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  1. I too carry with an Ogio Vapourlite bag. I was on the hunt for the same type of bag at the beginning of the summer. This bag was the best one I found. I really notice the weight, or lack there of, when I take out all the unnecessary junk that accumulates throughout a golf season.
  2. I have been playing for about 14 years now and I was rather skeptical about the whole introduction of the hybrid clubs. I purchased one of the nickent models and it is now one of my go to clubs off the tee for shorter par 4's. However, as you are a newer golfer, I would have to suggest going to the 5 wood. I think you will find that it will be easier to hit. The hybrids are easier to hit than irons, however if you are looking at a 2 hybrid (pretty much a two iron) you would be better off with the 5 wood, as it will be easier to hit.
  3. I wasn't around to see Jack play, but i have followed Tiger since he was an amateur. I recently saw him at the President's Cup up here in Canada and let me say, even though the International team didn't win, that he is the MAN.
  4. I belong to Clublink up here in Canada. They own a number of courses all over. So I have one home course but a ton I am technically a member at. http://en.clublink.ca/golf/golfcours...COURSE_ID=1505
  5. I am a project manager at a business consulting firm. I enjoy leaving early to sneak in a 9 after work.
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