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  1. Thing about a concession is, it has to be offered before it can be accepted. Also, what did she 'pull' exactly? Is not conceding a short putt... On the 17th hole... Of a major tournament... When the match A/S a crime?
  2. This is exactly what leaves a bad taste in my mouth about this whole situation. For a game that prides itself so strongly on the integrity of it's rules and the application thereof, I am utterly unable to fathom how the player(s) sticking to the rules are the ones being vilified here. EDIT: I should clarify that be 'here', I mean in the general media kerfuffle surrounding this situation, not on this forum specifically.
  3. Hull and her caddie walk off over towards Pettersen. Pettersens caddie is standing beside the two american caddies and Lincicome. In fact, you can see him watching Lee, as she approaches the ball to scoop it up, then glance over at Pettersen as if to say "Was that conceeded? I don't think so..."
  4. And again, it's just what I've heard said. I never claimed to have any info, or to be 'in the know'. In other words, no, I'm not going to go trawling through every article, comment and forum post I've read over the last 3 days to provide a link.
  5. Regarding whether it 'should' have been given or not, it's worth noting that the concession of a putt is entirely at the discretion of ones competitor(s). If you and i are engaged in a matchplay situation I can give you a 40 foot putt, and then make you putt a 2" one the next hole. There is no 'should'. It's quite a common tactic to give your opponent 2' putts all day till you get down to the last couple of holes and it's tight, then make them putt one when they haven't had a look at a short putt all day.
  6. I've heard it said from several different sources that this was the 3rd time in the round Lee had picked up early without concession.
  7. It looks like Pettersen is at the side of the green, but there's no video that actually explicitly shows where she is standing or what she was actually doing. The interview that the referee gave actually indicates that Pettersen was on the green when Lee scooped the putt. He says (I'm paraphrasing) 'Hull and Pettersen came walking over toward me where I was standing at the edge of the green'. The indication being that they were both still on the green. here we go, I found the link: http://www.golfchannel.com/media/referee-dan-maselli-comments-controversy-17/
  8. geezer

    Alvaro Quiros

    Speaknig of Daly, on the European tour coverage once (can't remember when) they were demonstrating just how fast Quiros' transition is in a side-by-side with John Daly. Started both swings at the same time and Quiros had hit the ball and was half way to his finish before Daly had finished his backswing :P Alvaro is one of my favourite players. So exciting to watch.
  9. Yes, it's the indian, not the arrow, so to speak. I could also kill someone with a screwdriver, but a screwdriver is invented to screw, and un-scrwe things. A gun is invented to kill things. I think there should have to be a reason for owning a gun, whether it's for sport, or target shooting, or whatever. But, imo, there is no need, whatsoever, to own an assult rifle, unless you're in the military or something of that ilk. Now, I'm quite sure the mods don't want this thread turned into a gun ownership debate thread. So I'll leave it at this. Public opinion toward gun owenership rights is, in
  10. Sevens is such an entertaining format. I for one would love to see it in the olympics.
  11. What exactly is the need for such a weapon?
  12. There is no way that a professional golfer of any calibre would go out for a round on any course that any non professional golfer would consider standard and shoot anything worse than 6-7 under par. Even playing from your back tees, which are probably shorter than, or as long as, what they play on a typical tour course. EDIT; The hysterical lol-ing is at two things: 1. The fact that you think Michelle Wie couldn't beat your foursome and, 2. The fact that you think all of your fourball can hit "well over 300"
  13. Hahaha, lawl! Oh wait. You were serious? What I can't stand in the Wie haters. I mean loads of people write her off as a failure, a has been, when in reality she isn't even 20 yet (I think) and is only mid-way through her first season of full membership on the LPGA. Give the girl a break, for crying out loud.
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