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  1. Yes indeed. I would play with a single golf ball, until I lost it, then adopt the next one I found. It was a point of pride to play the same ball round after round...no matter how many battle scars it acquired. P.S. The best place to find high quality, only hit once, golf balls is in the briers.
  2. While, once upon a time, a previous version of myself used to stalk golf balls in the wild; I have settled, of late, on the Precept Laddie. They go for around 20 clams per 2 dozen and fall into the Goldilocks zone for me...neither clacky or mushy. I also like some of the offerings from TaylorMade but they are rather pricey...at least compared to the Precepts.
  3. Grace is awfully nice, and really funny, but Charity was a runner back in the day...IYGMD.
  4. I am always a better golfer than I was a year ago. The years force wisdom upon us...whether we know it or not.
  5. I'd get rid of the scorecard and replace it with style points...awarded for general deportment, joviality, interesting remarks, clothing, grace, and charity...in any order that is deemed appropriate. After all...everybody already knows about what they are going to shoot before arrive at the course. Let's forget the score and focus on the important stuff...like who, and who isn't, a pleasure to be around. If golf is to grow...we need to groan less and take joy in what we are doing. And teach others to do the same.
  6. For me it's the club head. I try to follow the head with everything else...winding up from the top down and then unwinding exactly the opposite. That being said; I suspect, on full shots, that it's my shoulders that get things going.
  7. Piz

    Al Kaline

    He was my favorite player. My first real bat was an Al Kaline 30. I always thought it was a credit to him that he retired with 399 career home runs...rather than stick around another season. P.S. I still use Al Kaline batteries in flashlights and video game controllers.
  8. Nothing like a blow-up to put things in perspective. The game hasn't changed any since you've been away...but here's hoping you have. Welcome back.
  9. I have continued eating despite social distancing. What I am looking forward to doing is saddling up at my local and knocking back a few cold ones. It's the ordinary stuff I miss.
  10. If there was a best driver ever made...everybody would have one by now. I'm still using a 2006 Cleveland Hi-bore. Most people think it looks weird. I do not. BTW....Tone electrons? If I rub my bass down with liquid smoke will it sound more bluesy?
  11. A theist is someone who believes in a god or gods. An atheist is someone who does not believe in a god or gods. In the same way that not collecting stamps is not considered a hobby...not believing in supernatural beings is not a belief. To insist otherwise is to commit an equivocation fallacy. Four egg sample: Do you believe in Santa Claus? I do not but that is beside the point. While I do not believe in Santa Claus I absolutely believe in what Santa represents. And I'm okay with a word having more than one connotation.
  12. Unfortunately...he was only 230 yards out. Might should have used a putter...and gripped down.
  13. The HP lap top I am using to post this was made in China. Thank goodness the hat I am wearing was made in Vietnam. It helps to off-set my FootJoy golf shoes...which were made in China.
  14. Enforce a shot limit. The goal of each player would be to make it as far along as possible before running out of shots. The farthest I've ever made it, with an allotment of 72, was thru 17.
  15. Reminds me of "I'll take you there". Might be re-imagined as "We can't go there".
  16. In simple terms, @Billy Z, there are two launch angles: optimum and sub-optimum. Club design has favored higher over lower since, at least, the 1970's. Advancements in manufacturing and metallurgy have exacerbated this trend. While it is certainly true that some models are aimed at the "more is better" crowd; there is some logic behind lower lofts. A club that consistently launches too high is no better than a club that consistently launches too low...assuming that the owner/operator is reasonably competent. At the end of a round it makes no difference what numbers are stamped on the sole of our clubs. If you fly the green, with a pitching wedge, and I stick the pin with an 8 iron...guess who is buying the drinks?
  17. I don't know how to do that.
  18. I bought some 59 cent (plus tax) pencil sharpeners.
  19. I pick out something, on the ground in front of the ball, and use that to align my feet when I address the ball. I take a rehearsal swing to see if the club is following the path I envision. Then I either make a small adjustment or swing away. Whenever possible I chose a line while waiting my turn...including tee shots.
  20. If I won the Masters the champion's dinner would be breakfast: Yellow perch, fried potatoes, eggs any style, toast and preserves, and tea. For dessert you could have more...or an adult beverage.
  21. The bars and restaurants, here in Dunwoody, are all closing at 9pm tomorrow. I'm thinking I might have to buy a shitload of cleaning supplies and spend my free time tightening up the crib. Aside from going to the grocery store there isn't much left to do.
  22. Every chip is a one-off. A chunk is a poorly played shot. If you do not make adjustments for eccentricity...the results will be inconsistent. Maddeningly so at times.
  23. Even if you do the work yourself; by the time you factor in the cost of the new shafts, and possibly grips, the tariff could be a couple hundred bucks...and that is predicated on buying the cheapest shafts available. If you are not looking to spend any more than that; buying another set is probably going to be the least expensive option.
  24. The uniforms give them away. That and the suspiciously consistent banter.
  25. @snapfade it is pretty obvious that the aliens are targeting specific individuals...not the population as a whole. Only those "in on it" are affected.
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