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Just call me the single length irons guy -- I'm a recreational golfer who has historically shot in the low 100s and who is on the way to the low 80s thanks to a set of unconventional single length clubs. You can read about my single length irons journey at www.single-length-irons-guy.com/single-length-irons-journey/

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Golf Scholarship

“From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” ~ Arthur Ashe I overheard the golf coach at my daughter's golf camp say that he can get any girl with average golf skills a scholarship to college. But I thought to myself, what about the rest of the aspiring young golfers out there? So here is my way to help give back -- the first (of hopefully many) golf scholarships for high school/undergraduate students who are on their school's golf team. The $1,00

Single Length Clubs

By now you've probably heard about Single Length irons -- if I had to describe Single Length irons with one word, it would be: simplicity. There is no intellectual property or new technology involved because single length irons are simply irons with same length shafts, same weight heads, and slightly different lofts — that’s it! You get the benefit of a single swing plane, single swing tempo, and single ball position which simplifies your game and improves your scores.
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    • Last year we played a course in a small community that is "out there" a little ways. I was relaxing in the shade with a beer when a high school team showed up. I spotted the coach and asked him who was playing. It was two smaller schools that were also "out there" a little ways, and not exactly golf powerhouses. I hung around to watch some of them tee off, and man, I saw a whole lot of baseball swings that day!  My buddy played a ton of baseball back in the day. He was heck of a second base
    • 3:1 on full shots, lest anyone try to hit a driver at a 2:1 ratio.
    • My piano teacher always talked about tempo with an old style metronome.   
    • Looks like the baseball player plants his front foot and pushes backwards, instead of driving forwards and finishing on the front foot like the golf swing. A baseball players weight is forward only about 40% and they quickly push and lean back to put all the speed they can into the ball. This would potentially work for a long driver teeing the ball up like crazy, but it would only ever work from a position where the ball is off the ground.
    • No, it isn't. His weight is predominantly back. He's SPIKED the PRESSURE under his front foot, but that's not weight. Indeed. @allenw25, home run hitters leave their weight back as a way of helping to send the bat forward. Until you understand the differences between weight/pressure and look at COM traces, pressure traces, etc. and understand them… you're going to have a tough time in this conversation.

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