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  1. I have two Taylor Made Dual Rescue clubs. One 19* and the other 22*. Explain to me how exactly changing the weights works. So if I put more weight in the toe, what will happen. Any suggestions for playing with the weights? Thanks
  2. I purchased new clubs this summer and went through this with "forgiveness". I wanted clubs that were pretty forgiving but would allow me to grow into as I improved. I've always been told that the more forgiving a club is, the less you can manipulate your shot. At this point I could care less about hitting a certain type of shot. I just want to hit it fairly straight and make consistently good contact. So while getting fitted for clubs, I narrowed it down to the Nike Slingshots and the Cleveland CG Golds. The Nikes seemed to be the most forgiving and the easiest club to hit. I hit the Clevelands just about as well. The fitter told me that if I liked the Clevelands, they would last me longer than the Nikes since their shape is closer to a traditional blade vs. the Nikes. I've been playing with the Clevelands all summer and couldn't be happier. BTW, I bought 5-gap wedge. I use hybrids for 3 and 4. The way I look at it, you wouldn't give a teenager a Ferrari. A Corolla will be a lot easier for him to control.
  3. Aces seem to be funny things. Hogan had what 4 in his life? My dad has had three but he went 20+ years before he had his first. Then had three within 10 years. Who knows why. Tiger certainly has a better chance than I do but there's still some luck involved.
  4. That's awesome. My dad is 66 so his age starting to cath up with him distance wise and for the first time I consistantly hit further than him. He still spanks me on chipping and especially putting. I'm starting to close the gap though so maybe next year.
  5. Looks good. Looking forward to the Windows version.
  6. A little background. I've been hacking at the ball for 25+ years. Now 33, I started playing golf when I was about 7 but never took any real lessons until this summer. I really committed myself and have seen my score drop from 110ish in June to my first 88 a couple of weeks ago. My dad has always been a very good golfer so we've enjoyed the outings this summer and golf discussions. So here's the story. He was cleaning out an old office desk and found a scorecard when we played together. I must have been about 7 years old was probably one of the first times I've ever played. I got a kick out of it because not only could I not spell but I couldn't count right either. I spelled "Daddy", D-a-d-y. I had my dad shooting a 39 and myself a 65. I recounted the scores last night and he actually had a 38 and I had a 76. I hope I wasn't trying to cheat on him. Anyway, my dad and I got a good chuckle out of it. So any other stories?
  7. Best philosophy I've heard on golf is that "Golf is a game of mistakes." So on a second shot on a long Par 4, even if you put it on inch by the hole it's still a mistake. To be correct you would have put it in the hole. I've found that as soon as I accept that it takes a lot of pressure of me. Not sure if that helps but worth thinking about.
  8. Was it send by regular USPS? If you don't use Priority, it can take a long time shipping a package my standard mail. I sent a book to my parents in Florida from Michigan and it took a month to get there. I'll never do that again. I've bought and sold a fair amount on eBay over the years. Even really expensive items. I've yet to have a bad experience other than a slow shipper. In fact I'm waiting on a hybrid I just bought this weekend. That being said, there's always a chance you'll run into an issue. Hope it works out for you.
  9. That's what I've always read. I've always had somewhat smaller hands and have always used the interlock. I think it just goes back to what you feel most connected to the club with.
  10. Who's their Press Liason? Bagdad Bob? "There are no Americans in Bagdad! Who told you that?"
  11. My slice is typically caused by the left arm chicken wing (aka not releasing though impact). Other factors certainly creep in like weight shift to left leg and staying on plane. I also use a strong grip which has helped greatly.
  12. I've been trying to think of this since reading the article. There is a statistical theory that states that if the probability is low enough, then it is impossible. Given the odds that are stated in the article. I think her claim falls into this category. Anyone know what the theory is called? I personally believe there are way too many wholes in her story and credibility issues.
  13. I agree. The last thing you want to worry about while practicing is accidentally hurting someone who's not paying attention. That being said about young children, I did see a father with his son at the range the other day. He as about 6. He had a pretty nice little swing and was practicing hard under the close supervision of his father. I had no problem with this and actually thought it was really cool. So I guess my thought is parents better have their children on a very short leash.
  14. This has been a summer of improvement and I'm hitting the ball as far as I ever had. I would say I average around 250. I had two drives last week go 300 but they are far from norm. My goal is to have a controlled 250ish average. This puts me at
  15. There's a two part Podcast on Edwin Watts about putters. Pretty interesting. The guys says for the average golfer, you should seriously consider the mallet vs. the blade. They also go into all the aspects of the putter. It may help.
  16. Funny I was thinking about this the other day at the range. The only two issues I have are crying babies at the range and unspervised young childeren. I had these two parents with both the other day. They brought their baby and it was screaming and crying the whole time. And then their other child that was maybe 4 kept running out onto the range to get balls. I kept thinking "Man your kid is about to get killed!"
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