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  1. yea the throwing fits have been done for a while. Thats why i was thinkin it was time for a new driver that wont suffer the same fate. There were quite some throws, had to climb a tree once.
  2. well i want to get a new one only because there are alot of dings and crap on the bottom of the club from beating it into the ground on mishits.
  3. Not that i have managed to out grow my current driver, but after so many throws and smashing of tees, it is time to get a new one. I currently have a nike 5900, but with a regular flex shaft. Taking slow motion video shows that this shaft is clearly not stiff enough. I love the 5900 but I am intrigued at the new diablo driver. What are your guys take on the drivers. Im def still a high handicap golfer but usually hit the ball consistently straight.
  4. thanks for all the help guys, i think im going to go with the CG14, now i just gotta figure out which ones. Once again thanks for the help
  5. ease of hit is definately a big issue for me since i suck, but i also want a wedge that is going to take me further into my game, navy pays sh!t so im prob gonna have these wedges for a while, does that change anyones opinion?
  6. tiger, sh!!!t, i taught that guy how to play, haha
  7. Im def leaning towards the CG14, they seem easier to swing, easier to hit, and more forviging. Damn things are just money, more than my driver to replace 3 wedges. I def am gonna need to adopt a kid next year to claim on my taxes.
  8. Stuck on which one, had a "bad outing" with the pure spins and have given up on them. Anyone got input on this. Im new and would appreciate some good opinoins.
  9. Got a set of Nike Slingshot 4d's, instantly fell in love, im want to say that my skills have dramatically increased, but realistically i am sure it was the big step up from a low 2nd tier set of irons to the nike's. Either way im pumped though.
  10. yea im def leaning towards the 4D's, the set i have no has a 3 and 4 hybrid that arent too bad. i swung the 4d's and really liked them, but than again, dont think i know what good is really.
  11. I am new, real new, bought a garbage pair of Alien clubs to see if id stick out this golf thing. Im sold. Replaced the drive with a SUMO 5900, pure spin wedges that i love, and know exatly what putter and woods im gonna get. I am blown away by the performance of the 5900 and im set on nike irons. Only thing im stuck on is the choice between the SUMO irons and the 4D's. My iron game is slowly improved, but im built for power, not finese, so the short game is lacking, and ball striking is inconsistent as all hell. I found a used set of 4d's on global golf for under 300 with shipping. Anyone want
  12. i hit the 5900, but im also horrible, and im in love with it. effortless tee shots that go yard for me. As i said im horribly new, but im definately out driving everyone in my group, and they all have years on me.
  13. www.bwgolfresort.com atleast while im stationed down here
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