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  1. I believe many golfers make golf more complicated than it is. I'm not saying golf is an easy game, on the contrary! However, many golfers have the wrong idea about what is needed to play good golf. Do you need 300 yards distance with the driver? NO Do you need to be perfect at chipping and putting? NO Do you need perfect control over all the clubs in your bag? NO So what do you need? Well, pure mathematically and theoretically, here's what you do need. 1) you need to be able to hit your driver and irons (6 through 9
  2. Latest update: played 9 holes today, but was feeling very tired. Seemed like I had no strength at all in my hands and arms (the injuries?), so my driving was pretty horrible. Putting and chipping however was excellent! I sank 2 puts from about 30 feet (subsequent holes), downhill lie, turn left to right, 14 puts total over 9 holes! Hitting my irons didn't feel good either, but somehow I managed to produce very decent shots, ending up at my best result ever, 43 on a par 36!!! The positive trend seems very clear: 48 - 47 - 48 - 45 - 46 - 43 over the last 8 days. My
  3. I just had my first ever Trackman-analysis today. Not so easy when you live in Thailand. Many of the results confirmed what I already thought. I'm not giving the exact averages here, because they were strongly influenced by a lot of misses, due to following factors: wrist and shoulder injury, no warm-up, rubber-T too high, shaft too flexible and too much torque for my swing-speed,..... I hit 40 balls club-head speed : usually 95-100 mph attack angle: usually +1.5 to +5 (some extremes of +10 and +12) carry distance: 200
  4. Compare it with playing music. I've played music for over 25 years. Theoretically, any person can be taught to play an instrument, even a person with no talent for music. However, the speed at which they evolve and the final level they will reach (even with very hard work), will never be the same as that of someone who is naturally gifted for it! And the same counts for sports, including golf.
  5. It all comes down to having the right mindset, when you talk about performing in professional competition. Look, theoretically, all PGA players have more or less the same skills. So how come that only a few of them manages to win on a regular base, or even shoot under par on a regular base? They are all able to shoot under par, or they wouldn't be in the PGA! It's all between the ears. Some people can deal with the stress of a tournament better than others. When it's about learning the game: off course talent plays a significant role. Someone who isn't gifted with
  6. It's a great experiment, though I personally believe that anyone with minimum physical abilities and coordination doesn't need that many hours to become really good at golf. As stated before, golf is a sport that does not require extraordinary physical abilities to become really good at. But apart from the minimum physical requirements, you also need to have the right mindset and the right way of training (not to mention a whole lot of time) As a beginning golfer, I just went from playing 9-holes in an average of 65 strokes, to an average of 47 strokes in just 2 weeks of inte
  7. seems like you're doing fine! I don't even play my fairway woods, because I can't hit a decent ball with them! Don't understand why, but it's not a big problem at this moment. Just using driver and irons is enough to play par on my local course, it's only 2990 yards for 9 holes! my irons are going a little up and down when it comes to distance. Today's carry distances: I-7 145-160 I-9 120-130 I-10 110 I-11 90-100 No idea about the roll, difficult to see. Wonder how the hell I have a 10 and 11-iron? F
  8. I think the reason is quite simple. By the time most people (also professionals) hear about Moe's swing, they have already established their own swing and perfectioned it to such a level, they don't need another swing and they certainly don't want to spend time and energy on learning a whole new swing with the risk of ending up worse or not better at all. I believe Moe's swing is a fantastic tool for people who have only just started in golf, or people who don't succeed in creating a consistent swing and are still looking for a way to have consistent swing results. I can h
  9. There are 2 par 3's, 158 and 170 yards. for the 170, I like to use my driver in order to practice my directional sense and power control. If you have problems with your driver (like I did only a short time ago), try this out. I j ust found a swing technique for the driver that seems to make it impossible to hit slices or hooks! - tee the ball relatively high - ball position just inside the left foot. Too much in or out will only cause the ball to go right or left from the target line, no slice or hook (or a very, very faint slice at the end of the trajector
  10. Point well taken, I understand better now. It's just that, in my inexperienced mind, a 10 yards difference is near to nothing, hardly worth talking about, but when I look at it from your point of view (the 290 yards up hill), I understand better. Maybe I am, as you suggest, a natural long hitter without realizing it. Yesterday morning, while practicing a few drives with my golf teacher, He claimed that 1 of my drives was about 300 yards, and a few others were not much shorter. I didn't believe him at first, but since I couldn't see where the ball landed,......
  11. if I understand correctly, what you're saying is that I would need to check out both swings, execute them with the same level of perfection and swing speed, in order to know which one gives the most power, right? I agree with that off course, but I'm wondering. If I, a beginning golfer who's hardly trying to put any real power (speed) in his swing, can easily reach a speed which is high enough to hit it at about 300 yards, than it's only logical to assume that a more skilled golfer can reach much higher speeds (power) with the same swing, allowing him to reach distances far beyond 300
  12. No trackman. I trust my teacher and the indications on the driving range : they both said my ball reached 300 (or very,very close). during my 9-hole round, 265 and 285, paced it of myself and compared with the indications on the course and on the scorecard, all matched.
  13. Oh, and by the way, for those who claim Moe Norman's swing lacks power: today I hit several shots, ranging from 260 to 300 yards, without even trying to swing it fast!
