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  1. I had a similar experience not so long ago: I had a two couples of mature golfers in front of me, who were playing slowly. Up to this point, I have already learned that patience is a very important part of this game, so I wait for every shot until they were at a safe distance before I hit my shots. Unfortunately (for them), that day I was hitting the ball surprisingly well with my driver, so I hit my ball in two consecutive holes when they were out of sight (literally, first they were down in a dry creek, and in the second hole they were behind a tree; I normally barely make it to those refer
  2. ??????????????????????????????? Please, please tell me you are not serious!!
  3. I selected no, but in reality I believe is irrelevant who is his coach; TW is a mature and smart player, capable of deciding what is good for his game and whats not. Haney can tell Ray Romano to shut up and listen, but I doubt his approach with TW is the same. I believe TW has more influence in his own swing than his coach, whoever he is.
  4. When it comes to natural talent, Ernie Els
  5. Ball striking. It is impossible to get a good score with 2 OBs, 3 waters and 2 hazards per round .
  6. Age: 42 Height: 5'11" Where are you from: Mexico, now living in Texas How Long have you been Playing: 2 years Best Score: 79 (I hit a 72 once, but it was in a small par 68, 9 holes course, so it doesn't count) Favorite club in the bag: All/None, depends when you ask Golf Books / DVD's that have helped you: - Ben Hogan's Five Lessons - Jack Nicklaus' Golf My Way - Stan Utley's Putting/Short Game Bibles - Phil Mickelson's Short Game DVD - Geoff Mangum's Optimal Putting - perfectgolfswingreview.net/ - thesandtrap.com - 3jack.blogspot.com/ Where do you play: Palm View, McAlle
  7. I tryied it, and it is very nice. I ended up buying GreenFinder instead; the interface is less graphical, but it has all the needed information, in a simpler format. If you are interested, you can use this promo code (GFR108831) and you will get $5 off.
  8. I got this form usga.org: 5-1/4 Status of "X-out," "Refurbished" and "Practice" Balls Q. What is the status of "X-out," "refurbished" and "practice" balls? A. "X-out" is the common name used for a golf ball that a manufacturer considers to be imperfect (usually for aesthetic reasons only, e.g., paint or printing errors) and, therefore, has crossed out the brand name. A "refurbished" golf ball is a second-hand ball that has been cleaned and stamped as "refurbished." In the absence of strong evidence to suggest that an "X-out" or "refurbished" ball does not conform to the Rules, it i
  9. I am not an expert, but according to many in this forum (Iacas is one of them) the pivot is essential for good ball striking. When you open your stance, you are presetting your hips to a good pivot position; more than likely, during you full swing you are not rotating your hips to this position, and this may be the cause for such an obvious difference. I am not sure if I stated it properly, but for sure you will have a better explanation later for somebody who understands the pivot better than me.
  10. I just bought 12 dozen of new Nike One Black for $99.99 on eBay. They are marked as practice balls, but for $0.80 a piece, that's ok!
  11. An awful 91, and I lost $73 (I didn't win a single skin)
  12. Baseball. Every decent baseball hiitter gains good distance almost instantly. Although, maybe is not a good idea to keep playing both at the same time, since the swings are too similar, and it is difficult to keep them independent.
  13. I found this information in Titleist's web site: ====================== QUESTION The face of my Titleist Wood cracked. Can it be repaired? FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS While cracked faces are not reparable, we can offer to re-head your club with the same or a newer model clubhead. If the club is still covered under the factory warranty period, we will be happy to replace the head at no charge. If the club is older and not under warranty, we can still offer to re-head it for a fee. If you are interested in having this work performed, please take your club to any local Titleist or Cobra
  14. I guess the only solution is to practice more to get better! My Scotty makes a click sound when I hit it in the sweet spot, and the feel is buttery as you describe it; the club's sweet spot is very narrow (this is not a forgiving club), so practice and good mechanics is the way to go. If you have a blade putter, I'll recommend you read Stan Utley's "The Art of Putting"; he teaches a very simple swing that becomes natural in a short time. Also, Dave Stockton has some videos in YouTube that can be helpful. If your putter is face balanced (a mallet, typically), then you should read Dave Pelz
  15. I am not the original owner (I bought in eBay, used), do you think they will repair it? I will give it a try, thank you!
  16. I Think the best of Scratch is the it offers many options for different needs. I have a 58* JLM SFU, and I use it for almost every shot around the green. I like the design of the club, very simple and clean, and the feedback is excellent. Mine is not very forgiven, but I think Scratch has other models that are. The wedge is built with a very soft steel, which helps to the excellent sensation when hitting a ball, but the appearance of the club suffers; I bought mine about 6 months ago, but it looks like its been played for years. I bought it relatively cheap in eBay directly from Scratch (I h
  17. My 905R face just cracked last week. It wasn't new, obviously (I bought it used in ebay about a year ago), but I really liked it. It wasn't a forgiving club (I'd hit a couple of hooks per round, on average), but the sound and the feedback was awesome. I really liked the sensation of a well struck swing, and when that sensation was accompanied by a slight draw, the ball flied forever. Anyway, I knew I needed a new driver (one more suited to my abilities), but I hadn't find any that felt as good as many (and I didn't have a lot of money to spend). So after mine broke, I had to go to my local g
  18. Any Urethane ball on sale (x-outs, practice balls). I found local retailers with practice Pro-V1's for about $22, and HX-Tours' x-outs for $18.
  19. I am not sure if it is different from other drivers, since this has been basically my only one, but I definitely tee it low; I put it so only one quarter of the ball is above the driver. I tried an R7 Quad TP a few weeks ago (deep face), and the height of the tee was about the same, so the height that I use works for me maybe because I hit the ball very high.
  20. Thanks for your help. So, does this means that I will keep ballooning my short irons with the X100? About the Flighted PX, I thought that the flighted helped lift the ball with all of the irons, but I was wrong. How much of a difference does a flighted shaft has with a regular one? is it really noticeable?
  21. Great site! Thank you. Apparently, my swing is in the limit for the stiff shaft (if I select 166 yards of carry the recommended shaft is X100). Do you believe that I should try the Project X shafts? What is the main difference with TT?
  22. I use my 7I for 155~165 yards, depending how am I hitting the ball on a particular day. I hit the ball very high (maybe too much, since it is difficult to control it in the wind), and I naturally hit a draw (with the exception of my driver, with which I naturally fade it, this is my only club with a graphite shaft, Titleist Speeder Stiff). I pull my shots very often too, I believe that this is a swing mechanics problem, but not sure.
  23. My irons and my 3W have TT S300 shafts, and I feel like the shaft bends when I'm hitting the ball. It doesn't happen when I'm trying to crush the ball and my swing gets out of synch; more likely I feel it when my swing feels right (easy swing with good tempo, lag, etc). My question is, is this normal? Or should I look for a stiffer shaft? I have never fitted myself, and I bought my clubs in eBay. I know I should go with a fitter to be sure, but I like to hear your opinions and experiences.
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