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  1. What really bothers me is that at my age and with a bad shoulder my drives are around 200 yards. If I was able to hit my drives 240m/260yds I would do whatever I needed to fix my swing to pick up the extra yardage. If you spent half the effort on that rather than on this post, you wouldn’t be asking about breaking 90. But to follow your approach, play Par 3 courses with 70m-120m holes. You have to be able to shoot par, actually a 26 over 9 holes. This is basically what you are professing with 2 (3 on par 5’s) 180m shots and a wedge. Going to a range helps to groove a swing, but nothing works like having to stop a ball in the right spot on a green. Those 2 putts might be tougher than on a practice green. And you can’t get any bogeys and you need one birdie. If you can do this consistently, then leave yourself 100m on a regulation course and play it like a Par 3. If you are never able to consistently shoot 26, you won’t ever consistently break 90. It’s pretty simple stuff. John
  2. Go find a 3500m/4000m course and play your fairway/hybrid off the tee and then a shorter iron into the green, plus shorter Par3 holes, and see how you do. Hitting some greens in regulation, or just slightly missing them, gives a chance at some birdies and definitely pars. This will give you a great perspective on the importance of getting as far down the “fairway” as you can. John
  3. Learn to hit your driver as far as you can and as straight as you can. Length trumps everything else. John
  4. I’m just curious if you have worked with an instructor to develop your putting stroke, or is it one that you put together and if it’s been in a state of flux. Some days everything clicks for me and other days I seem to have no clue. Hopefully when, and not if, I get serious enough about my putting, I’ll get some expert advice on my stroke, ball position, weight distribution, etc. I’m not trying to talk you out of a new putter (Lord knows the only thing a golfer needs more than a new driver is a new putter) and not getting fit for one. Just wondering if it is an aim issue or your stroke won’t let you hit where you aim. John
  5. If you are just going to buy a modern (460) driver and those are your only choices, the Taylormade will give you a couple degrees of loft adjustability. There is no way anyone can say if you will hit it straighter, but over the past almost 20 years of technology, I can’t imagine you hitting it worse. Personally, if you are going to continue going forward with your current slice swing, you may want to check out a Cobra F Max. It is light, offset, and heel weighted. It isn’t adjustable, but it launches high and a 10.5 would probably work. Probably find one on eBay for around $100. Since you’re just rolling the dice, it is might be better suited for a slower swing speed. John
  6. The T100 5i is 27*; the T200 5i is 24*. Since your issue with the RSI1 5i (23*) is height, you probably won’t do much better with a T200 5i (24*). But with technology advancements the T200 might be easier to hit. These days I can’t hit a 23*/24* iron even though I could hit a 3 iron years ago. If you get T100 irons, you’ll probably lose some of the GI properties of your RSI1 irons so the T100 irons might be more difficult to hit, especially with a longer shaft length of the 5i. It is impossible to say without you trying the T100’s. John
  7. My main issue with Erik Anders’ video was that his “favorite” hole “ever” was when he shot an 11. This is not putting a bad round or hole out of your mind, or focusing on the good. This is a conscious effort to recall shooting an 11 as his favorite as some badge of courage for persevering. Maybe Erik A never got a participation trophy when he was a kid. It had been a while since I shot double digits on a hole until Friday when I shot a 10. It really sucked. It is funny that I thought of this thread and I could never imagine anything favorite about that hole. On Saturday, I got a birdie on a 210 yard Par 3, ended up 18” from the cup. I also birdied another hole with a chip in from 40 feet. I will recall those moments. I agree that people should have a good perspective when things don’t go well or as planned; whether it is golf or anything else. But it is not no bad shots, no bad investments, no bad news from the doctor, etc. if there is no bad, there is no rising above it. John
  8. I’m not an instructor and not a good golfer. In recent years I have been fighting coming over the top. After I hurt my left shoulder, I compensated with a bigger turn and was leading my downswing with my right shoulder. I know exactly what it feels like to not release the club and hit a high fade. I stumbled upon a video, but I’m having a tough time linking to it with my phone. It is by Jim Roy and it addresses coming over the top. I’m not saying it will solve anything, I can’t even say if it is good instruction, but the lightbulb went on when I realized that turning my right shoulder and trying to “hit” at the ball was the kiss of death. There are a few drills that have helped me to bring my arms down and not out. My swing thought has been to swing through the ball and not hit at the ball. When I shift my weight and swing down and through I just naturally release the club. I can feel it happening, but I’m not doing anything to cause it to happen. John