  14. Thanks rustyredcab! And just as I expected, my 2 rounds today, morning and afternoon, ended in a 45 and 46! Still, I have the feeling I can do even better, since I'm still making stupid mishits I don't usually make during practice (lack of focus I guess) Up to break 40?!?
  15. Getting better fast now! Today I played 2 rounds of 9 holes, morning and afternoon (bloody hot here in Thailand!) 45 and 46! And still I felt like playing bad, because I made numerous ridiculous mishits that I normally don't make while practicing. Even had some very nice drives (265 and 285) without even trying to hit it hard! Might 40 be coming within reach already? It surely feels like it! If I can double that (18 holes), that means I'd be playing around 80, while I was still playing over 100 (+50 for 9-holes) 10 days ago! Let's keep on practicing
  16. About that lack of power in 'Moe Norman's swing": today I shot 265, 285 (both during my 9-hole round) and 300 (driving range) without even trying to hit it hard! I've only been using this swing for 4--5 days and I'm an absolute beginner in golf, with only about 80 hours of practice over the last year (from which 10-15 hours with the driver).
  17. Finally coming close to the level I know I'm able to play, after 2 weeks of intensive practice. Played 2 times 9-holes today, 45 in the morning, 46 in the afternoon (bloody hot here in Thailand). A good improvement compared to my usual rounds being around 53 on average, and I'm still making ridiculous misses which should slowly disappear in the following days and weeks. For those who say "Moe Norman's swing" lacks power, I've only just started using it 4 days ago, and I shot 265 and 285 today, without even trying to hit it hard! By the way, I'm only 5 foot 8, weigh
  18. I don't have an official handicap yet, and I've only been practicing this swing for a few days, needing to adjust foot-position etc. However, I usually score around 52-54 for the local 9-hole course, and my last 3 rounds were 48-47-48. I only use this swing for my driver and I made the last fine-tuning today during practice. I'm almost sure my next round will be around 45, maybe even better (also made some improvements on my irons today).
  19. it's quite simple actually. Moe's swing is easier to execute and easier to repeat accurately, than the modern golf swing. This allows you to play with much less "mishits". The basic drive-swing also makes it much more difficult to hit slices and hooks, which is what many amateurs struggle with. In short: the basic Moe Norman swing is easy to master and will give you, almost overnight, a much higher accuracy, usually resulting in clearly lower scores. Not even aware of his existence, I recently started to use his swing for my driver (I was experimenting to get rid o
  20. I disagree about the lack of power. I'm 172 cm (just under 5 foot 8) and not at all athletic. My only advantage is a high flexibility. If I can reach +250 yards with a slow swing, after just a few dozen balls of practice, than I can only imagine how far a more skilled, more trained golfer can hit it with this swing, especially if he is somewhat athletic. I'm convinced that with some more training and a higher rotation speed (my back-swing currently takes almost 2 seconds!). I'll be able to hit it well over 280 yards with this swing.
  21. Just found a swing technique for the driver that seems to make it impossible to hit slices or hooks! - tee the ball relatively high - ball position just inside the left foot. Too much in or out will only cause the ball to go right or left from the target line, no slice or hook (or a very, very faint slice at the end of the trajectory) - feet not too wide - arms and wrists fully stretched, they must form a single line with the driver shaft, the driver head may even be a little under that line - knees and upper body slightly bent, as with the usual swing - horizontal
  22. Hi everybody, I'm a 40 year old male that picked up the game of golf at 37. I decided I wanted to learn the game all by myself, doing a lot of research on the internet (instructional videos, studying golf mechanics, etc.) However, after a few months at the driving range, hitting about 1.000 balls (25 boxes) spread over 8 months, personal circumstances made it impossible to even touch a golf club for the next 17 months. I picked up again in may 2012. Still trying to learn by myself, I had a lot of up and downs, especially because of my job (tour guide, living in Thaila
  23. today and yesterday, first scores under 50 on the local 9-holes course: 47 (today) and 48 (yesterday) Off course that includes some cheating: no penalties (water, ob, lost ball), counting only 1 stroke to get out of the bunkers, even when I need 4 tries, (from the same position off course). Since I haven't had much bunker practice yet (but taking lessons right now), I assume I'll soon reach the point where I only need 1 attempt, so why discouriging myself by counting all these strokes?
  24. Finally getting the stability and distance I was looking for. after being out for 4 days due to a wrist injury, I just played 2 rounds of 9 holes. wrote down 48 and 47, my first scores sub 50! In the next few days and weeks, this should drop further to sub 45, considering the ridiculous misses I'm still making. Finally found the right swing and posture, resulting in much more stability and thus having the same results on the course as I had on the range. Using a slow swing and a rented graphite iron (as mentioned before), I'm now hitting this 7-iron 160-175 yards.
  25. My goals for 2013 learning it all by myself and having practiced between 70 and 100 hours (spread over 3 years!), I usually finish my 9-hole rounds on the local 9-hole course between 50 and 55, making a lot of horrible shots (shanking, topping). putting average 2.0 - 2.2 finally having 2 months free time to do some real and consistent practicing (meaning 6 - 7 days a week, 3 - 6 hours/day) Short term goal: by july 15th, 2013, I want to break 45 (9-hole) more often than not. Mid term goal: by the end of 2013, I want to break 40 on a regular base Long term goa
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