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  1. A friend of mine took me to a driving range a couple of times. I didn't even have my own clubs since I couldn't afford it. I was 26. Now, I put together a set and start playing every week.
  2. What will happen when Tiger use regular Flex shaft? or long distance bomber like JB Holmes? Will they hit farther, shorter or about the same?
  3. I have a 1 second pause at the top and a medium tempo swing (kinda like LPGA swing, yeah I swing like a girl), it lands close to 145 yards with my 8-iron with regular flex shaft... I haven't found any golf shop nearby with a launch monitor so far...
  4. Is there anyway you can measure your swing speed without that expensive launch monitor or that less expensive swing radar gadget ? Some golf shop attendant told me if you can hit an 8-iron for 150 yards, you better switch to stiff shaft. I don't feel comfortable with that answer since how far you hit has nothing to do with how fast you swing. You can swing fast but if you are out of rhytem, you will only get 120 yards from your 8-iron...
  5. Sounds like you are a club fitter? Feel more you have a competition going on with Mr. Wishon (personally)? Yes I already got fitted by Ping technician... he cut my shaft by 1/2 inch since the standard length of Ping G5 is 45 1/2 inch.... and because my arm to floor is rather low... Not because of that book (I paid $12.00 anyway). And since the book mention about this also, I make a reference to that book. Personally I like the first 5 chapters... the last few chapters kinda redundant.
  6. I would rather search through Ebay and find the set I'm looking... Pinemeadow is cheap? not really... (OK, they sell a complete set of knock off for $400) they are about the same price to Tour Edge clubs. I pick the later one... I recommend Tour Edge Bazooka Jmax... they are about $300 for the iron set.
  7. Yes... I finaly figure it out... I have to move the ball way left, exactly on my left foot. Not on the left toe... I cannot adjust my tee since I practive at a driving range and using the longest rubber tee, the ball rests slighlty above the top of the face. I'm reading the book "The Search for the perfect Golf club" - Tom Wishon. It's just horrible how the manufactures set the length of the shaft to 45 inch. For my height (5"8), I should be using 43.5 inch of shaft length ... maybe that's a factor too...
  8. ronaldkuntoro

    How far?

    I don't believe those markers on the driving range anyway. But how do you really measure your tee shot on a golf course? 210 yrds is good enough for me... because I'm an lron man....
  9. I just changed to Ping G5 driver from a Cheap Dunlop driver. Never had problems with the old driver, but with the ping the ball just grounded. I cannot hit the ball airbone. Everything about driver swing I already know... ball inside the left toe. tee high... ascending blow on the downswing... etc. What's going on here? Thks....waiting on the 19th tee....
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