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  1. Welcome. You may want to consider how many shots you have in your bag rather than how many clubs you have. A good place to start is the practice range. Have you got a 25, 50, 75, and 100 yard club? You likely have several that can accomplish that task. What about 150, 175, and 200? Fewer...I'm guessing. The point being: You can't carry enough clubs to cover every possible scenario but you can learn enough shots to make do with 14 or fewer. In fact...it is exceedingly rare for a golfer to use all 14 clubs in a single round.
  2. Pre-heating an oven to 350 degrees is over-rated. So is Kraft macaroni and cheese. "Over-rated" is a synonym for "known".
  3. Lost 2 and 1 after being up 2 at the turn. Nothing tragic, of course, and it could have gone the other way, but it didn't. I started out parring 5 of the first 6 holes...then hopped on the bogey train and never got off.
  4. The rules of golf only apply to three dimensions. When you go fourth dimension ( i.e. rupture the time/space continuum) I'm afraid it's queso indestructo.
  5. The shaft is the "imponderable medium" connecting the golfer to the club head. The more "ponderable" it is...the more one has to think about. That can be beneficial or otherwise.
  6. I'll swap out my sand wedge, once in a while, but I suspect that has more to do with my feelings regarding a recently treasonous implement than it does course conditions.
  7. Everyone already knows the secret to better golf: Positive Reassessment, Ancillary Contemplation, Temporal Insight, and Constructive Engagement.
  8. The secret to swinging a golf club has been discovered more times than Noah' Ark.
  9. I've had several sets of high handicap irons. They are the easiest to come by and available to anyone. Over the years...my high handicap irons have improved across the board. The same holds true for drivers, fairways, and hybrids. It is almost as if the clubs do not really matter.
  10. Shades of Tommy Armour. He advocated beginning the back swing by pointing the forward knee behind the ball and initiating the down swing by pointing the back knee in front of the ball. As his instruction book was, at one time, the best-selling book of its kind; it stands to reason that he influenced a fair number of golfers and instructors. Perhaps Jack Groat was one of them.
  11. Your opponent holing a 10 foot putt for a half...that's annoying.
  12. It may seem unfair but it hardly ever happens and I do not think a rule change is in order. I've had plenty of poor lies, in the fairway, that I would happily trade for one in a shallow divot.
  13. Good job. That has to be the longest post I've ever thoroughly enjoyed reading.
  14. You can polish club heads, and faces, with a Scotch-Brite pad; but the deeper scratches are there to stay. The grooves look to be in good shape and, if the price is right, I wouldn't worry about it.
  15. Piz

    Bundesliga is Back!

    Here's hoping this works.
  16. Feeling the load/unload works with fishing rods...especially with fiberglass or bamboo...but I've never experienced a similar sensation with a golf club.
  17. Have you ever shot baskets at a hoop with no net? It's the same thing. Yes...the ball goes thru the hoop, and it counts, but there is no swish sound. Without the sound it is somehow less satisfying.
  18. On the plus side: Gentlemen no longer have to wear ties and are allowed to remove their jackets.
  19. The way to break any score ( 100, 90, 80...) is to have a short memory. It does not matter if you miss a fairway, a green, or a short putt. The first time I broke 80 I carded a double on the opening hole. Had I carried that with me the rest of the round it is unlikely I'd have shot a 77.
  20. Spend some time deciding what you want, and do not want, in your next set. You have a rare opportunity to avoid making an impulse purchase. Like the old saying goes: When life gives you lemons...you are good, on lemons, for the time being.
  21. The ball behaves as it must. To move the ball right to left the back spin imparted must angle to the left...11/5 say...rather than 12/6. Next time you are at the range; try playing some 1/2 to 3/4 shots with a mid-iron with the intent being to have the ball roll out to the left, or right, when it lands. That will give you some idea of how little adjustment is necessary and an appreciation of why hitting the ball dead straight, every time, is practically impossible.
  22. I cannot tell from the photograph; but I've never seen a cracked iron head in 50+ years of playing golf. Cracked drivers and fairways...yes...but never an iron. It is possible to break the hosel while adjusting the loft and/or lie of an iron but that is most likely to occur with a club made of a much harder alloy than Mizuno uses...a Ping four egg sample.
  23. My advice: find something you like and stick with it until they stop making them. Then repeat the process.
  24. Are you only allowed to use 14 settings per round?
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