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  1. My hands sweat a lot, and I have found that FJ gloves rip easily (although, they are comfortable). I had a couple of Mizunos, and they were very comfortable and lasted longer. I'm now using a Titleist, and so far, I like it too (still new, so I don't know about its durability).
  2. Quoting Mizuno's web site, "the MP-32 have Cut Muscle design technology". This is my second iron set, but I don't pretend to be an expert on irons technology, I just read somewhere that these irons weren't pure blades, but I might be wrong. Ok, here is an explanation . That is an idea. I only hit the 6 iron, but I definitely want to try the full set. I am very happy with my irons, but I can use a little help.
  3. Nothing, but I am now in love with a set of Mizuno MP-52
  4. I owe a set of MP-32 blades (ok, this aren't pure blades, but that's not the point), and I have to say that I am very happy with them. Yesterday, I went to a golf store and I had the opportunity to try the new models from Mizuno (6I); I started with the MP-62, and it felt really good; the feeling when hitting a good shot is excellent (as with my 32s), and they seem a little more forgiving to hit than mine. After that, I tried the MP-52 (CB), and I just can say WOW! The feedback is excellent as well, but this club was really easier to hit than mines. I just hit balls inside the store, so I ca
  5. I do the same. I was afraid when I got my putter (it only has a dot), but I get use to it easily, and I like it much better - it has a cleaner look, and it is easier to align.
  6. 58* Wedge. I use Utley's style, and I am trying Phil Mickelson's recently, which it also simple and effective.
  7. My home course is very short (4400), so whenever I go to a longer course, I try to play from blues (unless the rest of the guys prefer other tee). I am quite long, so I can't use my driver very often at home, then I take the opportunity to practice.
  8. I am not a low handicapper (yet ), but I do usually play with some very good players. I believe that low handicappers SHOULD play with new players to TEACH them the proper etiquette for golf. Remember that the best way to have a nice round is to play with and around people that know how to behave in the field. Since not everyone is willing to read the basic rules, the best way to show them how to behave is to spent a round with them every now and then. We normally accept anyone who wants to play in our group, and I have found that the majority of the new players are willing to learn, even w
  9. Maybe I am not the best person for this question, since I am still working with my workability and accuracy, but here are my 2 cents: To me is very easy to hit draws and fades with this club, although I over shape my shots quite often, so I try to stick with my natural shot (a draw). Same for accuracy, I trust this club, but my mechanics are still a work in progress , so I eventually pull or push my shots (not a problem of the club, of course).
  10. I use it a lot from the tee. My home course is very short (par 68), so I rarely use my driver; it has a very small head so I tee the ball low (almost flush), and when I hit it pure and straight, I can get 250~260 yds of carry. The feeling is great, it has a very nice sound and feedback. This is my first fairway wood, so I can not compare it to any other; it is possible that this club is not the longest or more forgiving. What I know is that I liked it so much, that I changed my driver after using this club.
  11. A straight arm creates a wider swing, increasing the club head speed (assuming same swing tempo), so it actually increases your power. To maintain the tempo, your arms (with the rest of the body) need to be relaxed, not rigid.
  12. I have this same club, and I love it! I bought mine used in ebay, also with a steel shaft (TT DG S300), and it had worked perfectly to me. I don't have any plans to change the shaft, although you may have to consider it if your distance gaps get screwed: to me, I hit this club closer to my 3i distances than from my driver (3i~215, 3w~240, drv~280), but since I don't use a 5w or an hybrid, it works for me. If you do use any of these clubs, you may gain a few yards by changing the shaft to increase the SS.
  13. Driver: 270~290 (although I am not able to control my hook/slice... yet ) 3w: 230~240 3i: 210~220 4i: 195~205 5i: 185~190 6i: 170~180 7i: 165~170 8i: 155~160 9i: 140~145 pw: 125~135 52*: 110~115 56*: 95~100 60*: 85~90 I've never write my distances before... a lot of gaps and large ranges, isn't it?
