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  1. Actually, 81 was my best score on that particular course, I shot in the high seventies every now and then, and 74 was my previous record. but it is attainable! keep working on your game, i know I have to keep working on mine to sniff a round like this again :-)
  2. Thanks everyone Haha!, No, I think I'll keep it... It's still uncommon for me to break 80. I also had three birdies (ties my personal best), 11 fairways, 11 GIR, 28 putts and 2/3 sand saves; all of those stats, I'm pretty sure are personal records :-). I was driving the ball pretty well, not too long but always in a playable position. But i think the biggest difference was my putter, which was lights out! I was getting gimmies even from 60 feet. The only putt I missed was in 17th, a short 6 footer for par, after my chip shot hit the flag :-( (it would it
  3. I had a great round today, three bogies and three birdies for a 72. This is the first time I hit in the seventies in this course (my previous best round here was an 81). My game looks like its coming together, a few weeks ago I shoot 74 and now this... I'm happy! Of course, at least until the next time I play and hit a 92 :-)
  4. Enjoy the game (stop throwing clubs) Go back to walking the course regularly Hit consistently in the mid seventies
  5. Hahaha!!! Excellent thread! Topper, there's a place on TV for you (between 3 and 5 AM); Elvis, relax!
  6. I was surfing the web, an came to this page: http://www.pgatour.com/2011/fedexcup/08/19/guidebook-statisticalleaders/index.html According to those statistics, TW is playing a well above average golf. He is in the top five of 11 of 20 categories, and leads 4 of them. How can he be as bad as everybody seems to think then? Is he that awful in the other categories?
  7. No necessarily in order: Woods: Titleist (best feel), TaylorMade, Adams Hybrids: Adams, Mizuno, Titleist Irons: Mizuno, Titleist, ... I bet Scratch, Miura, Epon, etc make great irons, but I have never used them, they look neat though! Wedges: Scratch, Mizuno, Titleist Putters: Titleist (Scotty Cameron), Ping, ... I can't think on another one I like
  8. Hi Jeff, I just found this thread, and the feedback is impressive. Do you still have any deals for us? Thanks, and I will be placing my order soon!
  9. +1. I miss the formatting options in the old editor (text size and color); is it possible to have it back, maybe with a few fonts to select from? In regards to the lists, it can be a good thing, but it can become messy quite easily. For example, I tried to add my MP-57 to my bag, and those clubs are listed as "Mizuno MP-57 with ProjectX 5.5", which is not my shaft, so now I have to add a new item for the same club. What about defining some ground rules? Like, for example, define only the head of the club (not the shaft, loft or number of clubs owned by any particular person). The
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by JetFan1983 I don't even know what to make of the poster who said he broke 90 the first time he played. It's a pretty polarizing statement whether it's true or not. And if it is true, a claim like that deserve a more lengthy post and story behind it to at least attempt at explaining how it happened. I agree. Quote: Originally Posted by Shorty And...to be blunt, to say that you shot 88 on a proper golf course the first time round is just plain ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as this perso
  11. I have a 15* deg 3w and a 17* hybrid. I am thinking on changing my 3w because I am hitting the hybrid better and almost the same distance. I think it is because the flew is a little weak for my swing, but with properly fitted clubs this is a good combination.
  12. If you're not playing golf... What's the purpose of having more money?
  13. I heard once that "people that walk don't make a round slow, slow players do it". A newbie will be slow riding or walking: anybody who takes 8 strokes to reach the green will slow down the pace, so carts are useless (to speed up pace, at least).
  14. I saw a thread where one of the posters claimed that he shoot 88 on his first time out on a course. I find this hard to believe, although there's people that thinks that this is possible. Me, I don't remember exactly (and it wasn't too long ago), but I estimate I was around 130~140 (and a dozen balls lost). And you?
  15. I own a 17* (2H) MP FLI-HI. I use it instead of a 5W, and I like it. This is the only hybrid I've owned, so I can't compare it, sorry. It is easy to work the ball (of course, this means that when your swing is off it will be reflected in the ball's flight), and the ball has a long, mid-low (again, this is a 2i replacement, so mid-low is what I want) penetrating flight when well struck. The feedback is ok; you will definitely know when you miss a hit (and where in the face you made contact), and the sound is muted, but nice. I will recommend it, but not if you are looking for forgiveness.
  16. Two swings??? I can barely "kind of" hit one! Maybe that is the ideal path (I doubt it, but maybe), but it sounds impractical and adds complication to an already complicated game.
  17. 88 for 9, mmmhhh..... yea, that's more likely... and still very good for a first time!
  18. WOW!!! 18 holes??!!!???? This has to be a record!!!
  19. I recently purchased a CCi 2i. This is my first 2i, so I can only compare it to the 3i I have hit before, and I find it harder to hit (smaller sweet spot) than both my current MP-57 (CB) and my previous set, MP-32 (MB). Again, I am comparing a 2i vs 3i, so what I think is not necessarily true. The CCi is a really good looking club, though.
  20. I agree, limiting the release is not a good idea, but neither it is to consciously trying to release the club. Work on a good setup, move your weight forward during the down swing (hips), keep your reference point still (head) and let the club release naturally.
  21. Do not try to release and "swing to first base". Keep your hands in front of the club, this will make impossible the early release. Also, as wrx_junki recommended, position the ball a little back in your stance (inside the front heel works for me). One more thing, don't try all this in the course, it will feel odd at the beginning; go to the driving range and practice until you feel comfortable. And don't forget to shift your hips forward, towards the target. If you do it right, you should have a nice draw that starts to the right and goes back to your aim line.
  22. I went to a pro shop today and I hit some Mizuno irons, and to me the MP-58 was way shorter than the MP-62. The 62 had a longer shaft (with lines indicating the std length, which I tried to use), but even considering that the 58 were too short. I was hitting the 58 150 yds on a "good" shot, while the 62 was giving me 160 on a bad contact, almost 190 in a good one. I play MP-57, and I play the 6 iron for 170~175 yds. The only explanation I can imagine is that for some reason I can't hit the 58s in the sweet spot, while with the 62s it was easier for me (isn't it supposed to be the other way?
  23. halcon


    I just received my Golf Magazine for this month, and they have another of Johnny Miller's sui generis phrases. To me, JM is kind of the Dr. House of golf telecast, so a thread with his miller-isms has to be fun to read. If Phil couldn't chip, he'd be selling used cars in San Diego Johnny Miller during the Ryder Cup Cheers!
  24. Maybe the wind is being blocked at floor level by some obstruction (trees, mounds, ...), but there's wind when the ball gains altitude.
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