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  1. http://www.thailandgolfchampionship.com/2011/en/home/full.php Par 72 hole course so 12 under! Started his round with 4 birdies and an eagle in the first 5 holes. To put it in perspective, Sergio Garcia, who has been in great form of late, shot 76. This course is no pushover.
  2. Luke Donald hasn't made a bogey since the 8th hole of his 2nd round in Dubai, meaning he has gone 64 holes bogey free. I've well and truly jinxed him for his 1st hole of the 2nd round now anyway.
  3. Perhaps. I was too young (10) to remember the hype surrounding Ty and the pressure put on him the year he turned pro. I remember him being on one of the Tiger Woods PGA Tour games though, which says enough about the hype! Justin Rose turned pro at 17 after finishing T4 at the Open and missed his first 21 cuts...he managed to turn that around though somewhat!
  4. And at the other end you have players like Seve Ballesteros turning pro at 16 and having fantastic careers
  5. I'm not sure I fully agree with that. Some players decide to learn their trade by playing college golf in America, others decide to learn their trade by becoming pro. I don't think turning pro as a 20/21 year old straight out of 3 or so years of college golf can be compared to a fresh faced 16/17 year old turning pro and trying to make it.
  6. I keep seeing this but I honestly don't get it. He won more often than anyone else this season, surely winning more than anyone else is what a #1 does?
  7. A bit nitpicky, but Tiger only had 1 major win at 22 also. His 2nd major was the '99 PGA at the age of 23 and 8ish months. Quote:
  8. Not only was Luke the most consistent this year, he also had the most wins (4). He was consistently giving himself chances to win and he converted that into more wins than anyone else this season (or last season).
  9. Nah, i'm not one of them at all I voted Luke Donald. It will be very hard for him to be knocked off if he continues finishing top 10 pretty much every time he tees it up.
  10. ^^ If he wins the first 6/7 events of his season it should be enough
  11. Who will be the story of 2012? Will Luke continue his form and remain at the top? Will someone else get there? Can Tiger have a career season and jump from #22 to #1 in 12 months? What do you think will be the outcome? (I put the current Worlds Top 5, Tiger and an Other option, so no complaints about me leaving anyone out )
  12. He already switched about a month ago. I highly doubt he is switching again.
  13. A bit of an end of season party
  14. Lee Westwood also passed out Ernie Els in the Career Money List on the Tour. http://www.europeantour.com/europeantour/stats/career/index.html
  15. Fantastic way to win for Alvaro! Watch out for him in the majors next year, and the Ryder Cup Luke Donald gave himself a great chance with the 3 birdies at the end, he seems to enjoy doing 'Tigeresque' final round runs lately So Luke comes 1st in: The Race To Dubai Money List Stroke Average GIR Putts Per GIR Driving Accuracy Insane to be first in both greens and putting for the season....
  16. Donald has the race wrapped up, but it will be interesting tomorrow to see who wins the event. Quiros has a habit of exploding from time to time, like last week when he was leading after 3 rounds and shot 39 on the front 9 Sunday. Looking at his final rounds this year, in the 15 stroke play tournaments where he has played all 4 rounds he has shot 74 or worse 8 times, including 2 79s and a 78. Having said that though he has an impressive 5 wins in the last 4 years, I fully expect to see him on the Ryder Cup team next year.
  17. He's playing with Santa Claus in the Dubai Christmas Shootout in a few weeks
  18. Pretty shocking turn around in the back 9 there. McIlroy 30 and Donald 39! Pity I couldn't see any of it.
  19. So Rory's first 3 holes consist of 2 tap in birdies and a double bogey 7... And that is the last of my viewing today. I'm off to study some delightful econometrics
  20. Easily. I've seen him hit better shots
  21. If it's the week before the HSBC, doesn't that mean it will be clashing with the Shanghai Masters? Which, if the rumours are true, will be sanctioned (or at least recognised) by the European Tour next year also. Edit: Ignore me, I read your post wrong!
  22. Well.....I know he was hitting balls at 2 and was a scratch handicap at 13? (I'm aware you're taking the piss but I'll play along anyway)
  23. Quote: Nope, 3rd round. He was 2 shots off the lead after 36 holes but shot an 81 in the 3rd round to fall 11 behind with 18 to play.
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