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  1. Oh absolutely. Nothing wild about PGAs and the lower ball flight will help in the UK.
  2. Ease up on his jockstrap bud, I don't hate Jordan. He is a good young guy. I don't hate him. He is not Bubba. But, Jordan is just plain boring. To me he is not good for the overall game and I do NOT want a tour monopoly again like we had with Tiger for awhile. At least when Tiger did it though, he was flat out entertaining to watch. I don't get excited watching Jordan. I don't know if I ever contemplated turning Sunday at Augusta off before. His slow play and fidgeting also make it extremely difficult to watch and root for him.
  3. Rory is definitely lucky he got his 4 in before Jordan came along. Jordan might just hold this tour hostage for 5yrs. Hell, Spieth could go wire to wire at Oakmont. Another course where he can avoid the big number compared to his competitors, his putter will save him and he can just laugh at all the others 3 putting their ways to 75s+
  4. Just sliced it like a crazy person and did not get a Jordan Spieth famous lucky bounce.
  5. He's just so mehhhh. I don't know how else to put it. He does nothing for me. This leaderboard is making me want to go to the range. I am trying to keep interested, but I can't. I don't remember ever being like this when Tiger was killing it or even Phil. Jordan is just not fun. Day makes this fun. Rickie and DJ make this fun. Rory definitely has the moxie and makes this fun (when he learns to putt). So meh.
  6. And your 2016 Masters winner.... This is 2000 Tiger putting. If he only showed more emotion than towel wiping and fidgets, I would pull for him.
  7. Spieth's "team" told him to bogey that hole just to keep it interesting and the ratings up.
  8. Nerves got to Hideki today. While this is all but sealed, Kjeldsen and Willett are probably the only 2 still with a shot.
  9. Kjeldsen looks like a high school cross country team coach. Such a disappointing day so far. Best weather all week, Spieth has his B game, and these clowns don't capitalize...looking at you Day and DJ
  10. Lolollll the dude doesn't miss putts. He is winning this thing.
  11. Such bullshit. Go out of bounds dammit. And also, another final round where DJ doesn't capitalize. I'm about to right him off for the longterm along with Rickie.
  12. Damn you and your luck Jordan. If he wins, that shot will be on replay of the luck that helped get him there.
  13. Indeed. Been saying that all week. Perhaps the unusual cold for this time of year along with heavy rain earlier in the week and all the wind is the cause?
  14. No. I just think DJ is a mental midget on the greens and Day tries too hard to shape shots sometimes. Kjeldsen is so rad.
  15. Why aren't they showing DJ but they do show Day?
  16. How lackluster and Michael Campbell would it be for Smylie Kaufman to win tomorrow? I feel like a dick for saying that.
  17. Jason has gotta realize he was given another chance and capitalize. He and DJ need to go out there and put a good number down into the clubhouse and force Jordan to press going into the last few holes which gave him trouble. Both of them absolutely need to take advantage of their length on the 5s.
  18. FFS Jordan. Stop making those putts you dick it was
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