  14. Definitely! I do need to play in different courses. From this experience, now I know that I $uck playing in uneven lies True, I got to the point where I wasn't sure of the results for my shots: It could be either short or long, left or right. Diversity is the key. I also did feel the need to shoot well, although it didn't feel much different from the need to score when I'm betting with my friends in my home course, with the exception of the first shot in the first tee, that really is a different kind of pressure (I did well in that shot, by the way ). A pre-shot routine, tha
  15. This weekend I attend to my first "real" tournament. It was the annual invitational of a local club; the golf course is plain beautiful, located in the middle of the Sierra Madre, with exceptional vistas and hilly fairways. I entered a category that I consider of good players (B, for 12-16 handicaps), and the format was Stableford. Sadly to say, but I had a pity weekend, scoring only 44 points in two rounds, for a very forgettable 70+ place :(. Honestly, I didn't feel like my game was that bad, compared with the guys that I was paired with; I play in a very small, 9 hole and flat course, and
  16. Name: Eduardo Juvera email: same as e-mail on file at the forum Licensed Owner of Scorecard (Y/N): N Number of Rounds in Scorecard: 5 Operating System (and version): Windows Vista 1-3 Sentences about why you'd be a good choice: I am a computer expert, with a lot of experience in debug/test processes; I play almost daily (my course has lighting, so I can play at night); many of my rounds are 9 holes (only 9 holes in my course); I keep track of my stats for every round (fwys, GIR, putts, chipps, pitches, sand, ...), and I have a bunch of scorecards that I need to analize (no need to wa
  17. I read Pelz "Short Game Bible" and Stan Utley's "The Art of Short Game". Pelz recommends using different clubs for different chips, while Utley recommends using the same club for most of your chips and pitches. These are different styles (Pelz is more mechanical and easier to understand, while Utley more artistic and easier to execute), and I think you should read both to decide yourself what works for you. In my case, I think Mr. Utley's system works better for me, but I like to have the options that Pelz teaches.
  18. UPDATE: I went to my local pro shop and have the shaft extended back to standard length: what a difference! I feel my swing a lot effortless now, and after trying it once in the range, I feel satisfied. I am not sure if the extra inch can make such a big difference (I also replaced the grip from the original Titleist/GP Tour Velvet cord to GP New Decade), probably the change is in mt mind. Works for me! :)
  19. I didn't had the opportunity to try different shafts: basically, I look over the Internet, found that the Speeder is heavier than the other options available for this club, and bought it hoping that the extra weight will help me control my swing. (Why the 905R? Because I found my 3W really cheap in eBay, bought it, and love it!; so why not try the driver then?). I haven't been playing for too long (I started about a year ago), but I have been in the driving range many times (3/4 times a week), and for the last three months, I joined a course that has artificial lighting, so basically I can p
  20. I am having problems with the control of my driver, and a friend pointed out that my shaft was too short. I bought my driver in eBay (Titleist 905R), and it was supposed to be standard lie & length. The driver has a Speeder shaft, and the grip is covering a little of the Speeder letters written in the shaft. I compared my driver with his (Bridgestone J33, I think), and mine was short for about one inch. What is the proper way to check my driver's shaft length? Can I increase the length (if needed)?
  21. I have an Ogio Grom bag, which has been very usefull for me. However, I recently bought a push cart (Bag Boy 600), and I am wondering if I should replace my bag for one that fits better in the cart an allows me to carry some extra stuff. What is the difference (besides price/size) of staff and cart bags? Which one would you recommend? Why?
  22. Go, go, fly, fly,... now SWIM, SWIM... damn!
  23. My tubes are PVC, and the upper lip is rounded. Still, it damaged my driver
  24. I started using the dividers trying to protect the grips of my clubs, to prevent the grip being "pulled down" while I am pulling a club out of the bag.
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