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  1. Gonna play Ko Olina since that's where we are staying. Any other recommendations?
  2. Played pheasant run yesterday, very nice course. Shot a 91. 49 on the west with a 10 and a 9. Ugh!!!!! 42 on the north. I will definatly go back.
  3. Number 11 at inkster valley kicks my butt everytime I play it!!! Lol
  4. Played copper hills in Oxford today, very nice course. Also played eagle crest last weekend which is also a very nice course, although I played like crap.
  5. Been waiting all this time for pro mode option and they finally say it's up and ready, wrong!!!! Been on hold with tech support for over an hour and it's been processing on my pc for over an hour as well. What a waste!!! Callaway wasn't ready to launch this device, and it looks like a refund is in order. Tired of the waiting!!!
  6. Well done!!! I can't wait to play pheasant run myself. I took a lesson at carls in Plymouth and it helped alot. Good luck
  7. I played at the inn of St johns in Plymouth on fathers day with friends. First time playing the course, which was nice but short. Course had some tight fairways and some tough greens. Shot a 88 which isn't bad for me considering the way that I have been playing lately. I have played the golden fox about 10 years ago. Very nice course from what I can remember.
  8. Shot a 88 from the tips at plymouth St. Johns. 46 and 42
  9. I agree about Taylor meadows. I live a couple miles from it and I probably won't play it at all this year. I will be playing St Johns, Eagle Crest, and Pheasant Run in the next couple weeks. I have coupons for all three and each one will be cheaper and nicer than meadows. If you guys arent signed up on group golfer.com yet, than your missing out.
  10. I have the latest cart bag from Callaway, don't know the model name. It's a very nice bag.
  11. I play inkster valley the most. Played The Orchards a few weeks ago, very nice course.
  12. I like it so far. Really want to use the pro mode though.
  13. Anyone have a favorite course in Michigan?
  14. Anyone know when the pro mode download will be available for the callaway upro mx? I want the upgrade.
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