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  1. I golf on a budget. I buy my balls now were they are 2 for one or on sale. I typically buy clubs that are 2-3 years old, I have found older name brands clubs are better than new cheap ones. I will upgrade in the off season some times spending $300 on club(s). I like to walk a course were I have 2 local that are $12 for 9. I have a budy that gets out of work just in time for twilight golf which is 1/2 the price with cart. So I typicall can spend 40-80 a month on green fee's. I do splurge a couple times a year and get on a really nice course. But, in my opinion golf c
  2. nike one vapor speed followed by cally hx diablo & e6's
  3. driver - 240-270 3w - 220-230 5w - 210 4h - 185-190 5i - 190 6i - 175 7i - 160 8i - 140 9i - 120 pw - 100 putter - 30ft I'm 5' 8" so no huge swing arch. Also for my wedges it will change for what danger is there, I don't think there are any right or wrong distance on wedges.
  4. Basically to build on what I did in 2012, which was a great year for me. I had fun, golfed some nice courses (founds some hidden gems) and overall felt like I golfed the best golf of my life. goals for 2013 Improve my short game, 120yrds in play more consistent on league break 90 Improve my mental game have fun
  5. Broke 100 for the first time and was like oh i broke 100, no biggy. This past summer I went on a 8 week stretch that I averaged low 90's. I really enjoyed being consistent over having a fluke round. In that stretch I returned to a course that I learned how to golf and played in my first league. It was not kind to me in the early days, it kicked my butt and stole my balls. I golfed with the same ball all round and ended with 46 (9 holes). It was a milestone to me to conquer a course that used slap me around like a rag doll.
  6. Nike juice golf balls, had a coupon for $8.88 a doz, to good to pass up.
  7. Nike One Vapor Speed was my go to ball this year, I like the Nike PD soft as a cheep back up. I also like the Callaway HX hot and Srixon Ad333's.
  8. Really enjoyed the Royal Highlands at Canadian Lakes this year. The Highlands is my favorite. Visited them several time this year. Hit Pilgams Run and that was a fun course. Snow Snake in Harrison is a great course too.
  9. Guilty, one of my first leagues I was on had a rule that you can fluff the ball and i did. I was golfing in the mid 50's then and still dont see much problem with high handycappers doing it. If you playing for money or have to follow league rules then play it as it lays. I know I will get some flack for this but we are pushing "tee it foward" and 12" cups why not make it easier for beginners by allowing some fluffing. That said I have backed away from the practice since my game has drastically improved.
  10. About 800 multi colored golf tees at a yard sale for $5. Guy had a bucket of tees with no price tag, he said make an offer, I shrugged my shoulders and said $5??. SOLD!
  11. Bubba, due to the timing. I hit a simular shot off the tee box this weekend, except I was trying hit it straight.
  12. box of Nike PD soft golf balls. Hit them yesterday and love them.
  13. Miller High Life, it is after all the Champagne of beers. Beyond that I will attempt any new beer I come across, Im to beer what most people are to wine, never pass on the opportunity to try a new one.
  14. Quote: as for nike balls, i just tried out the PD soft I just bought some myself but have not hit them yet. The problem with buying a different golf ball is that the reviews on most are all over the place. You get: "adds 50yrds to my drive" "slice like a pizza" "I loose 15yrds from my drive" "feels like a rock" "softest ball I ever hit" This on the same ball, that why you sometime just have to buy and try
  15. Callaway warbirds are a bit harder but always fly straight for me and they go for about $15 a box. Titleist NXT always hit fine to. Some golf shops sell balls as singles, pick a couple and try.
  16. I think im going to send you my video and give me lessons, great job
  17. The 5w & low loft hybrid are always in conflict in my bag. My off brand hybrid I had the past 4 season would hit 190yrds without a lot of height. In contrast I could hit a higher ball with my 5w, so I carried both The hybrid was better out of the rough, when I needed to clear something I used the 5w. I bought nickent hybrids this year and the 2hybrid hit identical to the 5w. So last weekend I ditched the 5w Point being with not all hybrids being equal it would be best to carry both and see which one works best for you.
  18. 1st when you had the chance to ditch your first wife, the one that kept you from golfing for 8yrs, before your dumb butt married her, ditch her. 2nd Find your seconds and current wife, the one that like to ride along when you go golfing, punch her first meatheaded husband in the face, before she marries him, then marry her. 3rd Start Golf with your wife in your 20's like you wanted to. On the course. 1. Its about you and the course, Man VS nature, not about that knucklehead with the $500 driver swinging to the fences. 2. Its about your game and playing to its limits, not
  19. "Is the fishing lure made to catch fish or fishermen" I think many putters are trying to catch golfer, the higher the price the more golfer they catch.
  20. Quote: Doesn't seem so amazing now Well thanks for raining on my parade, I managed to put a 3 piece puzzle togather without glueing my hands to my face and you cant even be happy for me. :(
  21. First 9 hole round I scored a bumpy 52. Developed a consistent slice and wasted 4-5 shots chipping on (mostly short), which was my strenght last season. The positive was my ball striking is better than it ever was and my second shot put me in striking distance to the green, just wasted the opportunity. Was a good starting round to the season, take away that 1 wasted shot per hole and I would have been mid 40's easy. Just need some early season tweaks.
  22. I seen these on the cheap at local shop. Wonder if anybody has shot these and what there thought were. How would they compare to a callaway warbird. Are they soft, hard, fly straight? basically I found these balls for $15 for 2 doz so Im not expecting miracles but wanted a backup ball better then a nitro blaster. thanks
  23. If you do not mind used Goodwill will suprise you, found a like new dryfit nike shirt for $4 there this winter, not to proud to wear used (had two older brother, can we say hand me downs). If you hit the golf shows you can find apparel usually at discount, mostly overruns of different golf courses. Im leary of ebay unless its name brand, ive seen the $12 dryfit style no brands and they do not look very high quality.
  24. Being the adventurous type I decided to build my new putter to replace the one I have had for 10yrs. I decided to go with a heavy mallet style and oversized grip. The head is a Weszty M1 400gram stainless steel. I liked the fact that its S/S for longevity and the two lines for lining up the puts, plus the extra weight. I was at a golf shop that had a large selection of putter grips. I felt every grip they had, the Tiger Shark grip just had the right texture/feel/tackiness and size that fit my hands. Surprised because I was leaning toward the Winn Excel but just liked the tiger sh
  25. Quote: I am taking big divots Seriously I think you are trying to change to much, I know it sounds weird but with all these changes you may be thinking to much. I would take a step back and just work on getting a easy tempo'ed swing, you may be swinging to hard or tensing up which may be leading to the timing issues. When I have to much tension in my arms I tend to divot the ground. All the advise is really good, not knocking that, but it may be system overload. get that tempo'ed swing and see what. Quote: issues was accompanied by a drill
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