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  1. Different swing patterns, maybe. A few years ago I started swinging the putter straight-back / straight-true (Pelz style), and I found that it was much easier with a short putter (33"). Over time I learn better ways to swing, at least better for me (Utley, Mangum, Stockton kind of swing) and it is much easier for me with a longer putter (35"). I've heard that some people like to change the swing pattern very often, so they might need different kind of putters (blades/mallets and different lengths).
  2. The sound of the swing/contact is beautiful, and the footwork is perfect. Thanks for posting it, I needed a reference to match the book.
  3. SC Circa 62 No. 1. I like the uncluttered top view (no lines), I find it easier to align, and I love the feel.
  4. Plasma for the big screen (faster, better quality, brighter, wider angle of view, even better on every aspect than LED), and LCD for your kid (cheaper).
  5. It's just an image to keep in your head to help promote an in-to-out swing, although it doesn't work for everybody. I use it, but sometimes it makes me leave the club face open, resulting in a nasty push-fade... so I guess I should look for a different tip
  6. I don't think that this is all bad advice, but maybe some of these tips need more explanation, and maybe I can help with a few: To hit a draw, the club face must be closed relative to the swing path . Then, if you swing more in-to-out (by focusing on the inside part of the ball) you are favoring a draw, and the opposite is true for a fade. If we assume that the club face is aiming at the target during impact, the more in-to-out the swing path, the more draw; more out-to-in, more fade. The lowest point of the swing should be somewhere under the left armpit. This makes sense
  7. Get a driver, sell it on eBay and get something you really like/need
  8. Charlie, I think your article can be classified as "Brain Fart"
  9. I went to a store yesterday and I hit the Mizuno shaft optimizer club, and I've got these numbers: SS - TEMPO - TD - KA - RF 87 - 5 - 4 - 5 - 5 86 - 6 - 5 - 6 - 5 87 - 5 - 4 - 5 - 5 87 - 6 - 4 - 5 - 5 Unfortunately, the software to analyze this information was not available, does anybody here has it? I'll like to know which is my optimal shaft. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the tip. I've found that the range balls (yellow, striped balls) have a different distance than my regular balls, so I just ignore the distance and I only work in the direction/shape of my shots. Is there any way to compensate for this?
  11. Yea, and another to see if anybody can hold the breath and stand still for longer than Erik :)... Just kidding, good video. This is one of the concepts that are completely mis-guided by the magazine's tips. Thanks
  12. This is a very interesting video, thanks a lot. It is definitely different from what I understood from the book, and I will give it a try. I have a few questions in regards to this video: - Dave is suggesting to tilt the spine towards the right (back tilt) at setup; isn't this back tilt completely lost in the back swing? To me, the back swing tilts the spine towards the target (or at least, it feels like that), so the back tilt will be cancelled progressively as the right leg extends, actually stacking the hips under the upper center. - Another misunderstood concept to me is hitting the ball
  13. I used to play my short irons with a narrow stance and the ball just inside my left foot. When I switched to S&T;, I played the same narrow stance with the ball back from my normal position, towards the center of my stance. I went to the range today and hit some shots with a little wider stance, ball positioned about two balls inside of my left foot. I hit it better, but straight (in line or a little push sometimes), with the occasional push-fade. I use a stick to align my body to the target when I am in the range, so my alignment is ok. I also hit my 4i, and my good shots were push-draws, a
  14. It makes a lot of sense to me as well. My problem is that I am not generating enough side spin to have a draw (maybe because of the additional backspin), but instead I am getting a push-fade (which also requires side spin). Is it possible that I am placing the ball too back in my stance, and this generates my problem? Again, I narrow my stance for short irons, and I also been playing the ball inside my front foot (as opposed to playing the ball near my front heel, as Hogan/Nicklaus recommend).
  15. hi Zeph, I can understand that the stance is individual, however, do you have the same stance width for every iron? do you move only the ball position? In regards to the ball flight, my short irons are straight-pushes, push-fades or straight-pulls, never push-draws as with the longer clubs. By timing I mean synchronization of movements; sometimes I hit push-fades because I move my hips too fast forward. Sequencing may be a better description, as you put it.
  16. Hi Erik, I've read the entire thread looking for answers, but I don't think my concern has been addressed before. I couldn't find any references in the book in regards to the stance width. I read Hogan's book, and I've been using his suggestion to have an increasingly wider stance for longer clubs (BH also suggests that the alignment of the feet should change from open for wedges, to closed for the driver). AM & MB only have a reference that the stance should be wider with the longer clubs to flatten the swing. I am having inconsistent results with my driver (as many others), but I think t
  17. Betting might be an example (when the gambler is part of the game, and can affect the result on purpose). Pete Rose got banned from baseball and can't be a candidate for the Hall of Fame, even when he was one of the greatest, without a doubt. In Italy, some soccer teams were sent to a second division league for the same reason.
  18. I replaced the shaft of my wedge about a month ago. Dynamic Gold S400 + Lamkin full cord for around $35~$40. It might be less, with a different shaft/grip (the grip alone cost me $10, non-cord start at about half that)
  19. I am starting with S&T;, and I'm having trouble with uneven lies (back foot higher than front, or downhill, in particular); which adjustments should I do to my setup? I am loosing my balance and power. Thanks
  20. I also feel that a toe weighted putter, with a open to close stroke feels more natural, and I also like the looks much better. Although, when I tried the pendulum motion (Pelz style), a face balanced worked properly, but it it felt too handsy to me.
  21. You better learn how to chip with a wedge (or a short iron at least). Read a good book or see a video to learn the technique (I recommend Stan Utley's book or Phil Mickelson's video). Once you have good fundamentals and practice regularly, it is very easy and much more flexible than a chipper.
  22. If it is sickness, I'm infected! I shot way over my handicap today, lost some money with my friends, but I can wait to get back to the course!. Bottom line is, I think everyone in golf had experience what you are living today; try to relax and enjoy your good shots, laugh about the bad ones and forget them, and go back to the range and hit a lot of easy shots, build some confidence. PS. My buddies wouldn't believe I am writing this, specially after today's crappy round, filled with flying clubs and loud profanity... Maybe one day I will be able to apply my own wisdom
  23. Anything between 312'8" and 327'3" with my driver, uphill and 10~15 MPH into the wind. I get really mad if I don't hit the stick, at least. That and within 6" of the hole, I also feel very confident with my putter at that distance.
  24. Thank you for your opinions guys. I have made my mind: I will invest my money in lessons / education for now (I already bought a few books: S&T;, Utley and Ernest Jones), and I will definitively take lessons. Once I feel comfortable with my game (consistency in particular), my next investment will be a Leupold GX-1. Thanks again.
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