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  1. Yeah, I typically leave all my toys at the golf school and I haven’t been there as much in the last week. Snow is coming soon too. Ill have to bring the speed sticks home to do some work.
  2. Have you done the covid month drills? Its a good place to start and refresh yourself.
  3. Driver and 3w covers go onto an alignment stick, and putter gets stuffed into the slot or sits on my towels. I used to lose my putter headcover a lot as a kid but the only one I lost, within the last 10yrs, was a 2-iron headcover, which I didn’t really want anyway. 😁
  4. The northern counties around me have done ok. I know many people that have been vaccinated. I also know one of the people who is controlling some distribution of the vaccine. They recently got rid of a “middle man” because it was completely unnecessary. WA went into 1B yesterday.
  5. I keep coming back to this whenever I think about this topic. What an odd exclamation for him to say, out all the possibilities.
  6. After reading an article about the documentary and the recent stuff with JT, it's hard to understand at what point you go from being an ordinary golfer to an entertainer. Tiger started as an entertainer. He knew the game he had to play. I'd be lying if I said what happened in his personal life didn't matter to me. But, after watching the father son challenge, I like that it seems that his priorities have been switched. I try to keep it about golf, but who you choose as an idol dives deeper into personal values. But if the person is an entertainer and is putting on a show while playin
  7. Fair enough. Then still no, I don’t feel differently. I feel sorry it happened, if it did, but it doesn’t change how I feel about him.
  8. I had to think about it for a moment after responding no. Cheating is cheating, emotion about it doesn’t really matter. If Reed was abused, then I feel bad for him, sure. But, as a touring pro, you don’t get a sympathy excuse for breaking the rules. I feel like it might be sort of heartless, but everyone needs to have the same opportunity and consequence on the tour regardless of background. So my opinion of him doesn’t change. He is a great golfer, but annoys me at times.
  9. Add justin rose to the mix and I’d go with him. But i was similar to you. Thought it would be easily the other way.
  10. Started up again, played 9 holes the other day and oddly, I birdied the hole that took me the longest last year. Nice to get it out of the way!
  11. I read an article that said many courses have reached out to say they can make it happen. Not sure where, but they certainly won’t have any trouble finding a suitable venue.
  12. I’m going to track max speeds overall as well. Right now green went 140, blue 132, and red 123. Driver max was 130. Not sure why my red vs driver is so off. Tbh, the red club just feels a lot heavier. Its weird.
  13. You guys are sitting way too comfortable up there. Just 1 off event from you guys is enough for me to take the lead. 😁
  14. Just got the email. Glad to see it.
  15. Harmon said no in reference to being his new coach, as Cameron remains in that position. So maybe Spieth still saw him, but just for a second pair of eyes?
  16. A report showed Spieth recently visited with Harmon to see whether he was on the right track.
  17. I know that golf was a refuge for Trump, but this year we saw gains in rounds played. Hard to say how 2021 will proceed, but I don't think golf will decline because of Trump. Many presidents on both sides have played the sport while in office. That being said, this issue is a bit different, because Trump directly benefits. I think moving it is a good idea. One of our core values is integrity. We should hold ourselves to that.
  18. Basically, in his experience measuring players, he said the Blue radar that comes with the set typically measured 3-4mph faster than what trackman said. He didn't see any gains by swinging opposite handed, so swinging just one way is fine. He showed some numbers of PGA Tour players he worked with, and that they swung the red stick 1-2% faster than the driver instead of the 10% SuperSpeed says. He then goes into some mental stuff and the "why/how" for speed training, which had been said here in the other topic.
  19. I had been thinking about this or close to this recently. Since my job is basically on the course, I am out there 6 days a week. I don’t play every day as much as I mess around and practice. I probably play a “real” round (or 9 holes) 2 times a week, if that. If I wasn’t out working 6 days a week, I’d probably play 3-4.
  20. Im getting the zx7 with a ventus 6X this month. Pretty excited. There definitely is some “prestige” to using tour equipment for some people. Whatever makes people happy I guess, but it should simply be about what properly fits.
  21. Well we just won Top NOI improvement, Top GM and Top Super this year out of PGC. Lifers say they have never seen the course in this good of shape before. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a little bit of play to make conditions better. It works for us. I don’t mind playing with others so long as they don’t expect advice on every hole.
  22. I was messing around with a buddy today swinging as hard as we could regardless of contact. Max driver speed was 131mph, and green speed stick got to 140mph (using super speed radar). Most driver swings were around 126/127mph. Honestly couldn’t believe the numbers. Not sure if I can improve on that. What felt like normal driver swings in the beginning were 118mph. At the end of the session, I tried to slow down and go for contact, and hit a good one at 123mph. I wouldn’t expect to keep that but if I could swing normal and get 120-122 consistently, that’d be awesome!
  23. My in laws got my kid one of these bikes recently. Couldn’t figure out what/why until this video haha
  24. I know of some places that have used Indeed. Best way is to visit courses in person to ask, check for golf management companies in the area, and sometimes pga.org jobfinder. Best time to ask about openings is a couple months before season starts or right in the beginning. It never hurts when you are out to play or practice to ask about jobs too.
  25. Got a NX9 with slope. Although, it’s not a Christmas present, close enough timing, I’m re-upping with Srixon/Cleveland to get all new gear in January!
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