career victory a major championship.

After sinking her birdie putt at the eighteenth Jang could only stand on the green at Royal Birkdale laughing while a flood of well-wishers poured bottles of champagne over her head. When asked how she felt after taking home the shimmering trophy and a first-place check of over $280,000 Jang responded, “Just great. How can I say more than that? I’m still nervous right now…more nervous than before!”

Worst Players to Have Won a Major

On the PGA Tour, luck and a week of brilliance can net you a major championship. Who were the worst golfers to experience the amazing synergy?

Trap Five LogoLast week we took a look at the best players to have won only one major. The list included the likes of Toms Kite and Lehman, Fred Couples, Davis Love III, and Phil Mickelson.

This week we’re going to switch gears a bit and talk about the worst players to have won a major. Of course, to even play in a major, you’ve got to be a good golfer – hacks aren’t invited to The Masters or the British Open, you see – so we’re not begrudging anyone their abilities. However, we are looking at their careers compared to their fellow PGA Tour major winners. These, then, are the worst players to have been great at least once.

Els Down for Surgery

Ernie Els has injured his knee sailing in the Mediterranean and is out of action indefinitely following surgery.

Ernie ElsErnie Els, in a post on his own website, has broken the news that he injured himself sailing in the Mediterranean. He had surgery on his left knee a few days ago and is out of action “indefinitely.”

Well, I imagine many of you will be checking my website today expecting me to talk about the build-up to the big tournaments coming up in the next few weeks. Others will have already heard the news that I injured my knee while on a sailing holiday in the Mediterranean and had to have surgery on it a couple of days ago. As a result, I’m going to have to take a break from golf on the recommendation of my medical advisers. Basically it’s the only sensible course of action, so that I can be sure of the promptest recovery period. Obviously the timing is unfortunate. Although let’s face it, there’s no such thing as a good time to get injured. But what can you do? There’s no point dwelling on your bad luck, or whatever. All I’m doing is focusing on getting better as quickly as possible, so I’m out of action for not a day longer than I have to be. I’ll fill you in with some more detailed news when I write again, probably this Monday coming. Until then, bye for now.

Though Ernie has not said exactly how long he’ll be out, the world’s third-ranked player is expected to miss the PGA Championship and the Presidents Cup.

Photo Credit: David Cannon, Getty Images at

Moseau Bamboo Fiber Shirt Review

We used to play with hickory and persimmon. How about bamboo… in your shirts and socks?

MoseauIt’s not often that one thinks about their shirt when playing golf except to be annoyed: annoyed that it’s soaking up their sweat or that the left sleeve is in constant need of tugging up or that it keeps coming untucked on their follow-through.

As Josh mentioned in his Adidas ClimaCool Polo Shirt review, technology has finally come to the golf polo. Adidas, Callaway, Nike, and other manufacturers have mixed natural fabrics with synthetics and achieved solid results: wrinkle-free, stain-proof, moisture-wicking shirts with sun protection.

A company called Moseau has gone an entirely different route. Instead of synthetics, Moseau uses all natural fibers to construct their shirts. The fibers? Why, they come from bamboo.

John Daly

One of the PGA Tour’s most colorful characters, John Daly is a people’s champion.

John DalyWhile John Daly has lived one of the most turbulent lives on the PGA Tour in recent years, he has walked away from wreck after self-inflicted wreck looking pretty good. While others whose lives are pristine by comparison try to maintain a “positive image,” Daly, who has wallowed in the mud, has come out looking pretty clean. Probably the biggest reason so many folks love Daly is that his life has been an open book. Daly’s best PR tool has been his honesty. What you see is what you get.

John has lived life with the accelerator pressed all the way to the floor. Born on April 28, 1966 in Carmichael, California John grew up in Arkansas. The resulting “good old boy” persona he is known for has helped him win the hearts of many.

T and A: The Perfect “10”

Annika Sorenstam gives Tiger Woods a run for his money during practice rounds.

Annika and TigerLet’s suppose you’re the number-one golfer in the world and you need a playing partner. Who would you call? Why not dial the top female golfer in the world.

Tiger and Annika have become golfing buddies while not on tour and regularly play practice rounds together. They even throw in a friendly wager even though more often than not Tiger wins. “We always have to have something riding on it,” Sorenstam said. “I think the bets, that’s what keeps him motivated to beat me.”

Gary Player: Officially Senile

Gary Player thinks that there are three kinds of golf: amateur golf, pro golf, and tournament golf. Huh?

He’s back. I’m telling you these former golfing gods just can’t let it go. He said it back in May and in an article earlier this week, Gary Player states again that governing bodies need to pull back modern clubs and balls and that they are making a mockery of the sport. “What they have to do, and it’s unanimous among the pros that play golf and understand the game, is they have to cut the ball back.”


More Stats!

The PGA Tour’s stats website has a lot more information than I previously imagined. Let’s take a look at some of the more obscure stats on tour.

The Numbers GameDuring a recent trip to the PGA Tour’s stat website, I stumbled across some more stats that they are keeping. Yup, that’s right, more numbers in which to drown myself. Stats such as proximity to hole, GIR % from other than fairway, average distance of putts made and others popped up and got my interest.

This week in The Numbers Game, I’m taking a closer look at a few of these to answer a question or two I had. Also I wanted to throw out a few factoids for you to chew on.