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  1. Thank you for the facts. This is exactly my POINT!! How can a small girl like Lorena can hit a bomb?? Proper technique???
  2. Have you tried replacing with Fujikura Motore F1. That will put the spin down.... Selling on the internet around $90 USD.
  3. My question is legit. For example, Lorena Ochoa Driver swing speed is only around 95 Mph (i read it somewhere). But because she got the right technique, she can bomb it to 270 yards. That's my question. Do you hit it farther with efficient swing? I don't agree efficient Swing creates more swing speed. When I see PGA Tour players, they got better and more effiicient swing than golfers in the Remax Long Drive Contest (definitely!!). But these PGA Tour players only swing around 115 Mph, while the Remax Long Driver swings around 140 Mph. Why? Because Those Remax Long Driver people work
  4. Hi Dan, My analogy is this... suppose you are not adding any swing speed but you improve your technique, can you hit it farther? I know distance is not everything, you need experience and other skills such as putting and pitching, etc. But sure, it helps if you can hit it farther and straighter.
  5. I mean his swing mechanic is similiar to PGA Tour player but his swing speed is only in the 90s range.
  6. I wonder how far you can hit a driver with the right technique ? I mean he got a PGA Tour swing sequence... Suppose the golfer is a male with average build 5"10', 180 lbs, with 90 mph swing speed. He use a 10.5 loft and regular flex shaft.
  7. No, hair dryer won't do the job. You should get a mini torch instead. The cost of buying Reshafting tools is more expensive than paying someone to do it. So you better pay a club builder to do it.
  8. Sounds like a good Driver. How much are they selling for the new ones?
  9. Has anyone here had an experience with Mizuno MX-700 Drivers?? How do you rate this driver? (out of 5).
  10. Thank you for all the advice. I think the best part of my game is putting. Once I sunk a 50 foot putt from the fringe (maybe once in a lifetime). I work on my short game solely on putting. For warming up, I pitch with my Pitching wedge. I wonder some people whose tee shot is shorter than me, maybe just 200-210 yards but they are able to shoot 86. I really wonder how he can score well but cannot reach the green in two. I'm really amazed with that...
  11. I'm a bogey golfer. I score bogey on most shots and score in the 90s. Usually I can make a few Pars on easy holes (or even few birdies). My tee shots is average and goes about 230 yards. My iron is not dead accurate but I can reach the green in two. What's the secret in breaking 90 and score in the 80s?
  12. Hi andyfive, Thanks for the info. I need something that I can use on a regular basis (like every week) rather than visiting a golf store once in a while. I like to do experiments with my Golf equipments.
  13. I plan to buy this simulator: http://www.electricspin.com/golfsimulator I will use it solely for Fitting my driver. To get numbers such as Club head speed and Launch Angle. Does this simulator give accurate numbers? Is it good enough for Driver fitting?
  14. Seriously, is it a big deal to have a conforming irons according to the 2010 new groove rule? You are just a regular golfer who likes to play once a week and only play in Club Tournaments. Do you think the officials of your Golf club will check your irons before the tournament in 2014?? Isn't that a time consuming procedure?
  15. What I meant is standard for most people. I know you must get fitted to get the right weight, but that is not called standard if you get custom fitted.
  16. What can be considered as standard shaft weight for drivers? Assuming you want to use a 45" length driver.
  17. I know some people who took golf only for 6 months and score a single digit. Talent is also a big part to become a Pro.
  18. How often do you play golf? Are you retired or working full time? Do you work in the golf industry?
  19. In Golf Digest Open Challenge at Pebble Beach, the best score is Mark Walbergh (98)... I wonder if I got the spot, can I score under 100 too?
  20. There is a 9 hole course in my area. The course is pretty short, you can be done in 1.5 hours. So pretty good if you want to have a quick golf. Anyway this course is located next to a graveyard. I wonder if anyone saw any "paranormal activity" when they play on the course.
  21. For you who have played at Pebble beach before, how do you rate the course difficulty? Is it fun to play there? Tell me your stories.... Is there anyway to play at Pebble Beach without paying the 400 $ green fee?? :P
  22. I have Nike sumo 9.5 degree with Aldila NVS regular flex. My question is does Aldila NVS increase the trajectory of my ball flight? My previous ball flight is low with the Nike stock shaft.
  23. YEs it was a weird experience. It was the first time I had some Driving Range staff offered me a demo. Maybe that guy got bored in the shop and was looking for some "amusement" on the range.
  24. New clubs?? I don't think those demo clubs are new. They look pretty ugly too. That's why I decline.
  25. Very odd... This has been the strangest way to offer demo clubs.
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