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  1. Your perception is your reality I suppose. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean it’s true. Nonetheless, we have a fine product that is being used by Tour pros willingly because it helps with impact feels. Feel isn’t always real, but under the gun, feel is all you have.
  2. Great ball strikers load, lag and understand their release point. Ball ball strikers throw it out, flip it cast it etc before impact. So you're either a flipper/caster or you're compressing it with leverage. You're free to choose which one is more effective for you. I think the best ball strikers that ever lived would agree with me. Lastly, It's not about their index finger or PP3. It's about 96% of golfers (per Cordle research) casting the club, reaching a straight line condition before impact and the vast majority of golfers retaining lag and reaching full extension after imp
  3. I'm not debating the fact that the lag isn't thrown away. . it must be inevitably released. All great ball hitters had lag pressure and understood HOW and WHEN to release it. All I'm saying the difference between the best ball strikers that ever lived and every the average weekend chop as Cordle illustrates is that they reach a straight line condition after impact and the average chop dumps it before impact. It can not be any more clear. Are we really pushing at PP3, or is that pressure a result of the shaft loading? The technology that we are blessed with today was create
  4. Nice photo of impact, mind you it's clearly shot from an angle that diminishes the reality his optimal impact. But feel free to be subjective about impact. Freddie had produced plenty of lag pressure and knew when to release it. Guy is almost 60 years old and averages close to 300 yards. . .he sure ain't flipping it.
  5. If they weren't producing lag pressure, are you implying that the best ball strikers to ever play the game 'flipped' at the ball? We'll just leave this here because it's not even debatable. Freddie Couples may have employed a strong grip but he surely did NOT have a cupped lead wrist at impact. . . he surely wasn't flipping the club at the ball. That's absolutely false. As a result of you reaching full extension before impact. And yet you have countless Tour pros using it voluntarily at tournaments to replicate feels, develop proprioception
  6. I would define Lag Pressure as the increasing pressure you feel in the right index finger (PP3) imparted by the shaft as a result of the handle leading the clubhead as it approaches impact. On that note. . . Do you think that great ball strikers of the game could explain the exact physics of the golf swing in order to strike it well? They understood the swing in terms of feels, pressures and visual concepts. They didn't have Trackman, Bodi-trak, Swing Catalyst etc. to quantify things for them. Cordle's research has 96% of all golfers reaching full extension before ball contact.
  7. The best ball strikers who ever lived utilized lag pressure and knew when to release it. They understood that impact required a flat left wrist. Impact is still the moment of truth. Trevino, Hogan, Knudson, Norman, Nicklaus, Player, Woods, Mickelson, Rahm, DJ, Rory, Day, Speith, JT, Brooks, Stenson et al . . . they all did it/do it. OP rendered the DST compressor as a 'visual training aid only.' I disagree as the club is designed to visually mimic impact from the perspective of the golfer. Compare 99% of amateur golfers at impact to those mentioned above and you'll see why Ber
  8. Care to elaborate? I think Bertie Cordle would disagree with you. @ 00:50 both swings clearly illustrate that you’ve lost all lag tension at impact . . .flip or no flip. DST is designed to work with hands ahead of ball at impact via lag pressure .
  9. Quote: “ Unfortunately, the simple physics of swinging a golf club are that the heavy part - the mass at the end of the stick - wants to line up and form a straight line pointing at the center of the arc on which it's being swung” That happens because you’ve thrown away all the lag pressure. The club is designed to strike the ball with the hands ahead as a result of lag tension. Per your videos, at impact your hands indicate that you haven’t retained that pressure.
  10. With regards to this one-plane vs 2-plane discussion, the question that will invariably come up is which one is more effective or reliable? History tells us that the major championships which are the recognized as golf's most challenging tests have been won with widely different swings. Take for example two legends of the game: Jack Nicklaus and Ben Hogan. Arguably the best that ever lived, Jack Nicklaus employed a very upright swing to win a record of 18 majors. Does that fact not prove to be very convincing when searching for a model of consistency? hmmm. interesting. But wait,
  11. For those who are planning to play in any USGA sanctioned tournament, let this be a lesson learned. http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-equipment/blogs/hotlist365/2011/05/why-bad-things-keep-happening.html I feel bad for the kid, but in this instance it really hurts when you don't do your homework, especially considering this was Local Qualifying. II believe that the majority of people on this forum (equipment junkies) would have known immediately that the Vokey wedge in question was non-conforming. Tough Luck.
  12. I just caught the tail end of todays broadcast from the Players on The Golf Channel after coming home from work. Unfortunately I had to endure Brandel Chamblee's diatribe about the current state of Tigers game, how he went from having arguably the best short game to having no short game, while TGC shows footage of him chunking his wedges prior to his WD. Hey Brandel, we get it, Tiger's hurt at the moment, we get it. His current game sucks compared to his body of work. . . we get it. I wanted to turn the channel as he opened his mouth, but I refrained as I needed some entertai
  13. Nicely said. I agree, watching Tiger operate on the course during the years he was so dominant was something special. Kinda like watching Jordan and Kobe command the court. In retrospect, when you look at his body of work from 2005-2009 with what many will say was a fundamentally flawed swing, it makes it all the more impressive. The numbers just don't lie despite what all the naysayers claim. For anyone to even try to refute this is simply ignorant. Today, nobody on the professional tours comes even close. During those years, it was expected for Tiger to win a tournament.
  14. Give the kid a break, he's 25 and just came off a thumb injury. I bet you had an incredible work ethic at that age too huh I suppose he was over-hyped when he spanked Sergio at Valhalla in singles play 5 & 4. Or when he set the birdie record at the Masters earlier this year and finished 3rd. The numbers speak for themselves.
  15. Wow. I just recently came across these videos on Youtube. Very engaging. Enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving from Canada. Peace & Love.
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