  9. I actually did watch the video. It has been a couple days so I may have forgotten a few points. I do recall how he said he used to react with sulking or being upset or quiet if he played bad. The one point I do recall was his favorite hole is when he scored an 11 because he persevered and completed it and did not give up. The problem is there really are bad shots. I have hit a lot of them. And the reality is that with golf you can’t play great defense to stop your opponent, or just out hustle your opponent to overcome a bad day or a superior player. If you are stinking it up the only relief is putting together some “good” shots. While I enjoy golf, it isn’t a smell the roses type of sport, at least for me. There are others that fit that bill. If I play reasonably well, it is a lot more enjoyable than if I am having a really bad round. It is like building a cabinet, if you are constantly hitting your thumb with a hammer, there will come a point when you put the hammer down for a while. John
  10. The problem with no bad shots is that golf is a sport that is scored. It is like tennis where there is some reckoning of how well someone has played the game. In some ways, if you don’t score, it’s practice; which can sometimes be more enjoyable. But if you bury an overhead into the net and lose a game, it is a bad shot. I’m not suggesting that getting angry when sailing a drive into the trees is good response, but a person should be disappointed if he/she cards an 11. There are a ton of intense non-scoring sports out there that can be super rewarding and also teach perseverance. John
  11. Yeah, I think Rory is worth $150m. $15m is 10% of his worth, but the career slam definitely means more. John
  12. My point was, if you win the Tour Championship by being the low shot score you won’t have face a ration of... the next year if you won because of the negative strokes given at the onset. If that were the case, you’ll probably be asked how many strokes do you need to be spotted every time you tee it up at a tournament. I’m guessing that if Koepka had won by a stroke over McIlroy, Rory would not have been too happy to have out shot Brooks and lost; regardless of why the format was established. John
  13. I really liked Rory’s comment that he wanted to win shooting the lowest normal (non-adjusted) score, which he did at -13 for the tournament. He mentioned the birdie on 18. I think that speaks volumes that the players are aware who really shot the low score. John
  14. Not sure if the pairings are correct, but why is Koepka and McIlroy paired when Schauffle shot a 67 in the 3rd round.? And If it is based on FedEx Cup seeding, why is Thomas paired with Reavie? Is it really about getting Brooks and Rory paired regardless of what should be? John
  15. Yes, better than anything at this year’s TC. Augusta was magical. John
  16. That walk up 18 was better than anything we’ll see this year. I loved re-watching Rory’s reaction to the enormous crowd following Tiger. That whole sequence was so surreal. John
  17. In retrospect, if they do get 30 holes in tomorrow, it may be a blessing that Tiger missed going to East Lake. He would have started a lot of strokes out of the lead, and playing 25+ holes on Sunday would be brutal on his body. John
  18. I’m pretty sure we’ll see a Wolff vs. Hovland in a Ryder Cup match somewhere down the road. John
  19. Today seemed like a Saturday. I think the pairings based on score helps with the intensity. I like the competition between the top players with the new format. But it does eliminate half the field from any contention. Except for the highlights, such as Reavie’s hole In one, it is as if no one else is playing. Then again they just have to show up to get $500k. John
  20. Schauffele pulled a rabbit out of his hat on 17 and 18 to get to -11. I saw him on Feherty the other day. Nice kid. John
  21. Some people here seem to personally know Brooks perspective, But I can’t recall him ever saying he laid an egg for not winning the Masters. I think he said Tiger played good. I would guess he was pretty ticked (you can use any other appropriate word) and used maybe more than a few expletives with his water shot and missed putts, but laying an egg? John
  22. No disrespect, but you are calling out Brooks Koepka for laying an egg by finishing second at the Masters from behind a keyboard. Brooks is a stud so I really doubt you would say that directly to his face. Not even DeChambeau is that stupid. John
  23. That’s right. Rose needed a birdie on 18 and he barely missed the bunker/rough on his second shot. I’m not sure where I got 2nd... maybe going into East Lake. John
  24. This is so true. It was the same format as 4x points used at the NT and BMW. Had Rose not finished with a solo second at East Lake, Tiger would have won the FedEx Cup also. Or if DeChambeau had finished 2nd and Rose 3rd. Of course, it is “obvious” that if Finau had won at East Lake and Rose faltered, Tiger could have finished outside the Top 5, or 10 in FedEx points. Only thing missing is Vanna White. John Edit Added: Actually I think DeChambeau may have won the FedEx Cup if he finished 2nd; not sure about a tie for second. Rose wouldn’t have won anything.
  25. What is quite humorous is that there are sports that are trying to find ways to be more offensive so it will be more exciting for the fans. Who cares if course records are broken or it looks too easy. It makes it more interesting if players have potential birdie (eagle) opportunities on the last few holes and are pushing the leader. While there are some, most of the historical highlights of the game are not making par. John
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