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Welcome To The Sand Trap Community  

Welcome to The Sand Trap community. We hope you enjoy our blog, forum, wikis, product and course listings, and more.

The goal of this Wiki is to help new members get accustomed to the community. This wiki will link to and include information you'll want to read to get started.

General Rules
Our basic rules (summary: use common sense) can be found right here. Our FAQ (frequently asked questions) also help, and they are here.

Established Members
Eventually you'll become an Established Member, and this information will apply to you. We have a few other user groups here as well, like "Forum Leader" and "Instructor/Pro," but for now everyone starts out as a "Registered User" and will eventually become an "Established Member."

If you're wondering when you get to have a neat-o signature, look at this thread about signatures.


Finally, a brief tutorial on the reputation system.

Everyone starts with 10 reputation points. You can earn more by contributing to conversations, as other members can give you a "thumbs up" and leave a comment. These "thumbs ups" add points to your reputation, and after only two (to get to 12 points total), your "thumbs ups" will count towards other members as well.


More on reputation can be found on the Reputation Wiki article.

Reporting Posts
To report a post as offensive, off-topic, or otherwise inappropriate, please click the little flag button at the bottom of the post. A moderator will act on the email promptly.

The Site
Please do not forget that this forum is not all this site offers. If you ask in the forum for a review of a set of clubs, please check the blog first to see if we've done one of our comprehensive reviews. Search the main site - and google or another search engine - for answers to questions (and indicate that you've done so) before asking in the forum.

Posting URLs
If you post a URL to a commercial site within the first several posts you make on this site, you'll be regarded as a spammer and your posts and account will be removed and your domain name blacklisted on The Sand Trap.

TheSandTrap.com › Site Usage Articles › Welcome To The Sand Trap Community