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  1. Bing

    Fathers and Sons

    My course has a few different practice areas and the one in the picture is a little far from the car park so doesn't get used much. I take him there and let him knock a few about. My coach who is a County youth coach told me to just let him do what he wants and don't try too much 'teaching' as it is all about improving his hand eye coordination and him having fun. He loves it now and instantly turns hyper when I mention going to the course! I just hope in years to come it brings him as many happy memories as the OP, that's what it's all about really.
  2. Bing

    Fathers and Sons

    Really moving. I've just come back from the course with my 2 year old, he loves it and I love spending the time with him...... Likes the bunker 'sand pit' a little too much though!
  3. I had my eye on a pair of these but they seem to have a very aggressive spike design too. That said I play at Goodwood just down the road from the OP and we have had the worst storms for 20 years with most courses being closed due to water logging. It's good to see a course acting on an issue straight away though.
  4. Some interesting thoughts, I take mine up as I have a springer spaniel that needs lots of exercise so 4 a hour hour walk is great. I've never noticed any damage to the greens or course however we do get plenty of rain which may wash it away. The dog needing a walk is also a good excuse for me to get out with a few clubs in the summer evenings so my game stays sharp. I wouldn't take her however if she was in anyway aggressive or out of control, our course is one where no fairways run up and down so she can't really bother anyone else.
  5. Does anyone else play golf and take their dog round with them? Here in the UK very few clubs seem to allow it however my home club does and that's is one of the major reasons I join as it's nearly twice as expensive as the other local clubs. My club Goodwood is the best course in the area (Justin Rose is an ambassador for them) so it's not like it a poor course that doesn't care about condition. I don't take her up in competition rounds out of courtesy of my playing partners but have a regular 3 ball where we all take our dogs out. We keep them under control, off greens and tees and clean
  6. Bing

    First Eagle!

    Congrats!! Great feeling isn't it?! I've had 2 so far one being last week. The first was on a long but down hill par 5 (16th at Gooodwood in the UK) got a cracking drive away then hit a 3 wood which normally ended about 25 yards short. As I walked over the top of the hill I couldn't see it so carried on walking then saw a ball about 4ft away (I even had to double check it was mine!) I looked at that putt from every angle possible and sank it :-) The second was a drivable 310 yard par 4, left myself a 30 yard diagonal chip from under a tree, I played the ball off my back foot with my 60 degre
  7. A method that helped me a lot bring my handicap down was to find the club that would carry half way to the hole and roll the rest. I liked this method as it's easy to estimate half way on the course. Just get a tee on the practice green and mark half way to the hole from where your chipping from and try a few different clubs to land at the tee and roll out to the hole (mine was a 9 iron) I use a steady putting action to be consistent. If it's a downhill just land it shorter and up hill carry a little further. Once I had this pretty good I then practiced carrying a lob wedge to the hole, with
  8. Just looked at the reviews on Amazon though...not so amazing!
  9. I've just looked on their site and the demo shows a pair of boots with it applied, I'd give it a try but it doesn't look like its available in the uk. Looks like incredible stuff as long as it doesn't rot the leather
  10. Hi El! With a name like that it shouldn't be too long! I haven't played many courses down here, I only moved down a couple of years ago and joined Chichester for something to do! Luckily I had no bad habits having never played before so had lessons for day one.
  11. I want to become a cat 2 player (12 handicap) by early summer and hopefully single figures by the end.
  12. Hi, I've been reading for a while and just joined up. Little bit about me, I've been playing about 18 Months and have got my handicap down from 22 to 16. I'm playing under it regularly (matchplay so no cut) even in poor conditions so should be cut again soon. Last Summer I shot 78 and 79 (both +8) which I was pleased with in the first year of playing. I'm aiming to be a Cat 2 player by early summer so need to drop 4 shots. Just changed clubs to Goodwood and loving it.
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