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  1. I was referring to Pro, not live, since that is what he was talking about. Their customer service or lack there of was also a reason for my switch. My live worked ok, most of the time, it had times where it would turn off mid round, or lose gps mid round, I eventually had to do a factory reset on it to get it work again, but it did work. I just enjoy not tagging at all too much, and just playing not worrying about did I tag or not.
  2. It doesn’t even work that well, in fact work is giving it to much credit. I tried to get mine to work all last season, it did for 1 or 2 rounds then it started just shutting off mid round, and missing half the shots, putting shots on different holes etc... They basically have no support at all for it, oh and also 1 of my tags is dead and they were supposed to send a replacement but never did. Not to mention the setup is a nightmare. I eventually just gave up on gamegolf completely and bought an arccos, the setup was a breeze and they actually have an option to mark the hole lo
  3. I think the whole rollback the distance is killing the game is rediculous, because they are talking about changing the rules of the game because of maybe what 5% of the people who play it. To me it's like saying well NBA players are ruining the game because they are so tall they can easily dunk the ball and they shoot the ball so well, the rim needs to be raised another foot and made smaller. Edit: The game is already hard enough as it is for us amateurs, why make it harder for us.
  4. Will there be a review posted soon or is there one already that I missed?
  5. Anyone have one of these yet? I would like to get one but I will have to wait till next winter, I mostly want to use it for indoor practice and playing some courses over the winter. Curious how it compares to the mevo in terms of accuracy.
  6. I've had these for a while and just haven't used them very much because I felt my swing was not in a place it needed to be and using these would just re-inforce a bad swing. Is there any truth to that or should I go ahead and start using them and get my ss up while working on my mechanics.
  7. Tee shots I can understand but not shots in the fairway, I've had shots where the holes were not close, and it put them on say I was on hole 4, it put them on hole 2. I would think they could add some logic that if I tee off from this hole, all shots after that are on that hole till I go to the next tee box, but idk how they have holes mapped either.
  8. Bringing this back from the dead, I recently switched to youtube.tv, which doesn't have the history channel, does anyone have any ideas how to get history channel, without switching to another service.
  9. I switched from gamegolf after I bought the pro and it was just a wreck, it took a long time to setup, to update you have to go update each individual sensor, which takes an hour or so, it wasn't reliable at all and never worked. Things I like about the arccos better, is it works almost every time, the button on the app to mark the flag location, and the stats it gives IMO are better.
  10. Ya I am thinking of going to the arccoss 360, if things with the pro don't improve by spring I'm switching.
  11. I would get a mevo instead, it's not a simulator but for $500 it gives you swing speed, distance etc.. and is pretty accurate.
  12. I'm starting to wonder if they are starting to die, they were supposed to release an upgrade to the pro in June, and 3 months later nothing.
  13. One of the courses I play has a par 3, that the tee shot has power lines running across the hole. I've played there probably 30 times never have I hit the power lines, one day I hit them 3 times in a row.
  14. That's good to hear, nice to know they are standing behind their product.
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