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Just call me the single length irons guy -- I'm a recreational golfer who has historically shot in the low 100s and who is on the way to the low 80s thanks to a set of unconventional single length clubs. You can read about my single length irons journey at www.single-length-irons-guy.com/single-length-irons-journey/

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Golf Scholarship

“From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” ~ Arthur Ashe I overheard the golf coach at my daughter's golf camp say that he can get any girl with average golf skills a scholarship to college. But I thought to myself, what about the rest of the aspiring young golfers out there? So here is my way to help give back -- the first (of hopefully many) golf scholarships for high school/undergraduate students who are on their school's golf team. The $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to the best golf essay submitted. The golf essay topics may include, but are not limited to: How you and your team overcame overwhelming odds How your personal journey led you to embrace the sport of golf How the game of golf has helped you in your studies or in preparing for your career after school How you can personally help grow the game of golf Plus, all entrants have the option to publish their essays published with links to their social media profiles, providing vital exposure for applicants looking to make a name for themselves in the golf industry. For more information and to submit essays, please visit the website: https://www.single-length-irons-guy.com/golf-scholarship/

Single Length Clubs

By now you've probably heard about Single Length irons -- if I had to describe Single Length irons with one word, it would be: simplicity. There is no intellectual property or new technology involved because single length irons are simply irons with same length shafts, same weight heads, and slightly different lofts — that’s it! You get the benefit of a single swing plane, single swing tempo, and single ball position which simplifies your game and improves your scores. ------------------------------------------------------ Someone once said: "You can sell 50,000 units of any golf related product." Because the golf industry is an easy target for "Gimmick" products (think the square head driver, HammerX, Stand-Up Putter etc.), most people's first reaction to a new golf product is to scream "GIMMICK!" I can tell you from almost two years of personal experience that single length clubs are anything but a gimmick -- with my single length clubs, I can carry my 4-iron 205 yards and stop my full-swing lob wedge within 3 feet (90 yard carry). And yes, those two clubs are EXACTLY the same length (for me, 37.5", about a 'standard' 7-iron length for most golfers).
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    • You don't know that you were doing whatever it is they asked of you properly or even that they were intended for you. Huh? Scientists do? Because I strongly disagree. Please give an example. Plus what @Vinsk said.
    • That's not really the point here, or..it's exactly the point. Just because something doesn't make sense to you doesn't change the point at hand if it's backed by science. There are those who will argue what they understand or believe and disregard the facts as based on science. That is a no win argument as they are too stubborn to even realize the ridiculousness of their position. It's like playing chess with a pigeon; no matter how many great moves you make the pigeon just runs around shitting on the board acting like he's winning.
    • I will listen to, and maybe even try, anything. But if it ultimately makes no sense, then it makes no sense! I learned to golf through tips from my Uncle (who was a damn good golfer), and instructional articles in Golf Digest, back when that publication was worthy of being read.  Even though the articles in GD were supposedly penned by "pros" or "top instructors", if I tried them and they didn't work, I discarded them! But, even renowned scientists seem to have a problem with this. They seem reluctant to discard a paradigm that does not work unless there's another paradigm present to take it's place! Even when no paradigm would be preferable. 
    • LOL. Beautifully put. The guys you named are the most recent perhaps. But I think it can refer to many out there he's probably come across be it Twitter, FB, Instagram....but they certainly fit the type mentioned.
    • You are both just talking about @Righty to Lefty and @Puttin4Dough/@Golflivesmatter? I think that people think "open minded" means "you are taking my theory seriously" or something.-If you dismiss my theory you are close-minded even if the facts or science or whatever make sense. They think open minded means you consider even ridiculous things. Scientists do not consider the theory that the earth is flat-It would be a complete waste of time.


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