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  1. A dozen Z stars, i have been wanting to try them for ages, hopefully they perform like people say cause they are 30% cheaper than Pro V1s
  2. Id say the MP 57, i found them much easier to hit than the MP 52 which is supposed to be more forgiving with the milled pockets at the back, the MP 57's just seem to be the perfect blend of forgivness in a nice compact head oh and they have perfect distance control. They are also superseeded so you could even get a good deal on them, i got mine brand new 3 months ago for $ 450
  3. Im with you i demoed a Yes Callie Forged and it is simply perfect... time to start saving!!
  4. the ones that Nikki Garrett is holding on to !!!
  5. im just curious as to what causes fat shots? my ironplay is pretty solid at the moment but when i do have an off day its fat shots that cause me trouble, what causes them , are there any good drills/thoughts for fixing it when they pop up
  6. I went from a 46.0" driver to a 44.5 inch driver, and im 6f3, best thing i ever did. Its just like swinging a 3 wood but still has the same distance.
  7. Another vote for the FT-IQ sure if you come over the top or hit with an open face it will still slice but heel and toe hits still go straight with only a slight loss of distance
  8. Thanks for the feedback guys, i have hit them at a demo day (off grass) and i hit them very well, im not concerned if i loose distance, im after distance control and accuracy. I agree on the shafts being fit i have no idea whats in my current clevelands but they dont feel anywhere near as good as any other club ive demoed (with nippon PX etc...) Id be happy to reshaft them in the future if need be. I think i might just go for it, only one way to find out and thats play them on the course for a few months.
  9. Would MP 57 be too much club for a low 80's player? (as in not forgiving enough) I can get a good deal on a new set of MP57's in my specs but am wondering if it is too much club for me. I dont have an official handicap but my iron play is pretty solid and improving. Have broken 80 a few times but am usually mid to low 80's
  10. Finally got around to recording my swing and my god its ugly... i obviously need to work on tempo (backswing way to fast) any other pointers? (be gentle) Sorry about the video quality but it was done on my mobile phone. Also does anyone know how to rotate the videos? Driver Iron
  11. Callaway FT-IQ I-mix with a Proforce V2 65 , have only hit it at the range so far cant wait to get it out on the course.
  12. it has a lot of specs written on it , very confusing.... here is the list Flex S Wt 67g Torque 2.9° Butt stiffness 267 Mid stiffness 7.0 Tip Stiffness 30 Tip Parrallell 4.0" Tip OD .350" Anyone know what all that means??
  13. I just took delivery of my new FT-IQ imix with a Proforce V2 65 (stiff) (super excited) i just wanted to check the specs on the V2, i did a lot of research and i want to make sure im right. It is supposed to be a mid kickpoint right? im just curious cause there is a sticker on the top of the packaging that says "kickpoint high"
  14. Just got a Callaway FT-IQ i-mix with proforce V2 off rockbottom golf, cant wait for it to arrive, my first brand new driver ever...
  15. snuck out of work early for a quick 9 shot 40 with 20 putts (yes thats right 20 putts thats not a typo) hit the ball fantastic the course was very dry all over with lots of run except the greens which were very slow, it took me till the 8th to not leave a putt well short... oh well was better than work
  16. Aggreed i had a warbird 3+ in my bad for about 8 years, fantastic club.
  17. Caddyshack

    range balls

    i know they dont go as far but do they also fly lower? the balls at the range i use are very worn down, dimples almost non existant on some, dimples create drag and therefore lift so if the dimples are worn down they will fly lower, is that a correct assumption? Im just curious as i always hit it very low at the range.
  18. i use Lamkin Dual Density Torsion Control, they are fantastic, especially in humid conditions.
  19. Im working mainly on the short game, i have spent way to much time recently working on my full swing, although i am now very happy with it but my short game has suffered. so in 2010 i will split my practice time up to be 40% full swing 30% putting 30% short game. that should shave some more strokes off the cap!
  20. Well i ended up going with the HX Hot, absolutley nailed the drive but ended up about 5m short of the marker. I was using TP Reds for the rest of the day an they were going a lot longer than the HX Hot
  21. Im just watching the World Cup of Golf and its the pairs alternate shot round , im wondering what ball do they use? say one player is a titleist player and the other a callaway or TM , what ball do they use or do they replace it with their own ball before each shot?
  22. I have a corporate golf day coming up , a 4 ball comp with all the usual special prizes, nearest the pin, long drive , straightest drive etc.. Im looking for a little extra distance for the long drive holes so am thinking of changing balls for those holes only (i know your not supposed to but its not an official tournament) What ball would you recomend? ss is around 110mph
  23. Thats what makes the Australian "sandbelt" courses so good, the firm and fast putting surfaces, just wait for day 4 after 4 days of 30+ deg temperatures.
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