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  1. Thanks for the reply. I wouldn't say i have lost any distance, only on off center strikes because my old irons were so forgiving. The shafts are Dynamic golf S300's. MY old shafts were uniflex. It would be a shame if the shafts were holding me back, because ive wanted these irons for a long time and got them at a bargain! Is this something that could be worked on with lessons? Thanks
  2. I picked up some Taylor made MC irons for £200 off a friend. They are stunning I couldn't say no. 100% genuine with new golf prides and dynamic golds. Its a big change from x24's. And I seem to be struggling to hit a high trajectory. The ball seems to be super hot going into greens. I feel I'm striking that ball well with them tho.. Could the shafts be too stiff for me? My pro thinks I should have stiff shafts. I measurd my swing a while back. I think it was around 90 with a 7 iron. Thanks
  3. I played here a few months ago on holiday. It was a nice course, but i found extremely difficult (maybe because i was hungover) The greens were absolute lightening! I think it took me 12 holes to make a par. I 3-4 putted so may times. lol It was interesting anyway. Has anyone else played here? Also cart girls are amazing. Wish we had them in the UK.
  4. Butthurt Americans detected. Why u mad? Is it because tiger cant hit a ball for love nor *****? Euro tour is where its at. Class > ricky fagler and co.
  5. I snapped my putter yesterday. Had the worst round in a long time. missed so many short putts. i was left with a 3 foot bogey putt on stroke index 1, i said to my playing partner. 'if this doesent go in im snapping this putter' sure enough i missed it and snapped it over my knee. felt gooood
  6. Anyone here managed to reach the farthest target? (the one you are aiming to at the start) I think you have to bounce it over one path, onto the other and across the river. Its insanely hard
  7. is there anywhere i can watch this online in the UK? all i can find on the golf channel website is bloopers ect
  8. is there a download available?
  9. So i bought this a few months ago, then i realised it doesent have a serial number like some do. All it has is 4 numbers on the black part of the hosel I bought this from a trusted golf shop. Just curious... what do you think? Also, does anyone know what model this is? Thanks
  10. I wanted to irradiate my occasional duck hook, so i had a lesson and he told me to work mainly on alignment. Now i tend to hit a fade on all shots, and my bad shot now is a push fade Its almost as if I've forgotten how to draw a ball. And i would be really comfortable with a 5-10 yard draw on most shots. And advise? Thanks
  11. Anyone know when they will be available in the UK? Cant find them anywhere Thanks
  12. Its embarrassing to be fair. What ever way you look at it. If i was stood next to someone who shouted that i would cringe so hard And what golfer wants a ****ing sleaze ball, 17 stone, 27 handicapper to be shouting GETINDAHOLEE after every shot. However, i look forward to meeting these people on my trip to the states.
  13. Accuracy. I hate drawing a line on my ball. These look pretty good
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