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  1. I used a 7w & 9w killerbee that my father law had made up. used them until 3-4 yrs ago. I went out last year with them in my bag for giggles, there was a par 3 on a course I hit often that the 9w work out to be a good option. My old golf partner had a 11w in his bag! try finding that today!
  2. At what distance do you hit the 4 and at what success? I added hybrids about 4 yrs ago and I typically use them to fill the gap between 160-190yards. I have a hybrid (22deg) that I can hit with good success to 190yrds and it is very forgiving. On most par 4's I find myself right at that mark and it allowed me to par or bogey several holes last season (i can live with a bogey). There are some inexpesive option on the hybrid marked, buy and try, doesnt work resell. BTW I used a par of taylor made rescue's and are trying Nickent ironwoods this season. But the 190yard club is a offbr
  3. I found a handcap caculator on my phone, it has a feature to add a course and its slop and rating and yes it does calculates for 9 . I use as a training aid, kind of like weighing myself. If someone at my course tells me that I have violated the handicap code of ethics and the grand wizard of golf will punish me I will probally stick my phone up his nose. What you seek is a guide and somewhat accurate one at that, try some apps or suggested places and find one that fits your needs. One thing I did different on my score card is track FIR, Putts and shot inside 100yards instead o
  4. I was nearly all Taylormade a couple years back, then bought a callaway driver and the bag blew up from there, little of everything now. I dont think it is crazy to see a "all one brand" bag. Uniformity can be a good thing to some golfers. But there so many option to customize.
  5. If you can find a copy of Tiger Woods how I play golf (I think its one of his first how to books) there is a good section on putting. The best way is to drop a few balls in the dinning room and start putting, I played around with different grip pressures and hand placement until I found what worked best for me
  6. Last summer I started using my 3w off the tee, despite hitting my driver well. I would start the first 2-3 holes with the 3 then moved to the driver and i felt it improved my driver. I do not have 100% confidence in it yet but but plan on using it more when I need something in play vs blasting 250+ in trouble. In contrast I have a friend that has a 2wood that he hits straighter than anything I can hit, yet he insist on using a driver despite hitting fairways maybe 10% of the time with it.
  7. I too have a buddy that will not walk a course, theres even a short 9 holer close thats perfect for walking, still wont.
  8. Hello all, Hailing from central Michigan with serious golf fever, stumble on to this site to ease my cabin fever until spring gets here. A little about my golf career, I started about 12 yrs ago. Was rough starting out but with some offseason work I got my hadicape down. Hurt my wrist and took 2yrs off golf. After returning I spent 2 frustrating years on a league, was suprised how much I lost. Decided to leave the league play and just work on my game. Last 2 season I have been just getting back to basics and really enjoying the game and golfing better than I every have. So yo
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